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Tyrants Legion 2000 Points Army List

Posted in Armies on April 20, 2011 by doublek666

    I’m recovering from a bad cold today, so I am home with not much to do. So, I’ll collect my thoughts on an army list I’ve been conceptualising. I have two on-going projects that I’m in the painting and test-game stage with.  A 2000 point Space Marine Force, and a 2000 point Sisters of Battle army. Both are relatively new lists, although I’ve played Space Marines lists before, it has mainly been Space Wolves and Dark Angels. About 3 or 4 years ago or so, I had an urge to start an Imperial Guard army and bought a battalion and some box sets. I needed a few more vehicles, and would be good to build a sizable core force. I’ve been going with 2000 points, because I’m ambitious, and I like even numbers! I have built and based the infantry, and started painting the models, but started getting into playing the game itself, and out of the painting as much. And then started a Space Marine army (The Star Phantoms). When Codex:Space Wolf finally came out, I had a lot of painted miniatures, added more squads, and started playing more games. Then I started more projects. The I.G. got shelved. I had ambitious palns of Demon/Witch Hunter allied armies, huge apocalypse battles, an air cavalry (this one may happen in the next year or two) and other ideas kept coming after reading Black Library books, and playing Dawn of War on my PC. Around that time, I happened to get a little money. I bought a Realm of Battle game board, Imperial Sector, some walls and craters, and later a bunch of Planet Strike terrain. So it has been a good couple of years for me, but I have a backlog of projects. I was spread pretty thin, building and painting terrain, playing games of 40K, Planet Strike, even some Battle Missions, adding Space Wolf units, and starting other projects and games. More Codexes/Codices have come out, each one offering tantalizing new armies, such as Tyranids and Blood Angels. To top it off, I got the Space Hulk set, and soon after a Fortress of Redemption! So now I have been formulating a plan to get some of these projects started/completed/finished depending on where they rank on my current priority list. When the BADAB campaign books came out from Forge World, I was happy to find some new army lists. IA 9 has the Tyrants Legion, IA 10 has a Seige list for Space Marines. In between the other two projects I’ve been working on, I thought I’d write up a Tyrants Legion list based solely up what I had on hand, and wouldn’t need to spend any money. I’ll build a core force of 2000 points to start with.

