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I built up a squad of MANTIC CORPORATION RANGERS. I ordered some heads for the rest of the squads, hope fully they’re not to big. I’m going with kind of a STAR WARS:The Clone Wars theme for this army. I’ll have 1000 pts to fight against some ORX I’m building with my 6 year old grandaughter.


I built my first WARPATH squad.



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It’s my day off, and instead of painting my SISTERS OF BATTLE ARMY here I am, thinking about some of my future projects. I’ll paint a little today I’m sure, but I like to relax and plan and research some of my projects I have in the ‘bullpen’. My current main projects for the year are the SISTERS 2000 point force, and my SPACE HULK set. But during some spare time I started thinking about my human armies. I have a collection of IG models, and a small force of CORPORATION models that just came out.  IMPERIAL GUARD is my next ‘big’rmy for 40K, maybe my last for a while. I have a ton of Cadians, and a couple of vehicles. That army could be ground pounders with CHIMERA, and some tanks and Heavy support. I also have a small collection of models I’d like to turn into a VALLHALLAN themed AIR CAV army. I have aquired over three squads of VALHALLANS over the years and added a few more recently to beef up model options for an army list. I have three VALKYRIE models to build, I might need an HQ model or two. I considered a combined force, but I’m not so sure. I think I’ll just build a 1000 point AIR CAV list for now, and squeeze that into this years schedule, at least writing a list and building/modelling it. Then I’ll have to time to decide upon a color scheme, usually a challenge for me. 1000 points is a fun level for some little missions I could set up here at home, and show some friends how to play a little. VALHALLAN fluff might not support such a force, so they might just be some IG AIR CAV with long coats on.

I saw some CORPORATION RANGERS painted up reminiscent of CLONE TROOPERS. I have the MANTIC ELITE subscription, and the first part of three shipments is the CORPORATION army with Hero. There are two MARINE SQUADS squads, a VETERAN squad with heavy weapon team, a RANGER squad, three additonal heavy weapon teams, and the HERO(and a cool handwritten note of thanks from Ronnie Renton himself!), There are various head choices. I did some research and ordered some alternatives from PIG IRON, so I could have a more CLONE TROOPER look. STAR WARS:The Clone Wars is my favorite show, so this idea works great for me. I could come up with a cool way to denote squads with color/markings, also the RANGERS could represent REPBUBLIC COMMANDOS. The mantic models are a little smaller than the modern GW IMPERIAL GUARD, I’m hoping the PIG IRON HEADS aren’t to big, but might still work/STORM TROOPERS style. The Mantic models are pretty cool, not to expensive, limited poses, and I want to play WARPATH. The army list includes some vehicles, and I could try and track down some transports, tanks and flyers that might work with the STAR WARS influenced theme. Painting and blending up to white is fun, and I’ll only have about 47 guys plus another ten from PROJECT PANDORA. The weapons and gear will be black, shouldn’t be too tough. Having a concrete theme really helps me with a project, being able to visualize the end result helps make it a reality.


Sisters of Battle 2000 point army PART 1

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SOB Rhino

'test' Rhino

I got some paint on the SISTERS OF BATTLE vehicles. There is a ‘test’ Rhino painted previously. I did a quick Bleached Bone  basecoat on the rest of the tanks. There are a total of 4 Rhinos, 2 Immolators, and 2 Exorcists for this army.

SOB Vehicles

Basecoats on the SOB vehicles

Taming the Hobby Hoard!

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In recent years the term ‘Hoarder’ has become very familiar with a series of television shows documenting some peoples struggles with sometimes life threatening accumulations of clutter and garbage. Todays post is much less dramatic, but is a common theme among veteran gamers and hobbyists-Taming the Hobby Hoard! What I’m really writing about is organizing, evaluating and setting some goals for my hobby collection. I just moved. My previous hobby/game areas were fairly well organized, but moving has forced me to touch and see everything in my collection. This is a great way to catalog, and remember what you have, some of the projects you have on the back burner and some fun, future projects and games to plan and work on. Over the last several years I have re-evaluated some models, projects armies and games, and made a tidy profit from selling some books and models. At this point I’m feeling good about what I’ve got, that I can and will find some use and play and work on most of these items in the next few years. Due to my slow output, and other obligations, and commitments, I’m becoming more realistic about how much, the quality, and actual use I’ll get out of an item. The fact is, I’m a collector. I enjoy aquiring new things. But I don’t buy all of the awesome new models constantly coming out, just to have them. I limit my self to the ones I really want, and that I’ll actually use to play with. I almost never buy cool models just to have. Other than the occasional anniversary model(25th anniversary 40K Space Marine). Finally my collection goes back to the late 80’s. I had a very modest collection until about 10 years ago, and have steadily aquired models and games.

