What I’ve done so far…..Star Phantoms

    When the current Codex:Space Marines was released , I decided to pay tribute to the ROGUE TRADER:Warhammer 40,000 days with my Space Marines.  The core of the force would be tactical squads, and some vintage Rhinos. I found some random vintage RT era metal Space Marines and a fresh box of RTB01 Space Marines. Over a couple of years I added a Predator, some Dreadnoughts, two new Legion of the Damned squads, an odd second edition Space Marine squad, some Chaplains, some Librarians, some old Terminators, some Captains. I’ve even acquired some Landraiders, one is an Ultima patern. So I’ve quite a collection of models. In the mean time, I’ve collected, painted and played with some other armies, including my first 40K army Space Wolves, and my second, Dark Angels.

     In the summer of 2009 I was fortunate enough to be able to purchase a real of battle board, and a big box of 40K buildings, and have been able to play more games, and getter better as a result I have gained some experience, played in a few tournaments and ready to get a Codex:Space Marines army on the table.  I’ve tried a few builds, and played a few games. But I hadn’t quite decided which way to go with a core, tournament/pick-up game list, to start with. A major consideration was not spending any money, or as little as possible. I have more than enough models to field 3000+ and beyond probably, but I wanted a focused, themed 2000 point list, that would be effective in a tournament situation, and fun to play with at home. I also played some Planet Strike games, using my army a while back, that correlates with the siege of the Palace of  Thorns on Badab Prime.  I even have some drop pods, that ended up being used in the Space Wolves lists, that are gray and can be detailed in a cool, generic way to share between armies(a theme I have included in some of my army projects). My first list is inspired by the siege aspects of the climactic siege of the Palace of Thorns, the base of Huron Blackheart’s legion. After facing the fearsome Vindicator in some battles recently, I’ve decided to make one more purchase to add to this collection, 2 Vindicators! Yes, I’ll have to spend some money, and no they wont be vintage style, but these suckers dominate on the battle field, and fit the theme of the army. I’ve checked Ebay but found no significant deals on NIB Vindicators, and may have to buy them at a GW store, which is fine, just trying to save gas and money when possible. The Vindicators would play a key role in the course of building this army.

    Next, I definitely wanted to use my RTB01 boys. I’d built them up last year and started the painting process, the paint scheme based on George Millers fan favorite, Star Phanotms Space Marine paint scheme poll on BoLS. The turquoise and light/dark gray colors are kind of ghostly, and will look interesting on my Legion of the Damned squads. So I’ll include my three RTB01 squads as Tactical squads, with 3 missle launchers, 2 melta guns and a flamer. The sgts. have 2nd edition power fists and plasma pistols. I thought it looked cool, though I don’t usually use them, I like the pictures in the BoLS of the Star Phantoms with plasma pistols.

    I wanted to include at least 1 of my Legion of the Damned squads in this first army list, so they’ll be 10 strong and have a flamer and multi-melta. They can re-roll scatter dice, when they deep-strike in and are relentless, so can move, shoot and assault with the heavy, and rapid-firing weapons. With the remaining points I still wanted more things, but decided I needed some heavy hitting units, so I added a ten man shooty Terminator squad with assault cannon and a Librarian in Terminator armour. The homing beacons in the rhinos give Terminator squad and Librarian a safe deployment option coming in from reserves, as I can land within 6″ with no scatter. The terminators are old, metal ones I had, some will be repainted, and will use what ever they are armed with, one is even a 1st edition Space Hulk termie. The truth is I have 5 squads of Deathwing in my Angels of Retribution army, and 25 or so in my Space Wolves army, and 3 editions of Space Hulk. I have a lot of Terminators, and I’m sick of painting them. Except they look so cool and kick ass, so I use them a lot. So, I’m not buying the Terminator Assault squad I’d probably buy, I’m usuing these old shooty guys, and they will be fine.

    I had most of what I needed, except some bases for the Terminators, as I’d be using the 40mm rounds, as commonly used now. I’ve ordered the bases and am still shopping for the Vindicators. I took some pictures of the models I have built for the list, including a test model of a Tactical Marine. The Rhinos are each custom-built with various parts, and I plan to use some advanced weathering and battle damage techniques from IA Master Modelling Vol.1. So that’s it for now, I guess I’ve got a bit of painting to do. I’ll probably alternate the painting of this with my Planet Strike terrain project, and finish building/basing of my Sisters of  Battle army. These are my feature projects for the year. My goal is to finish them with as little to no spending as possible( I just dropped the dough for Sanctuary bases and accessories from Dragon Forge  for the Sisters). Must resist Blood Angels/Lamenters army till next year or year after, after much progress has been made on projects I have started. Frugal, practical purchases only to get the most out of my collection. I’m not going to be one of  those hoarders who is later selling/trading models off at a huge loss and waste of time. I may curtail my Lamenters project for a long while, and paint my Space Hulk models, with the option of using them on other bases for 40K. Eventually I’d like a Tyrants Legion army, with Lamenters, instead of  the Astral Claws. Also the themed IG army could be used as a standard Codex force as well, or the core of one. Since I have an entire IG army, that ‘only’ needs some vehicles to be tournament ready. But that will be expensive and time consuming in general, but will be incorporated into my Badab themes, for future campaigns and games of Apocalypse, Cities of Death, 40K standard and Battle Missions and Planet Strike.


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