It’s my day off, and instead of painting my SISTERS OF BATTLE ARMY here I am, thinking about some of my future projects. I’ll paint a little today I’m sure, but I like to relax and plan and research some of my projects I have in the ‘bullpen’. My current main projects for the year are the SISTERS 2000 point force, and my SPACE HULK set. But during some spare time I started thinking about my human armies. I have a collection of IG models, and a small force of CORPORATION models that just came out.  IMPERIAL GUARD is my next ‘big’rmy for 40K, maybe my last for a while. I have a ton of Cadians, and a couple of vehicles. That army could be ground pounders with CHIMERA, and some tanks and Heavy support. I also have a small collection of models I’d like to turn into a VALLHALLAN themed AIR CAV army. I have aquired over three squads of VALHALLANS over the years and added a few more recently to beef up model options for an army list. I have three VALKYRIE models to build, I might need an HQ model or two. I considered a combined force, but I’m not so sure. I think I’ll just build a 1000 point AIR CAV list for now, and squeeze that into this years schedule, at least writing a list and building/modelling it. Then I’ll have to time to decide upon a color scheme, usually a challenge for me. 1000 points is a fun level for some little missions I could set up here at home, and show some friends how to play a little. VALHALLAN fluff might not support such a force, so they might just be some IG AIR CAV with long coats on.

I saw some CORPORATION RANGERS painted up reminiscent of CLONE TROOPERS. I have the MANTIC ELITE subscription, and the first part of three shipments is the CORPORATION army with Hero. There are two MARINE SQUADS squads, a VETERAN squad with heavy weapon team, a RANGER squad, three additonal heavy weapon teams, and the HERO(and a cool handwritten note of thanks from Ronnie Renton himself!), There are various head choices. I did some research and ordered some alternatives from PIG IRON, so I could have a more CLONE TROOPER look. STAR WARS:The Clone Wars is my favorite show, so this idea works great for me. I could come up with a cool way to denote squads with color/markings, also the RANGERS could represent REPBUBLIC COMMANDOS. The mantic models are a little smaller than the modern GW IMPERIAL GUARD, I’m hoping the PIG IRON HEADS aren’t to big, but might still work/STORM TROOPERS style. The Mantic models are pretty cool, not to expensive, limited poses, and I want to play WARPATH. The army list includes some vehicles, and I could try and track down some transports, tanks and flyers that might work with the STAR WARS influenced theme. Painting and blending up to white is fun, and I’ll only have about 47 guys plus another ten from PROJECT PANDORA. The weapons and gear will be black, shouldn’t be too tough. Having a concrete theme really helps me with a project, being able to visualize the end result helps make it a reality.



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