My first love was Fantasy RPGs and Warhammer Fantasy Battle. almost half of my collection is fantasy based, mostly for WHFB. Over the years I’ve aquired several armies, Rules Editions, expansions and accessories. Despite having armies of painted Orcs and Dwarfs, I haven’t played that many games of WHFB. I’ve played a few games a of a couple of editions, have mostly kept up with Army Books, and Rules. I’ve decided I just can’t keep up anymore, and haven’t been interested in playing any fantasy games in the last couple of years. Obviously I’m not out buying any new armies. But I’ve got Three sizable WHFB battle projectss I’d like to keep, start/finish, and a modest collection of Warhammer, Confrontation and other models for alternative games and rulesets, such as HOTT, Fantasy Warriors,Mighty Armies, amongst about half a dozen. I’ve always wanted a couple of the ICONIC Fantasy armies, painted up for some epic battles or skirmishes. Since that is not my number one passion and interest at this moment, all of these projects are on the shelf for now. The army I will put on the schedule for the next two years will be the HIGH ELVES, which will be one of my main army projects for next year. I doubt I’ll find time to really get much going, but If I did it will be orgaizing, repairing models, and writing a current core list to paint up. WHFB lists are like 3000 points these days, and I’ve got well beyond that in my collection I’m sure, so this will be a major project, regardless of the initial core list I choose to write, maybe 2000 or something. I also have sizable collections of DWARFS, and WOOD ELVES. There is also a modest ORC and GOBLINS army half painted. Then there are some smaller collections of mostly older models. I’d have to say that my Fantasy collection is pretty solid at this point, I’ve got many of the classic models and units that I have always wanted. Now I’ve got to say that over the last few years there have been some amazing new armies, and models released. The amount of really cool terrain, monsters and wizards out recently are outstanding, but for now, I can say that I’ll not be buying anything Fantasy related for quite some time, even the new Hobbit/LOTR products coming out this year. Actually I recently found a cute little game called SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE!, that should satisfy my interest for playing, collecting, and painting Fantasy and RPG type games for now. It is like a video game as a miniature board game, that my friends and family could learn and play.

Currently I’ve only been playing Warhammer 40K, so the focus of my next project and one of next years main projects(ones that I’d like to actually complete) will be related to that system.  My main interest lately has be sci-fi games, so SPACE HULK, WARPATH and HEAVY GEAR BLITZ are tops on my to-do list of hobby projects for the rest of this year and next. I’ve got a 2000 point SISTERS OF BATTLE army, which I have built and ready to start painting, as well as my SPACE HULK 3rd edition set, to finish building and paint. These two projects are for games I will definitely be able to play this year, so I’d really like to have them done and start playing. WARPATH and HEAVY GEAR BLITZ are some new games I don’t play yet. I’ve been colecting some WARPATH armies and would like to speed paint a couple of forces to try out the rules, not much diiferent from 40K, and I could use the same terrain(and models for that matter) for either game. HEAVY GEAR BLITZ is a game I’d like to find time to learn. I’ve got one army and will stick to that, and try to learn it well enough to start meeting and playing with some others I’ve been in contact with. I”l just stick with the one army for this, and maybe eventually will be one of the games I can take a little trip and play in a tournament once a year or so. I wanted to have a couple of Sci-Fi alternatives. I tried to avoid WARPATH, but got sucked in. I’m hoping to cap the collection to what I’ve got purchased at this point, luckily they haven’t released vehicles and such yet! Something about what they are doing, brings back some of the fun of the hobby for me, especially being a bit more affordable. I’d been very tempted to start new armies from the last 4-5 40K CODEXES, and have resisted, other than the CODEX books themselves, I like to have and refer to. Other projects include some EPIC models, and several possible rule-sets I own. My next 40K army will be a 2000 point VALHALLAN IMPERIAL GUARD army. Of course I’ll need to add two Leman Russ tanks and a Commisar Yarrick to the roughed out list I came up with the other night. I already have all the other models, I started collecting some IG about 3 years ago, and won a BANEBLADE around that time as well. I used some gift money for some VALKYRIES. I’ll aquire those models I need for that army project, around December, that is around my Birthday, and X-Mas I ususally have some disposable money, at least a little. Otherwise I’ll need not buy anything but supplies for the rest of the year. I’ve already spent my hobby budget till July anyway. And having moved recently, I’ve a much bigger need for some furniture and a TV/video game system(SPACE MARINE! finally).Ultimately, I’d love to have some more armies of various types, and some of the latest XENOS releases have been amazing. I’ve got models and vehicles that could be used for current or even new armies(SPACE MARINES and TYRANIDS), for now I’ll stick to the main projects, and for a diversion, could add a unit to existing armies a a later time.

