Legion of the Damned Part 4: Completed!

Legion squad

finshed for the contest

Legion squd in display case
Terminator squad

Venerable Tactical Dreadnought armor

Legion Squad
Legion of the Damned Complete squad
Despite critical errors, squad is now complete

Yes, the speed bump in my painting production line has been flatened! My first unit for my STAR PHANTOMS Space Marine army is done. The Legion models were a bit tricky for me, but they look pretty good, despite the trials and tribulations. I even got a great 2000 pt game in(with my Space Wolves vs. Chaos Space Marines) Now, in the last couple of days I have been powering through a squad of ten shooty Terminators. After that I’ve got 30 troops to paint, my Librarian, three rhinos and two Vindicators! I feel like Im on a roll, with any luck I’ll have this done in a couple of months. I will enter my Legion of the Damned in the Fallen Princes painted squad competition.


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