    Before I post the list itself,  I’ll explain a little about how I got some of the models, and the theme of the list itself and why. In the preceding paragraph, I explained how I’d started to gather Imperial Guard models, and how that got derailed. The Tyrants Legion, utilizes models from the Imperial Guard, and Space Marines model range. So I envision a huge blob of meat-shields providing cover for my Space Marine squads. The Space Hulk limited edition Version 3, contains some amazing sculpts. I was blown away by the quality of this set, one of favorite games of all time. A lot of players, were buying multiple sets, and/or converting the awesome Terminator models for 40K use, by basing them. At first I was resistant to that idea, and thought they should remain exclusively for the Space Hulk scenarios, for my purposes. The Codex:Blood Angels, made me want to think seriously about collecting a Lamenters army. This would give me an army for my Star Phantoms to fight, and I could build campaigns and missions playable at my home, on my table. The idea being that my friends could come over and play, not needing to bring anything, having lists, missions, a table of terrain, and all rules will be here.  Bring your dice, and accessories, and play! Ultimately, I’d like to have all of the models, armies and games I have now, painted, playable, and some with at least two forces, to square off against friends. It’s the ‘Frugal Gamer’ in me, determined to utilise and maximize my investments. For the Badab Themed battles, I considered an amazing Lamenters army, using only really great hand-picked models from the modern Space Marine lines from GW/FW. I considered a mech force with a some Razorbacks, Baal Predators, Predators. I’ve also seen fun list ideas of all jumpack or mostly jumpack Blood Angels(Lamenters). I’d definitely want all of the old armour mks by Forge World.  Heck I could even utilise my Space Hulk Terminators, and some Land Raiders, I had in the boxes still.  Of course this is a bit of fancy, a fantasy you could say. I’ve got three Rhinos, a Razorback, Predator, Land Raider Crusader, a great company with two Sky claw packs (mostly old school metal dudes, with nice paint jobs by yours truly), plus other things like Dreads and Land Speeders, My Dark Angels Has a LRC as well. My newest armies have another 13 vehicles using the Rhino chasis. I need to stop the MADNESS! How many Rhinos do I need to buy, build and paint. Let me tell you it is cool to pull out some specialy built, Forge World enhanced, specially painted vehicle for your games, I’ve got my prized Angels of Absolution Land Raider Crusader. But I might be done buying Rhinos/related Space Marine tanks for a long time. I can’t buy more Rhinos/Razorbacks for another Space Marine army! I have at least come up with the dual use Sisters of Battle/Space Marine Rhinos. And I’ll paint some of my grey vehicles, really cool, and detailed, with weathering, but usable for the Space Wolves and the Star Phantoms. I have  4 Drop Pods, and the LRC that could done with. By swapping out the Pintle mounted/manned Storm bolter, I change the army being used. I leave off obvious markings for some dual purpose vehicles, that don’t already have decals, etc. I still want theme and character, but practicality. I want to save money, time, energy, and devote that to other things, and get the most enjoyment from playing games. It is always fun to collect, new games, systems, models, armies, factions. We are driven by impulses, new releses, trends, and what others are recommending. I need to put all that I have to use, and resist any new projects. The buying ,gives the instant gratification, but it is difficult to maintain that level of enthusiasm for weeks and months, to properly collect, build and paint a good sized army in 40K. I have enough stuff to keep busy for years, I know many others that do as well! Several years ago I was spending more time at the local gamestore(GW, Tukwila….R.I.P). I’d enter into an occasional contest, and sometimes win, sometimes, not. One day I won a Land Raider for Apocalypse, a LoTR box and a drawing for the new Baneblade. I still have this things as well as a Land Raider, that I bought as a Crusader. It was missing some metal parts, so Ray at that store gave me a new one and let me keep the original one as well. So all of these items and some cheap Ebay scores of some 2nd edition box set 40K Space Marines. These real cheap models will serve as my Legion Space Marine Cohort. Finally I converted an old Chaplain model into a Legion Centurion, to lead my Legion Auxilia. So using my Space Hulk, IG, some free Land Raiders, and some dirt cheap Ebay scores from a while back, I can satisfy several goals, and achieve some dual purpose use to maximize my time, money and energy for some great games in the coming years using my Badab War Campaign books. First and foremost I’ll have another project to keep myself busy with, that can serve as adversaries for my Star Phantoms. I’ll use my Terminators for dual prposes in 40K and Space Hulk. And will have a good chunk of them painted, to encourage finishing the whole set. I’ll utilise some models that are sitting around, and can incorporate the free Baneblade in for some Apocalyptic Badab fun! Finally I’ll have some of my Imperial Guard models painted, encouraging the use of that Codex in the future.

Here is the List: Tyrants Legion 2000 points(1997)

HQ, Huron-235

HQ, Legion Centurion, power weapon, meltabombs, storm bolter-80

Elites, 7 Space Marine Terminators, assault cannon, chainfist, Land Raider Crusader,  extra armor, multi-melta-590

Troops, Legion Space Marine Cohort, missile launcher, plasmsa gun, power weapon, melta-bombs-200

Legion Auxilia, 40 guys, frags, 4 flamers, power weapon, kraks-172

Auxilia Armsmen Cadre, kraks, carapace armour, power fist, missile launcher, meltagun, Chimera, dozer blade, extra armour, heavy stubber-215

Heavy Support, Leman Russ Battle Tank, dozer blade, extra armour, lascannon, heavy bolter sponsons, pintle-mounted storm bolter, hunter-killer missile-230