Summing it all up. I’ve broken the Hoard into two main categories. Fantasy and Sci-Fi.  I’ve got many possible projects, additions and improvements, re-paints that could be dobne with a collection of this size. And I’ve already set my hobby goals for the rest of this year and a couple that will be featured next year. Based on ,my current out-put and commitments I’m going to set a goal of Five projects per year for the next five years, to really tame my collection. These are all things I want to do and projects I’ve spent time researching and collecting for, and mostly just need to be completed, so larger some smaller, mostly with quick painting methods in mind. I’d like to increase production, and will strive to find techniques and products to help achieve that. my 25 main projects in roughly and in no particular order:

1)Build and paint the EPIC models I have and play some version.

2)Purchase a Tervigon, for a legal TRYANID army, I’ve got plenty of Termaguants and Genestealers and some Broodlords to make a fun Nemesis army for themed battles at home.

3)Paint Terminators and build/paint Genestealers  for SPACE HULK

4)Paint some models for my ORCS and GOBLINS army(Giant, Spider Riding Goblin Hero, Orcs) for WHFB or fantasy system.

5)Fix, strip. repaint, build old metal ORCS and GOBLINS for some game system, include painted models from old army.

6)Finish painting WOODELF army as demo army for FANTASY WARRIORS.

7)Complete at least core army for HIGH ELVES for WHFB, and finish entire collection to good standard.

8)Paint CONFRONTATION models and play some skirmishes with the 3rd edition rules. Evaluate the RAGANAROK mass battle system, as possible fantasy system, to use.

9) Pull out play and learn one of the MAKGE KNIGHT sysytems, maybe adding models for fun. Could be a fun skirmish game for friends and family, could be a fun massed battle system and modles could be found cheap in the future.

10)Paint MIGHTY ARMIES dwarfs, maybe add a Nemesis army, or find a player. Very simple project.

11)Paint the RPG models, I’ve aquired mostly free some really random, mostlty metal D&D type models, that could be used for Roleplaying game should I need such a thing, I haven’t played one of those in many years, but woud like to have one or two around and get into some occasional games.

12)IMPERIAL GUARD army/ies. There are many ways to go with this project. I’ve mapped out a 2000 point Valhallan themed force with some VALKYRIES and some tanks that could be fun!

13)SISTERS OF BATTLE-up next on the painting cue!

14)SPACE MARINES, I have extra models built and bits and units for current armies or future projects.

15) I need to finish painting the REALM OF BATTLE Board in more detail, pick a theme. I need to paint some of the buildings ruins with more detail, and maybe add some bits, create some cool objective and terrain pices. Also I have battle field objectives kit to utilise.

16)Paint, detail, and create objective markers for PLANETSTRIKE, I still want to play more of.

17)I’ve got a medium sized box of UNDEAD models from over the years that could be used for various projects, games and rule systems. Zombies, Skeletons, Chariots,Wizards,Creatures.

18)WOOD ELVES starter army.

19)DWARFS starter army+.


21)WARPATH armies, PROJECT PANDORA, FORGEFATHERS, ORX, CORPORATION, VEERMYN. Paint small forces to try out rules/game/alternative to expenxsive GW shenanigans.

22)Prepare and Learn INCURSION game, perhaps assemble force for SOTTR some day.

23)Build, paint and base two armies for HOTT based on the LOTR I already have.

24)Play a BADAB WAR campaign, or have an ongoing regular campaign, with various associated projects.

25)Play MAGIG THE GATHERING with decks I own, be able to play in tournaments.

