Hobby progress 2012

Its January 27th 2012, and here is my update to the completion of the 2000 Points of STAR PHANTOMS Space Marine army for Warhammer 40K. My goal was to paint the army by the end of the month. I’ve got a 10 man Tactical squad, two Rhinos and a Librarian to finish. I nearly done with one of the Rhinos, so that may be it for this goal. I’ve been in the middle of buying a home, and I cleaned and assmebled the Super Dungeon Explore! miniatures, and getting the game ready to go, to play with Nanette and Cameron, and other friends. In between closing on the house and moving, and work and band practice I may be able to finish the remaining models by the end of February, the re-evaluate my hobby goals, and timelines. I think I’m still in good shape. I’ve also got Cameron helping me cut out the sprues for a 1000 points of WARPATH ORX I built a list for. So I’m doing okay on my hobby goals, and here are some photos finally.


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