Heavy Support, Land Raider, multi-melta, extra-armor-275

    The Legion list allows me to take 1 elites choice from Codex:Space Marines. So How about using my Space Hulk termies and a free Land Raider! BOOOOOOOOOOYAAH! Maybe a little gray area on taking the dedicated transport choice, but it seems legitamite. The Centurian is madatory at 1500, I believe. And one Legion Auxilia is mandatory. The Space Marine Cohorts allow me to take a Heavy Support choice from Codex:Space Marine, hence the second Land Raider in the list. The Armsmen, are my Storm Trooper models. And I used some extra points on the vehicles. The Leman Russ can move six inches and fire all of its’ weapons so I loaded up on some extras. That’s all for now!


Quarter 1 2011 Frugality check

Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on April 19, 2011 by doublek666

  I’m sick from work so I’ve got a lot on my mind today, as I’m getting over a cold/flu.  So we’re well into the second quarter of 2011, how have I done so far. Over all, not so well! With Conquest Northwest in January, Comicon in March, and my modest magazine and comic subscriptions, the spending freeze has been unsuccessful! Not to mention liberal use of credit for some of these expenses. It is time to right the ship with my personal finances, to help with the house I plan on buying in the next 12 months. Much like the current Federal Government budget cuts, everything is on the table. My wife, Nanette loves shopping, has interests, not to mention the kids and the cat, my car, getting something saved, and paying down some credit debts. I’ve been looking for a higher paying  job or maybe a part time or temporary job. That of course will cut into my band and hobby time, not to mention developing some writing samples, and blogging. But this blog is about my gaming interests, and this post is about where I can cut my spending on games and related materials.

   Lets start with what I’ve done so in the way of spending. One of my goals for the new year was to implement a three month spending freeze on any hobby spending. This doesn’t even include my monthly comics bill of about $45 or so. As far as my goal, I did pretty well. Finally, I spent some money at the end of March. I worked some overtime in February, and decided to buy IMPERIAL ARMOUR Volume 10, some paint, and a couple of Black Library paperbacks. So well over 100 dollars worth of product. Later I bought two Vindicator Space Marine tanks, to complete my Star Phantoms core force of 2000 points. Finally I used CREDIT (boo! hiss!) to get the Dragon Forge bases to finish the Sisters of Battle 2000 point core force. So including taxes, I’ll estimate about $450! That comes to $150 a month for the first three months of 2011. This is well over any hobby budget I should have! Add that to my monthly comics, band expenses, and conventions, the spending freeze has failed miserably! In my defense, the I.A. 10 Badab War part 2, the bases and the Vindicators, not to mention the paint were necessary to complete and utilize some unfinished projects. Now I have two new armies that I can play and finish painting. That should really keep me busy for most of the rest of the year. I also have the Space Hulk models to paint, and models to build for the proposed Tyrants Legion army I have been thinking about. Glue, paint and brushes should be the only thing I buy the rest of the year, only if absolutely necessary.

    So, once again I will implement a spending freeze on hobby related spending. I’ll also re-evaluate my current magazine and comic spending. I have a box at Golden Age, the oldest comic store in America. I’m getting 3-4 comics a week, I usually pick them up once a month. I have had a subscription for the White Dwarf magazine for quite a few years that I will most likely not renew. I like having the magazine, but I might consider just buying the occasional issue if it really interests me, it’s becoming too expensive, and it is just a catalog for GW products, not offering enough content for the price. I really like it, but I don’t love it, so it may have to go. I also considered getting a Star Wars Insider magazine subscription, but I’m cancelling  that decision. I need a realistic budget. I deserve to have a modest fund for my hobbies and interests, an entertainmant budget. But how much!? And what about the rest of this year? If I can save at least 10% of my income in my savings account, I will reward my-self with using 2.5% of my income for my personal entertainment fund. For now, we’ll call that $60. I will limit my comics, magazine and hobby spending to $60 a month next year. That comes to $720 a year. For now, I’ll cut out some of my comics, and implement the gaming related spending freeze. I could also borrow Black Library books from the local library, or buy from Half Price Books. $720 a year is nothing to sneeze at. I could afford to start a whole new army, and get my comics for the year with that, with some very careful spending. For next year I’ll try to build a surplus, by severely limiting my spending again, and try to build a fund for some future purchases, such as some good cases or some vehicles for my Imperial Guard. I may recieve money or gifts, and I’ll try to use that for my hobbies, and interests when possible, instead of using my budget. I really should be dedicating all of my discretionary spending to paying down my debt faster, to help with buying my house. In fact I may re-evaluate this budget as the time draws nearer. I’ll also put all of the other household expenses on the table and see where I can save and help do just that. So, that is the goal for the year. This will be a challenge, but should be no problem!