So, these are the projects I have to think about. They are not all huge armies to build and paint. I’d like to limit that to about one a year and less in the future,and enjoy doing some more current and smaller projects. It is easy to get overwhelmed and lose interest. I have been known to return to and complete and utilize a project, so I feel pretty good about my goals. Some require a lot of work and resources, others just need to be finished, and some are just gaming goals, requiring some time and frame of mind for such pursuits. The overarching goal is to create a games room, and collection of games and painted models to host a variety of themed games for friends and family, and to also be able to travel and play a few games abroad once in a while.  Well, time to get cracking on that SISTERS OF BATTLE paint job!

2012 Frugality/Hobby Progress Report 1st Quarter,STAR PHANTOMS full army shot

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Well, it has been a great 1st quarter, as I got a raise at work, and Nanette and I bought a house! It was sad to breakdown the old game room in the basement of our old apartment and pack all the games and hobby materials, but my new space has amazing potential, and I’m researching games rooms, to plan an amazing games room, I’ll have two games tables, and I’ve got some ideas for the project. Since some things have changed I’ll re-evaluate my hooby goals and put in place a new spending freeze for the year, and I’ve got a chance to really sort and organize all my projects, and prioritize and store some things for future goals.

To start, I’ll say that purchasing the home, packing and moving has taken most of my free time, and a few irregular rehearsals with my band DRAWN AND QUARTERED, and spending time with friends and family, including several birthdays, and EMERALD CITY COMIC CON hs taken a lot of my time money and energy, especially work! Now I’m getting slowly back to functional again, and want to get my hobby progress back to some level of production. I did finally finish the STAR PHANTOMS 2000 point Space Marine army, right before I started packing for the move and even won a couple of games with the army! March was  spent moving and I just attended a huge comic convention, so I’m ready to start getting my gaming projects started and organized. I’ll start by re-visiting the goals I set for the New Year.

1) Finish the STAR PHANTOMS. Done, I’m tempted to add a Dreadnought, or a Captain to the list for some options, but I’ll stop for now and move on to something else.

2)SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE!-I have built all the models, and even got the special foam to store them in. I’ll learn the game and try to get some games in before the July vacation to Disneyland, and Palm Springs. Not feeling in a rush to paint them, but will probably start with the bad guys, for fun. Ultimately this is one of the main games I’ll want to have to display and play in the finished games room(of the future). So I’ll have to think about when I’ll paint these guys, I’m not 100% inspired to do them next.

3)Tournaments-One of my future goals is to be a miniature gamer who attends and plays in some tournaments. I feel like I’ve got some work to do as a gamer. I need to learn and feel comfortable with a few more rule sets. I considered trying HEROCLIX at the comic con, but I resisted the urge to spend more money on games, as I’ve got plenty for years to come. I may not attend any this year, unless it is at PAX, or some local event, I’m not seeing any local tournaments worth playing in currently, as CONQUEST NORTHWEST doesn’t seem to be happening and the Spokane thing at Merlyns seems not to be happening. Perhaps I’ll have some other armies games that I can play, for more and varied opportunities, maybe mixed with a trip/vacation next year and beyond, I’m not so sure, now with recent events, and current plans. I have been buying foams, and some cases for future packing/travelling.

4)WARPATH-I have the ULTMATE WARPATH DEAL with 170 models. I also subscribed to the MANTIC ELITE deal, getting two more small armies and a boardgame. I just got the Corproation, and excited to build those guys. And maybe a small group of Marauders. This is a project I’m excited about, and I’d like to be playing the game. I’ve written a Marauders list, and will do the same with the Corporation, and build the two forces. Then I’ll add them to my painting que.

5)HEAVY GEAR BLITZ!-Not my top priority, but a very fun and cool project. I even got the Field Manual, some wrecked modles/terrain and some markers. One of those projects, I’d like to do from start to finish. This and WARPATH are two more Tournament possibilities for the future. I’d like to have some significant progress on both of these projects this year.

6)SISTERS OF BATTLE-I recently wrote a new list, and built a few models for this army. It is all built and ready to paint. It would be a very good idea to proceed and finish this army. Before I build anything new, I should finish painting some of  these built armies/projects in the works. I will make this the first project I finish in the new house. The weather is clearing, and I can start to try out the airbrush some more. I will not buy any 40k models or armies until this project is complete, and it might take all year and beyond. I could set a goal/spending freeze and try to finish it before we leave for vacation in late June. If I focus, I should make good progress. Theoretically I could finish, but due to my sometimes erratic schedule, band, work, relationship,new house, this realistically could be the main project I get done this year. I’m going to be very carefull before buying into anymore 40K armies. I should be able to resist MANTIC, but so far not so much!

