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Star Phantoms-Legion of the Damned Part 1

Posted in Armies on June 5, 2011 by doublek666

Squad Line-up;first five models

Legion of the Damned

I broke through some serious painting malaise today, and was able to work the next four memebers of the STAR PHANTOMS into completion. So I’ve got the first half of my Legion of the Damned squad painted up. I chose these first five, because they had the least amount of details. These are still challenging to paint, in this paint-scheme. The flames and skulls require special attention. I plan to add some weathering, after I’ve experimented with some terrain. I’ll probably do the weathering for the infantry last, then add some dead grass to the bases. I’m ready to jump onto the next five models, including the heavy and special weapons, and the seargent with banner. I’ll try dry-brushing the models Fortress Grey, then wash with brown and black, before building up base coats. This should help with identifying the details and any areas that need further filing. I feel somewhat comfortable with the paint scheme, the next half of this squad should be finished in the next week or so. I need to step up the progress on this army and move on to other projects.