New Year Goals

I started this blog last year and have made slow steady progress on my BADAB WAR STAR PHANTOMS themed SPACE MARINE army. I built my SISTERS OF BATTLE army, bought built and painted the Vindicators for the STAR PHANTOMS, painted some SPACE WOLVES for a 2,000 point tournament list I played in. I ranted about frugality, but ended up spending some money last year. Some of it was gift money, and I have a new monthly budget for hobby and comics of 100$ for now. Due to my Wife/family, full-time job, Death Metal Band DRAWN AND QUARTERED, and gaming time, my painting/building time is pretty limited. I paint and build at a leisurely pace most of the time as well. I am very close to finishing my STAR PHANTOMS core list. I’d like to build my SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE miniatures and start playing with my family members. I’ll paint batches of the miniatures between other projects for a break, and try to finish them by the end of June. I have three other projects I’d like to have finished as well, and I’d like to attend more tournaments this year. I’m buying a house, and already have a few trips planned for next year so I’ll limit the tournaments for now. I think I’ll set seven hobby goals for 2012. I’ll have some bonus goals, and set goals for getting all of the models in my collection used for something in the coming years(yes, I have a few projects!)

1)STAR PHANTOMS 2000 point core list-my SPACE MARINE army consists of three Tactical Squads in Rhinos, Ten shooty terminators, A Legion of the Damned squad, two Vindicators and a Librarian. I need to finish highlights on a Rhino, a base coated Tactical Squad and Librarian, and paint a Rhino currently primed gray. So close, I didn’t quite finish before the end of 2011, but got within a couple of weeks of my leisurely pace of finishing. Then got sick and busy with work. So this will be completed this month.

2)Very important for me is to finish building and start playing SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE with my family. I want them to learn some games so I can play more games. I love building and painting armies, but have been trying to play more and more over the last few years. And I’ve had some really fun battles over the last couple of years, but not as much as I’d like. So I’ll work towards expanding my gaming with this one board game and the following games. I’ll paint the figures as I go, should be fun.

3)Attend at least two WARHAMMER 40K tournaments this year.

4)WARPATH!! Last year my theme was frugality, and I still believe in that obviously due to the current world economy. But I had a REALLY good year last year, financially. I paid off huge amounts of debt, saved a bunch of money, improved my credit score. I purchased the ULTIMATE WARPATH ARMY DEAL, within my budget and with gifts money of course! I went a bit off the rails with this purchase, especially since I have years worth of projects. My goal is to paint and play this game with these models and really give it a go, and try to get some alternate terrain pieces for a WARPATH feel.  Despite my attempt to resist, and the fact that I have plenty of other projects, many of them are Fantasy related, and I just haven’t felt interested in mass fantasy games last year. I bought rules for the past 4 versions of WHFB and have played about that many games, my HIGH ELVES are mostly built, and sit unpainted, not to mention a huge collection of unpainted DWARFS, and untouched ARMY BOX for the WOOD ELVES, and some bits of ORCS and GOBLINS, and some ancient UNDEAD models. I’ve got multiple rules sets, and would likely turn some of them into armies for other games or multiple uses, in the future. I’d also like to pick up some Fantasy terrain and Battlemat/s. This is not a priority for this year. If I do anything it will be painting chunks of HIGH ELVES for playing some version of WHFB. The WARPATH project came during a time of G.W. outrage at prices, finecast, WHFB 8th Edition, new policies, etc. I was lured into giving WARPATH a legitimate chance, as the BETA rules I read seemed promising and not to hard for me to learn and start playing. It seemed more appropriate  to play with ‘proper models’ for the best experience for me, at least. And the models aren’t so unique that they demand a time-consuming paint scheme. Good practice for me to speed paint a force. In fact that is a good Idea. As I haven’t started anything on this project. I’ll clear my schedule a couple of weekends, and deliberately set a goal, and crank this project out. I may need to get some eye glasses first. I’m not sure when I’ll schedule this, probably the second or third quarter of this year. I want to have fun within it, make it look cool and not get to hung up amazing paint jobs, maybe just basecoats with some washes, or some drybrushing and washes with a few details.

5)HEAVY GEAR BLITZ!! I’ve got 1500 points of Northern Gears ready to paint up, I’ve got an army list written up. I even got some markers and some wrecked terrain pieces, things that help immerse me in my hobby, and give it HEAVY GEAR BLITZ. There is even a group of players I’d have to drive to meet with, but is a goal for the coming year, to paint and play with my army. I even ordered the updated rules so I’m ready to do this. The whole army is  22 models. That is a good chunk of expensive lead, and I want them to look cool, but 22 models is not that much. This shouldn’t be a massive investment in time, like many of my projects. I’d like to have a couple of alternative ‘Sci-Fi’ games with decent sized armies for future tournaments. Dream Pod 9 is in CANADA, and I’d sure like to go play a tournament some day and visit.