Sisters of Battle Rhino

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Although this blog is inteneded mainly for my Badab themed armies, projects, battles and stories, here’s a little closer look at the Sisters of Battle/Angels of Absolution dual purpose Rhino.  I never really liked the S&M look of the black/red Inquisition paint scheme, or any of the other paint schemes I’ve seen for the Sisters of Battle army. So I’m going for a more earthy color scheme, that I want to tie in with my Angels of Absolution. This test Rhino was painted to potentially use my Dark Angels army for a 2000 point GW Grand Tournament, called Conquest Northwest/Seattle Slaughter here in Seattle, Washington USA. I decided to take my Space Wolves, and did pretty poorly in my first big tournament. But it was good experience. Here is the Rhino and the squad it was intended for. I decided to go with the Black Templar Space Marine doors, on my Rhinos. If you’ve ever spent time looking at Space Marine items on Ebay, you will come across a lot of these. The price was  reasonable compared to the Forge World Sisiters of Battle doors, not to mention shipping charges. In fact I believe I had an order for said doors and some accessories, and there was an issue with the checkout, and the order was cancelled. This led to the use of the Templar doors, and the dual purpose idea. Although I’ve only got one squad of Marines that could use the Rhino, I may add more units to the Angels of Absolution in the future. There will most likely be a new version of Codex:Dark Angels next year, so I’ll think about new additions to that army.

Sisiters of Battle Vs. Imperial Guard

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Here’s another quick battle summary. I didn’t take photos as neither army is painted anyway. But here are some more shots of the army and the Exorcists. This was the first battle for Toms’ Imperial Guard, and my first with the Sisters. Thomas got the first turn, on an Annhilation mission with Spearhead deployment, 2000 point armies. My army was primed white and his was primed black! He had two Leman Russ tanks, two platoons 3 command squads, some special weapons and heavy weapons teams, 3 Storm Trooper squads, a Chimera, and a Commissar. He set up the tanks, and Platoons, and kept the Storm Troopers in reserve. After some taunting by Tom, I sent out all my Rhinos and Immolators, and hid my Exorcists. He eneded Immobilising a Rhino, wrecking my Immolators, and eventually stopped my Exorcists before they could get much shooting in. I kept marching forward on foot, using my Seraphims and Canoness to assault Storm Troopers as they came in. Despite my losses, I whittled down the Imperial Guard, depleting and chasing squads off the table, blew up a Leman Russ finally, and stopped his other Leman Russ. As it was getting late, and we ended on the fifth turn, and I lost by 4 points. I may have caught up had the game gone on, but it was a good opportunity to use my faith powers, and other special rules a few times, and Tom got to issue orders and use his Leman Russ tanks, Commisar. Overall it was a good game, and I feel much more confident with this army, now. I will keep playing some games at home, until I get the army painted, but this could end up in some tournaments in the coming months, we’ll see.

