WARPATH Review-‘Fate of the Forgestar’

Warpath is a 28mm Sci-fi, platoon level table top miniature battle game by MANTIC. Mantic is emerging as the legitimate alternative to the more expensive Games companies out on the Market. The minis aren’t as well sculpted as some of the top games systems, let alone the growing number of smaller and boutique figure/game companies, but provide quality at are very attractive price point. I’ll probably post some photos for this review, or later when I’ve built and painted some stuff. The miniatures look better in person, and mine will get quicker paint jobs, so I can focus on trying out the game. I’m interested in some of the future races, so I’ll use this as my try out armies/demo armies. The Fate of the Forgestar sets come in various deals. I actually ordered the biggest 2 army starter they had, the ULTIMATE WARPATH DEAL, 167 figures including six vehicles and  the metal heroes for each army. No Fate of the Forgestar color box, though. And no dice came, though they sent me 10 white ones later, that go well with the collection I use already, but the green one looked cool. And the shirt is cool. It came with a shirt at the time. The rules are just a printed version as a pamphlet. I’m thinking a more earthy color palette on these models, base coats and washes will do fine. I want to give this system a try, not that I don’t have plenty of other games and armies to learn and finish. This one seems fairly simple, a streamlined 40K, wich is ok, not to foreign to pick up quick, and the game is a living document basically which will improve with play time. So the models are all limited pose, and look easy to assemble, the plastic is similar to what you’ve seen before on the sprue, some units were done in resin/plastic not on sprues. The vehicles are rather goofy looking, but I do like the wrecked vehicle terrain pieces that came out recently for them, so I’ll want those for sure. The cost comes to less than 2 bucks a model, and they will be fine on the table top. This game has potential, and I’m happy with the purchase. The set comes with two armies, one is for Orx/Marauders they other is Forgefathers (like squats/dwarves. I may not even expand on these armies, one could proxy any models to play. I prefer relevant models to the subject, as proxys tend to be to abstract for me to bother with. The Corporation faction now has an army list available , and models next year that looks promising, like an Imperial Guard type army. I’d like to hear from anybody with questions, or opinions on the models or game. Until next time, TYRANT out!



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