7)SPACE HULK-I have enough old TERMINATORS and GENESTEALERS to play now, but I’d really like to start playing again, with the latest version. I’ve built the TERMINATORS and need to build the GENESTEALERS for the new set. This project needs to happen this year, so it will be second on my painting que. They have been around unfinished for a few year now, so before any more games are purchased, this set will need to be completed. I had a grand vision of painting the Termies as LAMENTERS SPACE MARINES, and using them as a basis for a of a new Army using the BLOOD ANGELS CODEX of course. And doing some simple scheme for the TYRANIDS for a future, small 40K army. Alas, I’m finding way to many projects before adding any more models/armies. I’ve got five 40K armies, now. 5000+ points mostly painted SPACE WOLVES, 3000+ points mostly painted DARK ANGELS, 2000 points painted STAR PHANTOMS(+many units of unpainted Space Marines for future expansion).  My 2000+points of SISTERS OF BATTLE make army #4, and I’ve got a collection of IMPERIAL GUARD, that could be assembled in various ways for some armies lists. There are a ton of options available, and more money could be easily spent on more Chimera, Tanks and Heavy Support options. I have enough 40K armies. The IG will probably be one of my main projects for NEXT YEAR!. It would be nice to have a XENOS/bad guy army for 40K, and with a Tervigon model, I could field a small (1000-1500 point army) of TYRANIDS with my Genestealers and gaunts for fun home missions. That will have to wait a while, and I sure don’t need another SPACE MARINE army. I’ve got units for the three I have now to add  when I want. It would be nice to have BLOOD ANGELS army and some LAMENTERS to fight against my STAR PHANTOMS for some BADAB WAR action. Something I hope to re-visit in the future.

Now for the Frugality re-cap. I haven’t been frugal at all, really. I ordered some things I’d really wanted for some of armies and projects in motion, and added the Mantic stuff and the SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE games to collect and follow. I wont be starting anything new for 40K despite all the cool new armies over the last couple of years, I’ll resist the New Space Wolf and Tyranid stuff for now. I’ll spend my 100 dollar a month budget only on my comics subscribed, and start fresh after vacation in July. I’ll limit any souvenirs if any from DISNEYLAND(maybe a reasonable STAR TOURS item) I really shouldn’t be buying anything new other than a book or some paint, so I’ll put 450$ of hobby money towards the X-Box Star Wars Kinect bundle, and the rest and any gift money towards any aother comics/hobby supplies for the year. I may add a unit or two to my 40K armies or WARPATH armies or something similar later this year, but nothing major. Maybe terrain if I detail my ROB board first! So I’m not limiting model purchases to zero, from July-December, but little to none, unless it is a well thought out addition to an army that is being played and already painted! Painting and finishing projects, gifts and overtime, maybe used as exceptions to game/video/hobby purchases. I haven’t and don’t have to be extremely frugal, but will tighten a little for the rest of the year, and remain restrained and conservative, despite the constant influx of shiney new toys!

So updated and even less ambitious goals and outlook for 2012-With a possible job promotion/diferent location for my job, and unsure of my future schedule at this point, I will try to get organized and sort/consolidate all of my models and projects. I don’t feel the need to sell anything, and have even more space to get organized, and catalog my collection. I have a decent collection of Fantasy armies, and some alternate rules, and small forces to use in about a dozen or so games, and figures to use for them. I’d also to like to add an RPG or two, and a few other types of games for various players,for the finished game room in my basement. So this is the grand plan; I’ll give 5 years including this year, to have all of the games and modles I have painted/learned playable/game room finished. I’ll also have a big HDTV with XBOX 360, and a PC with DAWN OF WAR exclusively playable, as well as at leasty twenty games of various types, and organized books, comics, rules and music collections. In the future any games, purchased will be painted/played in a more timely manner. Smaller and more diverse projects, with occasional larger projects, alternating yearly between armies, and terrain/boards themes. There should be at least one large themed battle per year, for now. Start/buy less, finish more. More gaming less building painting. Still ok to have a project or two in progress, just not 30!

Current revised 2012 top 10 goals:

1)Focus on SISTERS OF BATTLE, this army must be painted this year. I want to move on with my life!

