The Frugal Gamer Part 1

    Earlier this year of 2011, I stumbled upon a blog post called ‘The Frugal Gamer’ or something similar, with economical ways to pursue various hobby goals. In the new year I saw a lot of posts on other sites for that persons goals for the year,  what they wanted to collect build or buy, projects that needed starting, finishing,  priming,  painting or basing. For the last few years I have struggled with not wanting to add projects, until this or that was done, but ended up starting an army, game or project, or buy some big piece or boxed set. Nothing extensive, just 2-3 more projects, a year, while playing and gradually finishing other projects.  After years of this I’ve started amassing a back-log of projects and boxes of unused models.I know for a fact that many times these things often get sold or traded off for the next inspiration, that may or may not become a reality. Although I am guilty of this hoarding tendecy, I have made concentrated efforts, over the years to tidy up my collection, finishing projects and playing games. Unfortunately(or fortunately) for me, my spending has still kept ahead of my production and playing. I’m not feeling sorry for myself or making excuses, just trying to deal with this spending issue, and making sure I get the most out of my investments. And that is what this is all about. I’m very happy with all that I have, and I will make the best use of these things that I possibly can. I will not sell or abandon an idea for a shiny new army, game or terrain piece I find out about.  I’ve almost completed building a Sisters of Battle army, I’ve got the Star Phantoms army to finish painting, and makings of a Tryants’ Legion for my Badab themed campaigns to piece together to use some Space Marine models I have on hand and units from my Imperial Guard army I need to complete (buy vehicles for) someday. By collecting, building, painting and playing these armies over the coming years, I will see very economically beneficial return on my investment. Even a $500+ investment equals pennies per hour of entertainment value. I also have the 3rd Edition Space Hulk set, that needs some attention, as well as a Fortress of Redemption terrain piece. I thought I was safe from temptation until I found out about the IMPERIAL ARMOUR Voulmes 9-10, based on the Badab War, a nostalgic piece of 40K history, that reminds me of the first edition of the rules called Warhammer 40,000: ROGUE TRADER, and striped, ‘beakie’ helmets of the early Space Marines models. This inspired my to put my Star Phantoms project on the table, and get playing and painting a tournament ready force, leading to some spending. I got the best Ebay deal I could on some Vindicators, the list just needed some fire-power! So yes, occasionally I will need some paint, and may need a model or two for the Tyrants’ Legion, when that gets further along, but at least I’m sticking to the projects, getting them on the table and painted. I shouldn’t need to buy another thing this year, other than supplies. Despite all this logic, practical planning and goal oriented efforts, I still find myself tempted and inspired by new books, games, models, terrain peices and armies!

   First off, how about those Grey Knights! I want to collect all of the 40K codices, but have yet to pick up Codex:Dark Eldar, and now this! I have resisted any interest in the book and army, but the models and rules look really great! Being a marine fan and all, I’ve already been secretly coveting a Blood Angels army for at least a year, writing up a dream list, looking at various GW and FW models(yes, this means you Armor MK3-6). I’ve finally seen the new kits and they are awesome, sure I’d like 4-5 of those Grey Knights and GK Terminators eatch! Throw in some Captains and Masters , a Librarian, Storm Ravens, and a few Rhinos/Razorbacks/Chimeras, bunch of henchmen. I’d love to go buy 500$ worth of stuff and start building yet another army. How about that new Forgeworld Realm of Battle board piece! I’m already pining for the Forge World Space Marine Armor Mks, now this is another must have for me. I will get this! Someday. And I have stumbled on another set of wargame rules I want to own, maybe collect a few armies paint and play, you know that old story, It’s called WARLORD:Savage North. It has 8 new new unique armies in a interesting setting, with intriguing armies, I am so far resisting the urges to start, buy, anything more this year………… long can I last? We’ll see!!!!!!!!!!


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