Sisters of Battle

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2000 Sisters of Battle

    Behold! 2000 points of Sisters of Battle, built, based and primed. Ready for paint. This has been a bit of an undertaking, building an army from the ground up! This the first army, I really planned the purchases for, as they were mostly online. Most of the infantry the 4 rhinos and the Black Templar doors were  picked up on Ebay. The Immolators and Exorcists purchased from Games Workshop online. The older sculpts and limited poses are greatly enhanced by the Dragon Forge bases. I used the Black Templar Space Marine doors on the rhinos and Immolators, as they we’re cheap, easy to find, and fit the theme I wanted for the army. Also they are intended to be dual purpose and can be used as Rhinos/Razorbacks for my Angels of Absolution Space Marines. I love Warhammer 40K, and love to have multiple huge armies, but  how many rhinos and Razorbacks does one need to buy, build and paint!?! So I factored this into this army, part of my long term ‘Frugal Gamer’ mentality. Let’s face it, Games Workshop is good at what they do. They make some of the best models, and most popular games in the world. The recent Grey Knight release is another example of how good.  A new Codex featuring brand new model sets is very enticing, even for the ‘Frugal Gamers’ amongst us! Must…..resist….urge to….spend….hundreds…of..dollars!!!!! 

   Forunately for me, I’m excited about painting and playing my two recently completed core 2000 point lists. The first completed was the Star Phantoms, and now the Sisters of Battle. I’d collected many of the models in 2009 or 2010, time flies! I spent my winter vacation last year building them, except for the Exorcists. The Exorcist tanks don’t come with instructions, so I found some help on the internet. That project, and the purchase of some good bases was all that kept me from finishing this project. In the end I bought the bases on credit (booo! I know!) Pay Pal is an expensive way to but things, but I want to get this project done! Better than starting a Lamenters, Tyranid or Grey Knight army and not completing this project! The Exorcisits came together very well, easier than I thought. And I even got a game in on Sunday, vs. Imperial Guard. So on to the painting. I’m going to work on the Star Phantoms for a while, and see how it goes. I want to experiment with some weathering techniques on some terrain, then the Space Marines, then the Sisters’ vehicles.


Dual Purpose Rhino

Sisters of Battle/Space Marine Rhino



The Frugal Gamer Part 1

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    Earlier this year of 2011, I stumbled upon a blog post called ‘The Frugal Gamer’ or something similar, with economical ways to pursue various hobby goals. In the new year I saw a lot of posts on other sites for that persons goals for the year,  what they wanted to collect build or buy, projects that needed starting, finishing,  priming,  painting or basing. For the last few years I have struggled with not wanting to add projects, until this or that was done, but ended up starting an army, game or project, or buy some big piece or boxed set. Nothing extensive, just 2-3 more projects, a year, while playing and gradually finishing other projects.  After years of this I’ve started amassing a back-log of projects and boxes of unused models.I know for a fact that many times these things often get sold or traded off for the next inspiration, that may or may not become a reality. Although I am guilty of this hoarding tendecy, I have made concentrated efforts, over the years to tidy up my collection, finishing projects and playing games. Unfortunately(or fortunately) for me, my spending has still kept ahead of my production and playing. I’m not feeling sorry for myself or making excuses, just trying to deal with this spending issue, and making sure I get the most out of my investments. And that is what this is all about. I’m very happy with all that I have, and I will make the best use of these things that I possibly can. I will not sell or abandon an idea for a shiny new army, game or terrain piece I find out about.  I’ve almost completed building a Sisters of Battle army, I’ve got the Star Phantoms army to finish painting, and makings of a Tryants’ Legion for my Badab themed campaigns to piece together to use some Space Marine models I have on hand and units from my Imperial Guard army I need to complete (buy vehicles for) someday. By collecting, building, painting and playing these armies over the coming years, I will see very economically beneficial return on my investment. Even a $500+ investment equals pennies per hour of entertainment value. I also have the 3rd Edition Space Hulk set, that needs some attention, as well as a Fortress of Redemption terrain piece. I thought I was safe from temptation until I found out about the IMPERIAL ARMOUR Voulmes 9-10, based on the Badab War, a nostalgic piece of 40K history, that reminds me of the first edition of the rules called Warhammer 40,000: ROGUE TRADER, and striped, ‘beakie’ helmets of the early Space Marines models. This inspired my to put my Star Phantoms project on the table, and get playing and painting a tournament ready force, leading to some spending. I got the best Ebay deal I could on some Vindicators, the list just needed some fire-power! So yes, occasionally I will need some paint, and may need a model or two for the Tyrants’ Legion, when that gets further along, but at least I’m sticking to the projects, getting them on the table and painted. I shouldn’t need to buy another thing this year, other than supplies. Despite all this logic, practical planning and goal oriented efforts, I still find myself tempted and inspired by new books, games, models, terrain peices and armies!

