Sisters of Battle Rhino

Although this blog is inteneded mainly for my Badab themed armies, projects, battles and stories, here’s a little closer look at the Sisters of Battle/Angels of Absolution dual purpose Rhino.  I never really liked the S&M look of the black/red Inquisition paint scheme, or any of the other paint schemes I’ve seen for the Sisters of Battle army. So I’m going for a more earthy color scheme, that I want to tie in with my Angels of Absolution. This test Rhino was painted to potentially use my Dark Angels army for a 2000 point GW Grand Tournament, called Conquest Northwest/Seattle Slaughter here in Seattle, Washington USA. I decided to take my Space Wolves, and did pretty poorly in my first big tournament. But it was good experience. Here is the Rhino and the squad it was intended for. I decided to go with the Black Templar Space Marine doors, on my Rhinos. If you’ve ever spent time looking at Space Marine items on Ebay, you will come across a lot of these. The price was  reasonable compared to the Forge World Sisiters of Battle doors, not to mention shipping charges. In fact I believe I had an order for said doors and some accessories, and there was an issue with the checkout, and the order was cancelled. This led to the use of the Templar doors, and the dual purpose idea. Although I’ve only got one squad of Marines that could use the Rhino, I may add more units to the Angels of Absolution in the future. There will most likely be a new version of Codex:Dark Angels next year, so I’ll think about new additions to that army.


One Response to “Sisters of Battle Rhino”

  1. Smart thinking dude, I love this idea of dual army vehicles!

    Your painting is great as well, I can’t wait to see your Star Phantoms.

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