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Frugality Report Q2 2011

Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on July 25, 2011 by doublek666

Time to check in on the financial side of the hobby. It has been a great year, of course It started with a bit of spending, but I made it through the April, May and June with no Hobby spending. , Actually at the very end of June early July, I did treat myself to a few items I wanted. Also I recieved a nice gift of $150.00, I decided I would dedicate to some hobby spending. So I went a little over board, as I spent more than the $150.00.

The good news is that I’d been recieving bits of money here and there from various sources, and we’ve been quite frugal around the house, with cooking at home mainly, and limited spending. All of this is preparation for buying our first home. So I’ve been adding extra money towards certain bills, doing pretty well. Until I had a major car repair issue, and a big power bill, we were behind on. I found a new job for more money, so we went out to lunch and coffe, and I spend about $80.00 at the Games Workshop store. I got the Dark Eldar Codex, a Njal Stormcaller, and some primer. I also bought the WARLORD:Savage North, from REAPER. I did a lot of shopping around and thinking about a 4’x4′ battle mat or table I could make for smaller skirmishes and such. And also strongly considered some of the factions, from the rulebook. I was able to resist for now, so I can can focus on my current projects. The STAR PHANTOMS, Space Marines. I’d been interested in the rules, and concept seems cool, to me for some reason, I like snow/ice planets/worlds. I loved STAR WARS:The Empire Strikes planet Hoth scenes. The table/mat would be great for my snow based SPACE WOLVES army. And some hills, and such. Different terrain from my city style Realm of Battle Board. So I magine I’d like to have a Frost Giant army. I like the Dwarves, too, but I’ve got Elves, Dwarfs and Orcs/Goblins in Spades! The Gnomes are at least unique enough….so, yeah that thing was like 35$. I could always base and use models I own, to use for the game, but for some reason that seems unsatisfactory for me! Why on earth do I feel the need to collect another Game/Army/System? For now I’ll just enjoy looking at the book. I got the Dark Eldar Codex, bcause I’d like to do a few tournaments next year and I want to know what to expect. I have all of the post 5th Edition Codexes(ices). I need to resist the urge to start any of those armies I don’t have, like Tyranids, Grey Knights or Dark Eldar. I’ve got enough Imperial armies, though. The Njal Finecost model, was something I’d wanted since it came out, and the only model I’d bought this year, right………..until….

I decided to use the $150.00 towards  3 Valkyries I got on E-bay. So I bought the previous stuff, then spent the gift money as well. I felt like a deserved some treats, getting the new job, and a good fiscal quarter, handling all the financial challenges, and being quite frugal. Most recently we’ve had some good financial news, I’ll just leave it at that. We’re nowhere near out of the debt woods yet, but things are looking good for the future. Originally I was just going to buy the things I had and call it good. But in some way I felt I should use the chunk of 150$ I don’t usually have and get something I’ve wanted for a couple of years. The money was collected from my former co-workers at my old job, very nice gesture. I recieved a taliking STAR WARS card full of money and gift card for coffee.  Valkyries for my Impeprial Guard collection of Models I have for an army I will probably start/finish after the STAR PHANTOMS. I’d like to fit in the SPACE HULK models, and maybe a quick job on my nice sized HEAVY GEAR BLITZ army of mechs I got a while back. Then there is the completely built and battle ready SISTERS OF BATTLE army I’ve got, that  from initial reading seems to have gutted by the new WHITE DWARF CODEX/PATCH. Probably some ploy to force current players to have change the force composition to be able to compete at all. I should wait ’till I’ve seen the magazines, but I’m wondering if I want to spend 6 months painting it, when I’ve got other more promising projects? I’d love to buy an air/paint system to really get the vehicles painted up, for the IMPERIAL GUARD. Well, these are really good problems to have, what a life! Awesome! Lots of games and projects to work on. I still need to remain vigilant about hoarding more models, but I’ve been pretty good. Don’t even get me started with the WARHAMMER:Storm of Magic expansion…………………..must resist…………………………


Legion of the Damned Part 4: Completed!

Posted in Armies on July 21, 2011 by doublek666
Legion squad

finshed for the contest

Legion squd in display case
Terminator squad

Venerable Tactical Dreadnought armor

Legion Squad
Legion of the Damned Complete squad
Despite critical errors, squad is now complete

Yes, the speed bump in my painting production line has been flatened! My first unit for my STAR PHANTOMS Space Marine army is done. The Legion models were a bit tricky for me, but they look pretty good, despite the trials and tribulations. I even got a great 2000 pt game in(with my Space Wolves vs. Chaos Space Marines) Now, in the last couple of days I have been powering through a squad of ten shooty Terminators. After that I’ve got 30 troops to paint, my Librarian, three rhinos and two Vindicators! I feel like Im on a roll, with any luck I’ll have this done in a couple of months. I will enter my Legion of the Damned in the Fallen Princes painted squad competition.


Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on July 14, 2011 by doublek666

Finally got 8 out 10 guys finished! Need to find a good matte varnish so I can play some games with this 2000 point Space Marine Army I’m on a mission to complete painting. Alot to go, TERMINATORS next!

Matte Varnish Disaster

Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on July 6, 2011 by doublek666
Star Phantoms Legion of the Damned

Work in Progress

Sadly the first five Legion of the Damned models suffered from a mishap from some GW Purrity Seal, that created the good old “snow” effect on my finished models, instead of the matt varnish protection I’d hoped for. Further efforts to salvage the paint jobs were unsuccessful, so I’m repainting them. These models are a major speed bump for me, with the vast amount of details, and my color scheme. They are coming along though, and should be close to done after my coming two days off. I’ve been sick, and started a new job/left an old job, and have been extremely taxed. They will be finished soon, and I can move on to the Rhinos or Termintors.