Seize Ground Part 2



Thomas deployed behind ruins. I moved up to cover two objectives and brought in my Terminators and Librarian. He got a Rhino on the third and brought his Rhinos up, one in cover near the center of the action and the other towards the left side objective. I wrecked the first Rhino with concentrated missile fire then blasted the troops with the Vindicator. The Vindicator got blasted on the next turn and his Obliterators took out one of my Rhinos killing a guy. His Terminators and Sorcerer teleported in right in the midst of the battle thanks to his Icons. So, on my turn I peppered his squad with bolters, storm bolters, missiles, and Vindicator shot, then assaulted with my  Epistolary Librarian (Qucikening and Might of the Ancients powers) and Terminator squad. My Legion of the Damned scattered on the first roll, then scattered on the re-roll causing a mishap! Thomas got to place them on his back edge of the table, in range of his Obliterators. I marched them forth, got shot to pices, but eventually shot and wiped out some remnant squads and held tough till the end. I wrecked another Rhino, during my Terminator/Libraian multi assault, but lost my Vindicators. He eneded up claiming an objective, and I may have gotten a draw in a 7th turn. Overall very good game I killed his Terminators, Demon Prince, Sorcerer, 2 Rhinos, Obilterator squad, almost got a draw, despite some bad choices and mistakes. I was a little to aggressive with the Vindicators, leaving them in the position to get blasted, before getting many shots. That and missing a flamer-shot from misplacement and didn’t see/remember my Heavy Flamer for some reason. My Librarian nullified his Sorcerers and Demon Princes psychic attempts six times in a row, and one of my Sgt’s. with a power sword heroically whittled down some Chaos Space Marines  his squad was assaulted by.  This army will be painted soon, named and weathered, with decals and the works. I’m just about done building a 2000 points Sisters of Battle army, then I’ll paint the STAR PHANTOMS!


Ready for War!


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