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STAR PHANTOMS Terminator Squad

Posted in Armies on August 21, 2011 by doublek666

I finished the STAR PHANTOMS  Terminator squad over week ago. The paint-job is very straight forward, much easier than the LEGION of the DAMNED models. The models represent three generations of the Terminator model. Two models from SPACE HULK 1st edition, 3 from SPACE HULK 2nd edition, and three early metal Terminator models. I pieced together this ten man squad from my collection of models, with some new bases and some primer I created a hard hitting deep-striking squad coming in off of homing beacons from my Sgt.’s in their Rhino’s. Not as durable as Thunderhammer/Lightening Shields, but 20 Storm Bolter shots, and two missle shots, and 9 power fists and a power sword hit pretty hard, with 2+/3+ armour saves. I just aquired an airbrush, and have applied a basecoat to the Vidicators, next on the painting que!