First post!

Since 1987 or so when I stumbled upon a hobby magazine called WHITE DWARF, I have had an affection for a historic article by Rick Priestly giving a rich, evocative background for Space Marine Armies, paint schemes, battles and campaigns. Over the year, I have been reminded of this classic article, and revisited a few times over the years.There was an official campaign weekend in the U.K. back in 2005, based on the Badab War. There was a very cool fan made campagn created by the Fly Lords at the Bell of Losts Souls site. There was a short story in the ‘Legends of the Space Marines’ compilation, by Black Library, and numerous mentions of Badab War, and veterans of that conflict, and stories and background regarding the chapters involved, and one of the main characters, Huron Blackheart. There are many conflicts of fluff, but I’m would mainly be using the original WHITE DWARF article, all current historic timelines regarding Space Marine chapters, and the IMPERIAL ARMOUR Vol. 9-10, detaling the BADAB WAR, chapters involved, special army lists, maps, background, characters. I will also pay tributre to the BoLS campaign. I deliberated for many weeks about what chapter of Space Marines to do first , I chose the Star Phantoms, based on the BoLS fan made color scheme(George Miller). So I will write than paint scheme into my story. These stories, may appear on websites, submitted for short story consideration, or just as background for my own armies, games and campaigns.


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