Sisiters of Battle Vs. Imperial Guard

Here’s another quick battle summary. I didn’t take photos as neither army is painted anyway. But here are some more shots of the army and the Exorcists. This was the first battle for Toms’ Imperial Guard, and my first with the Sisters. Thomas got the first turn, on an Annhilation mission with Spearhead deployment, 2000 point armies. My army was primed white and his was primed black! He had two Leman Russ tanks, two platoons 3 command squads, some special weapons and heavy weapons teams, 3 Storm Trooper squads, a Chimera, and a Commissar. He set up the tanks, and Platoons, and kept the Storm Troopers in reserve. After some taunting by Tom, I sent out all my Rhinos and Immolators, and hid my Exorcists. He eneded Immobilising a Rhino, wrecking my Immolators, and eventually stopped my Exorcists before they could get much shooting in. I kept marching forward on foot, using my Seraphims and Canoness to assault Storm Troopers as they came in. Despite my losses, I whittled down the Imperial Guard, depleting and chasing squads off the table, blew up a Leman Russ finally, and stopped his other Leman Russ. As it was getting late, and we ended on the fifth turn, and I lost by 4 points. I may have caught up had the game gone on, but it was a good opportunity to use my faith powers, and other special rules a few times, and Tom got to issue orders and use his Leman Russ tanks, Commisar. Overall it was a good game, and I feel much more confident with this army, now. I will keep playing some games at home, until I get the army painted, but this could end up in some tournaments in the coming months, we’ll see.


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