   First off, how about those Grey Knights! I want to collect all of the 40K codices, but have yet to pick up Codex:Dark Eldar, and now this! I have resisted any interest in the book and army, but the models and rules look really great! Being a marine fan and all, I’ve already been secretly coveting a Blood Angels army for at least a year, writing up a dream list, looking at various GW and FW models(yes, this means you Armor MK3-6). I’ve finally seen the new kits and they are awesome, sure I’d like 4-5 of those Grey Knights and GK Terminators eatch! Throw in some Captains and Masters , a Librarian, Storm Ravens, and a few Rhinos/Razorbacks/Chimeras, bunch of henchmen. I’d love to go buy 500$ worth of stuff and start building yet another army. How about that new Forgeworld Realm of Battle board piece! I’m already pining for the Forge World Space Marine Armor Mks, now this is another must have for me. I will get this! Someday. And I have stumbled on another set of wargame rules I want to own, maybe collect a few armies paint and play, you know that old story, It’s called WARLORD:Savage North. It has 8 new new unique armies in a interesting setting, with intriguing armies, I am so far resisting the urges to start, buy, anything more this year………… long can I last? We’ll see!!!!!!!!!!

Seize Ground Part 2

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Thomas deployed behind ruins. I moved up to cover two objectives and brought in my Terminators and Librarian. He got a Rhino on the third and brought his Rhinos up, one in cover near the center of the action and the other towards the left side objective. I wrecked the first Rhino with concentrated missile fire then blasted the troops with the Vindicator. The Vindicator got blasted on the next turn and his Obliterators took out one of my Rhinos killing a guy. His Terminators and Sorcerer teleported in right in the midst of the battle thanks to his Icons. So, on my turn I peppered his squad with bolters, storm bolters, missiles, and Vindicator shot, then assaulted with my  Epistolary Librarian (Qucikening and Might of the Ancients powers) and Terminator squad. My Legion of the Damned scattered on the first roll, then scattered on the re-roll causing a mishap! Thomas got to place them on his back edge of the table, in range of his Obliterators. I marched them forth, got shot to pices, but eventually shot and wiped out some remnant squads and held tough till the end. I wrecked another Rhino, during my Terminator/Libraian multi assault, but lost my Vindicators. He eneded up claiming an objective, and I may have gotten a draw in a 7th turn. Overall very good game I killed his Terminators, Demon Prince, Sorcerer, 2 Rhinos, Obilterator squad, almost got a draw, despite some bad choices and mistakes. I was a little to aggressive with the Vindicators, leaving them in the position to get blasted, before getting many shots. That and missing a flamer-shot from misplacement and didn’t see/remember my Heavy Flamer for some reason. My Librarian nullified his Sorcerers and Demon Princes psychic attempts six times in a row, and one of my Sgt’s. with a power sword heroically whittled down some Chaos Space Marines  his squad was assaulted by.  This army will be painted soon, named and weathered, with decals and the works. I’m just about done building a 2000 points Sisters of Battle army, then I’ll paint the STAR PHANTOMS!


Ready for War!