Star Phantoms Test Model #2

    I’m painting a Legion of the Damned squad for my core 2000 points Star Phantom Space Marine army list. These models are very detailed, and I wanted to paint them in the standard colors of my version of the Star Phantoms paint scheme. This scheme is based on the George Miller rendition from the BoLS Badab War Campaign. Although the newer, official IMPERIAL ARMOUR 9-10 supercedes this scheme technically, I already have a bone colored Space Marine/Dark Angels army. My friend Tom reminds me of the gray Space Wolves I have as well. But I like this scheme, so that is what I’m using! The models are primed black, and then blocked in with base coats, and washes. I then blend and highlight/wash sections of color, the finish with the details. I need better lighting and maybe some eye glasses, as this work is getting very tedious. I might try dry brushing the model Fortress Grey, next time before starting to paint the models, so I can see all of the details better. I’m having a hard time staying motivated with the next four guys for this half of the squad. I usually paint 10 or more guys at a time, but these guys have a lot of little details that would be easier in the traditional paint scheme, but my dark gray, light gray, turquoise blue is a little more tricky, I’m also doing a lot of bone, as there is a ton of bones and skulls on these guys. This first guys comes off a bit bright, so I’m not convinced. I may add some, subtle weathering later. I could also try to keep it a little darker in the highlighting stages. Over all I’m pleased with the scheme with these more intricate models, I needed this test model to help establish the look, next I’ll finish the other four I have started. The final five will probably be a bit easier, although I saved the Sgt. and heavy and special weapons guys for last. I need to review the White Dwarf tutorial for these guys, for some help with the flames.


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