STAR PHANTOMS Heavy Support Detachment-Twin Vindicators

Some amazing things have happened in my life in the last few months, and I have been very fortunate. But I haven’t posted for a while, so here is some shots my progress on the Vindicator tanks for my Star Phantoms Space Marine army, I’ve slowly been getting base coats onto.  I just got an decent IWATA airbrush, and will be upping the game with my painting style and production. The last few weeks have been busy working overtime, had family in town, amongst other things, and I’m flying to NY to play some shows with my band this weekend. But I hope to get back on my painting, getting the tanks finished, some rhinos, and finish the 3 Tactical squads. the on the Sisters of Battle, Imperial Guard, and all the other projects, armies and games that need work so I can play them. The airbrush should be helpfull, and I’ll maybe learn some quick techniques to speed things up a bit and get caught up, with my workload for now I’ll at least post some photos, and get this post up. I plan on trying some different techniques, some weathering and light damage on these tanks. Of course I’ll be using the BELL OF LOST SOULS-Badab War Campaign paint scheme(turquoise, dark grey, light grey), as I started the army before the current IMPERIAL ARMOR 9-10 came out, and I have a bone colored army (Dark Angels-Angeles of Retribution) already anyway (‘official’ STAR PHANTOMS paint scheme as depicted in I.A. vol. 10).


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