Sisters of Battle


2000 Sisters of Battle

    Behold! 2000 points of Sisters of Battle, built, based and primed. Ready for paint. This has been a bit of an undertaking, building an army from the ground up! This the first army, I really planned the purchases for, as they were mostly online. Most of the infantry the 4 rhinos and the Black Templar doors were  picked up on Ebay. The Immolators and Exorcists purchased from Games Workshop online. The older sculpts and limited poses are greatly enhanced by the Dragon Forge bases. I used the Black Templar Space Marine doors on the rhinos and Immolators, as they we’re cheap, easy to find, and fit the theme I wanted for the army. Also they are intended to be dual purpose and can be used as Rhinos/Razorbacks for my Angels of Absolution Space Marines. I love Warhammer 40K, and love to have multiple huge armies, but  how many rhinos and Razorbacks does one need to buy, build and paint!?! So I factored this into this army, part of my long term ‘Frugal Gamer’ mentality. Let’s face it, Games Workshop is good at what they do. They make some of the best models, and most popular games in the world. The recent Grey Knight release is another example of how good.  A new Codex featuring brand new model sets is very enticing, even for the ‘Frugal Gamers’ amongst us! Must…..resist….urge to….spend….hundreds…of..dollars!!!!! 

   Forunately for me, I’m excited about painting and playing my two recently completed core 2000 point lists. The first completed was the Star Phantoms, and now the Sisters of Battle. I’d collected many of the models in 2009 or 2010, time flies! I spent my winter vacation last year building them, except for the Exorcists. The Exorcist tanks don’t come with instructions, so I found some help on the internet. That project, and the purchase of some good bases was all that kept me from finishing this project. In the end I bought the bases on credit (booo! I know!) Pay Pal is an expensive way to but things, but I want to get this project done! Better than starting a Lamenters, Tyranid or Grey Knight army and not completing this project! The Exorcisits came together very well, easier than I thought. And I even got a game in on Sunday, vs. Imperial Guard. So on to the painting. I’m going to work on the Star Phantoms for a while, and see how it goes. I want to experiment with some weathering techniques on some terrain, then the Space Marines, then the Sisters’ vehicles.


Dual Purpose Rhino

Sisters of Battle/Space Marine Rhino




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