2)SPACE HULK-the funnest game out there, I should be playing this weekly! The models are incredible, rules are easy and fun, must have game, and it’s time for me to finish this project!

Actually those are the main goals for the rest of the year, and realistically all I’m gonna’ get done this year! Until these are done I must resist any GW purchases(except the new rule book!)I must resist all that good FW Space Marine armour, vehicles, and termies, upcoming MINOTAURS, books, Space Wolves models, etc!

3)SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE!-Learn to play, maybe paint some of the models. No pressure here really, just a fun diversion.

4)WARPATH-Mainly would like to try the rules, with painted armies. Good opportuniy for some speed painting techniques, simpler paint jobs/rules. Diversion and palette cleanser for 40K. Models could be used for other games/vice versa. Potential for future. Corporation fun as I.G. or STAR SHIP TROOPERS themed games.

5)HEAVY GEAR BLITZ-A fun, different project, and new game to learn. Have made a decent investment, and need to see it through to get maximum entertainment value for the dollar. This hobby is cheap if you consifer the dollar per use ratio, but it must be used to its fullest to do so.

These are the top five goals, and I’d be doing pretty well to have made significant progress on the #3-#5 goals by years end. The rest will be related goals, not as much pressure, just some necessary work to enable the main goals.

6) Organize, sort, consolidate, downsize and catalog my hobby collection, including music, comics, and books. I’ve just moved so it’s a good time to reorganize, and re-evaluate. A good way to set some future goals. Also re-inforce spending cap by seeing what I have.

7) Turn my old computer into the DAWN OF WAR full time designated machine, and max it out.

8) Come up with a design plan for the game room, start the process.

9) Come up with the money for an HDTV and XBOX 360. Find a way to make it happen, but not with credit.

10)Pay off my Pay Pal account before any hobby purchases this year, beside current subscriptions.

In conclusion, this update is a better, more realistic outlook for the remainder of this year. As I finish a couple of projects and start a few new ones, I hope to develop some new systems and techniques to help better achieve my goals. I’ve had some major life changes in the last 9 months with a new job and house, that is taking a lot of my time and energy, but I still hope to increase my hobby output for the next few years, and this years goals are a step towards that ultimate game room, and involvemnet and achievement in my hobby.

STAR PHANTOMS 2000 Point Army Completely Painted

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STAR PHANTOMSHere are the final models and bits for the first 2000 points of my STAR PHANTOMS Space Marine army. The inspiration originally came from the old WHITE DWARF article by Rick Priestly back in 1988. A few years ago The Bell of Lost souls/Fly Lords created a very cool Campaign PDF For The BADAB WAR. And Just in the last year or so an amazing 2 volumes was published on the war by  (IMPERIAL ARMOUR Volumes 9 and 10). There was also a DARK STARS Campaign weekend. So there are many sources of inspiration for paint schemes units and special rules and characters for campaign and themed play. The armies are basically SPACE MARINES versus SPACE MARINES, but Chaos Space Marines, and of the Loyalist Codexes, the Imperial Guard and any of the Badab War rules could be feasibly used for gaming! After much research and consideration, I went with the Bell of Lost Souls STAR PHANTOMS paint scheme for my army. I started this whole themed SPACE MARINE army way back in 2008 around the time the last CODEX for said army was released. I’d already collected and painted many units of SPACE WOLVES and DARK ANGELS, and wanted to pay tribute to the ROGUE TRADER days of  WARHAMMER 40,000. I eventually collected some older SPACE MARINE models, some vehicles, jump packs, and a new RTB01 box of 30 old school beaky head Space Marines I added 2nd Edition Bolters, I eventually added some newer VINDICATORS, they are too cool, anyway. Maybe in the future I’ll add some of the great new FORGE WORLD models that keep coming out, for a more unique Space Marine units. I’d like to add a LAMENTERS SPACE MARINE army to fight the STAR PHANTOMS in BADAB WAR themed missions, hell there are many cool SPACE MARINE chapters in the war, and a few more small detachments would be great for some fun games in the future. For now I’ll be moving on to painting my SISTERS OF BATTLE, detailing some terrain and buildings, and starting some new projects. I’ll post some whole army shots next time. I’ve had fun using this army in a couple of battles, I won actually. I’ve got some more units I could add to this army, wich is a lot easier when you’ve Star Phantoms Space Marinesgot a playable army to start with!