STAR PHANTOMS 2000 Point Army Completely Painted

STAR PHANTOMSHere are the final models and bits for the first 2000 points of my STAR PHANTOMS Space Marine army. The inspiration originally came from the old WHITE DWARF article by Rick Priestly back in 1988. A few years ago The Bell of Lost souls/Fly Lords created a very cool Campaign PDF For The BADAB WAR. And Just in the last year or so an amazing 2 volumes was published on the war by  (IMPERIAL ARMOUR Volumes 9 and 10). There was also a DARK STARS Campaign weekend. So there are many sources of inspiration for paint schemes units and special rules and characters for campaign and themed play. The armies are basically SPACE MARINES versus SPACE MARINES, but Chaos Space Marines, and of the Loyalist Codexes, the Imperial Guard and any of the Badab War rules could be feasibly used for gaming! After much research and consideration, I went with the Bell of Lost Souls STAR PHANTOMS paint scheme for my army. I started this whole themed SPACE MARINE army way back in 2008 around the time the last CODEX for said army was released. I’d already collected and painted many units of SPACE WOLVES and DARK ANGELS, and wanted to pay tribute to the ROGUE TRADER days of  WARHAMMER 40,000. I eventually collected some older SPACE MARINE models, some vehicles, jump packs, and a new RTB01 box of 30 old school beaky head Space Marines I added 2nd Edition Bolters, I eventually added some newer VINDICATORS, they are too cool, anyway. Maybe in the future I’ll add some of the great new FORGE WORLD models that keep coming out, for a more unique Space Marine units. I’d like to add a LAMENTERS SPACE MARINE army to fight the STAR PHANTOMS in BADAB WAR themed missions, hell there are many cool SPACE MARINE chapters in the war, and a few more small detachments would be great for some fun games in the future. For now I’ll be moving on to painting my SISTERS OF BATTLE, detailing some terrain and buildings, and starting some new projects. I’ll post some whole army shots next time. I’ve had fun using this army in a couple of battles, I won actually. I’ve got some more units I could add to this army, wich is a lot easier when you’ve Star Phantoms Space Marinesgot a playable army to start with!


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