6)My  MAIN GOAL for 2012 is having a painted 2000 point force for my SISTERS OF BATTLE army. I played the unpainted army with the old Codex and had some fun games. I’ll have to adjust my army with the newer WD Codex rules in effect now, but I’ve got plenty of models to start painting, all primed. I’ll need to do a test models, as I’d like to break out of my style and do something more monochromatic, washed out using some different techniques and utilizing my airbrush, not sure yet. I’m a little concerned about this current rules for the ARMY, but I have a vision for this army and should look cool for years to come. I’d even like to incorporate my DARK ANGELS STRONG HOLD, into the theme/color scheme. In fact I should include painting some more terrain as a goal but I won’t, that will have to be for bonus points. That goes for my Realm of Battle table that needs to be finished/themed. I have a lot of unfinished and future project goals for 40K and expansions, so I’ll try to get those in line for the future after these immediate goals.

7)I absolutely want to paint my SPACE HULK set, and play! I love that game, the new rules seem great(much like 1st edition), and I love the models and this has sat for far to long! I’m doing my Termintaors as LAMENTERS and may yet still try to alter the bases to use for 40K and SPACE HULK. I’d also like to try an earthy gray/brownish scheme for the Tyranids, something easy that might be used as a scheme for 40K some distant day! I’m all about logical choices for multiple possibilities and uses in the games.

After reviewing the list, that I tried to keep fairly reasonable, I realise this is still pretty ambitious, considering my output in the last few years. I really will have to try some new techniques, and work on speed painting an army in a weekend. I will need to get some use out of the air brush, and develop some color schemes and techniques that can get a some decent sized collection of models to reasonable tabletop standard. Some projects will get a little more attention, and time mainly the board games.  I’ve got the STAR PHANTOMS down to just a few more units, and perfected the paint scheme. I’ll need to make some custom decals for them at some point, but I’ll have everything but decals done, before the end of January. I’d also Like to get some terrain pieces, and at least the game table painted up with some theme, snow or city, I’m thinking or something more general for this game board I’ll try to make that happen this year as well. I’d like to be playing PLANET STRIKE again, and could even get inspired to paint up some extra units for the STAR PHANTOMS for use in that expansion. Even If I achieve my main goals, and the terrain and table, I’d still have units to SPACE WOLVES and DARK ANGELS to finish painting for those working armies, and Over a hundred IMPERIAL GUARD infantry models, some Tanks, and three Valkyries for an army of the future, and two LAND RAIDERS one mostly built going unused/painted. I’ll need next year to get some of these realized. So, no NECRONS, BLOOD ANGELS, TYRANIDS, GREY KNIGHTS, or DARK ELDAR for me anytime soon, maybe ever! I really like those NECRONS too! I like to buy the Codexes. There are some other games and projects , but I won’t need anymore to think about for now, that’s for sure. Not all of things did I even purchase. Some were gifts, some were won in contests or drawings.

Ultimately my long-term gaming goals are to have several painted armies for 40K and terrain and extra units for some armies for expansions. 40K is the most popular game and I have a lot invested, and have fun playing casual and competitive games. I’d like some lighter, and alternative SCI-FI and other miniature board games incorporated into my repertoire, and eventually some Fantasy games, Magic, some classic games and an RPG or two. I’d like to incorporate the games as a social event regularly with different groups of people/games. Maybe add an XBox. I need to stop adding new systems, and use models for multiple games. Maybe only one or two armies really started ever again, try some skirmish games, older games in my collection, and convert my models for SECRETS OF THE THIRD REICH maybe, with some cheap WWII models thrown in. I’d need to increase production and slow down incoming projects for at least this whole year. Depending on completed work this year and next determines, future projects, and decision with certain armies to sell off, perhaps or get Nanette and Cameron to build and help paint.


1)Finish STAR PHANTOMS before end of January. Finish ten Tactical Guys and two Rhinos, and a Librarian.

2)Build and play SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE in next two weeks. Paint before 3rd quarter. 50+ models!

3)Attend at least two 40K tournament. One in Spokane and one local.

4)Speed paint WARPATH, maybe have Thomas help build and/or paint. Try out the game, with timer and everything. Too bad they ran out of the wrecked terrain pieces! About 170 models including 6 vehicles!

5)HEAVY GEAR BLITZ!! This is kind of the wildcard goal. I really want to play this game. The army is not likely competitive in any way. and bigger than needed for average games. I could split the models and just play here with Thomas for now. Might want to spend a little time on the army for future tournament judging (Golden Gear), perhaps a camo scheme? 22 models!

6)SISTERS OF BATTLE-This is an army I want to look really cool, and I think I can do something not to difficult with various washes and weathering 8 tanks and about 70 models.

7)SPACE HULK-Will spend some extra time on the Terminators for sure, total of about 40 models!

MODEL TOTAL=373 models including 16 vehicles. This would be a good start! HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Will update in early February with results!


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