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I finished inking washes on my 7 remaining SISTERS OF BATTLE vehicles. Now I’m starting thing layers of bleached bone starting with the three Rhinos. Unfortunately I’ll have to hunt down some bleached bone or alternative paints, as I doubt I have enough to finish the army. It is going to be pretty laborious building up the paint on these tanks, then the squads of infantry. I seem to be on a roll, so I’ll try to stay motivated. I love the models., and have always wanted a small force(I’ve got a 2000 list I’m painting now), but I really dont know what to do with this army, I doubt it will hold up very well to many armies in the game period, but I’ll play some battles and see how it goes. In the next few years or so I’ll bet a new CODEX will be released, and I’ll have this core force painted up. It will look good on display, and be a fun alternative to my three SPACE MARINE variant armies.SISTERS OF BATTLE RHINOS


The BADAB WAR A Dark Stars Campaign/SISTERS OF BATTLE Progress part 2

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Exorcists WIPWith 6th Edition WARHAMMER 40K coming in a few weeks, and the emergence or revamping of several  newer Sci-Fi, and alternative miniature game systems and scales, it is a good time to evaluate the direction of my gaming. As I’ve invested a few dollars in WARPATH, I think it is a good, simple alternative. I just wanted to evaluate the game with a few armies. I’m not going to continue to buy new rules/codex/army books every few years. I have plenty of games and resources for years of fun miniature gaming. Getting those games up and playable takes some time, but as I add less and less new products and projects, I do slowly but surely get things finished, like the SISTERS OF BATTLE, I finally made some serious progress on. What I’m getting at here is that I might not immediately get the 6th edition rules, and accessories you’ll need to play the new 40K rules. I’ve mainly been playing at home for the last 3 years anyway, we could just continue with 5th here with the current rules, expansions and codexes for our own fun games. I will focus on getting another BADAB army or two, and find some local players into building a BADAB force or who have an appropriately painted force, or accepted army for themed games, missions and scenarios for an ongoing campaign, opened ended, bouncing from one planet or timeline is convenient. I’d like to combine various elements of the BADAB WAR material that has existed, such as the DARK STARS CAMPAIGN weekend, held in Nottingham England, by Games Workshop in 2005. There is a Rules and Information document, that has some great CAMPAIGN ideas, with espionage, planetary struggles, Battle Fleet Gothic side games, and some interesting planet information, that was expanded by the fan created Bell of Lost souls campaign PDF. Both documents have interesting ideas, including the paint scheme I adopted for my STAR PHANTOMS. Ultimately I was thrilled when Imperial Armor 9-10 came out, and I’d like to add a couple more themed armies, and find some like-minded players, or have them use on of my armies, but gradually there will be some themed interconnected battles, utilising some rules, ideas and even some special battle zones and terrain to fight out small campaigns on various planets. In the 2005 weekend campaign DARK STARS, they allowed, Orks, Dark Eldar, Witch Hunters, Imperial Guard, Space Marines, Chaos Space Marines,Daemonhunters. The armies were 1500 points divided into a legal 1000 point list with 500 point add-on.  What I have in mind is like the STAR WARS CLONE WARS series. Playing out various battles and scenarios in a specific historic time period, in and around the main events of the narrative. Eventually I liked to have several battle field and terrain collections for themed battles. There are several companies making affordable battle mats and very cool terrain. I’m thinking of turning my REALM OF BATTLE board into an ICE WORLD table, and creating, acquiring, buying some hills, mountains, rocks and trees. I’d also like a city zone, and a desert like zone, with appropriate terrain. And my friend is bringing his nicely built and quite functional games table to my game hall for us to use indefinitely. Once I have things going I’m sure I can convince some people to build a small force to participate in the games.

I’ll probably add some scenarios in the BADAB WAR CAMPAIGNS to use my SISTERS OF BATTLE army. I got a good start on the 8 tanks I’m painting for the army. There are 4 rhinos(one completed as a test model), 2 Immolators and 2 Exorcists. First I base coated the white primed models with bleached bone with my airbrush. I then glossed the tanks with some Future Floor Polish, with the airbrush. When completely dried(of course) I started the washes. First I hit it with some thinned brown ink with my airbrush, I basically saturated the models, leaving the base coats darker but still visible. I am now working on inking the metal parts and major recesses with some thinned down black ink. When that stage is done and fully dried, I’ll hit the tanks with some matte varnish before I start building the highlights. The main colors are bleached bone, codex gray, burnished gold, and chain mail. I’m feeling pretty motivated, so hopefully I can finish the washes tomorrow

Three Rhinos Two Immolators WIP

SOB tanks WIP

STAR PHANTOMS 2000 point army shot, and hobby musings of the day

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Here are some quick shots of the army in my little display case. Below are my Angels of Retribution painted collection. I’m playing some 40K tomorrow so I’ll take some closer  shots of the STAR PHANTOMS on the table during the battle. With 6th edition of 40K rumoured to be on the way in a month or two, I’m really thinking about how I’ll proceed with the game. On option is to remain frozen in time, using only the Codexes out now, and focus on the CAMPAIGNS and EXPANSIONS I own, that I could spend many years, playing, and building and collecting a few more and finishing a couple of current projects, nothing major, maybe just add the Blood Angels army I’ve wanted for a couple of years that would be my army to go against the STAR PHANTOMS.

Investing in 6th edition is going to cost some money, right!?! At least a hundred bucks. I’m already going to have upgrade my paints, now this, and a price increase to boot. Should I rush to buy the vehicles I need now!? Or will the new rules make the army list I wrote obsolete? Or should I just the build the core I want and adjust in the future if I chose? What elese will be need if anything to play the new version?

On another note, I get a lot of wacky ideas and inspirations. I’m trying to reign this in a little, but I will often aquire pieces for a project years before I ever complete it. And many times I will complete the project, and play with the force I’ve collected and painted. But I’m quickly lured into other directions, and constantly seek inspirations, and ideas. I’m almost halfway through this hobby year, and have started and aquired a few more small projects, but have produced less than I’d hoped so far. It’s not to bad, but I’m hoping to turn it around a little. Finishing the STAR PHANTOMS in February was great, but quite a bit behind schedule. And my progress with painting the SISTERS OF BATTLE army has been slow, and slightly influenced by the WHITE DWARF CODEX update, it seems may have weakened the quality of the list I have collected.

Ultimately, I need to really think before I purchase anything at this time, despite price increases, etc. These models will still be available if I need them in the next year or two. I need to get some terrain done, add or finish units for  the other SPACE MARINE type armies I’ve got, and do some quicker paint jobs on some of my projects, for playing fun. I would like to develop the BADAB WAR theme, here maybe develop the whole game room into a BADAB inspired room. I’ve got the cool posters from the IMPERIAL ARMOR books,and especially 9 and 10. Ultimately it would be amazing to have small detachments of a number of the armies involved with the BADAB WAR. One way would be to just add units from other Chapters into a core Loyalist/Seperatist list, especially in fun APOCALYPSE and PLANETSTRIKE battles. The more I think about it, the more I want to start that LAMENTERS force, arghhhhhhh! But I’ll take it one day at a time like most other addicts! I need to start a Seattle area Campaign group, of people to play BADAB WAR themed games. More on that later!

Back to BADAB! And how to help finance/justify that next big purchase!

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I’m supposed to be painting SISTERS OF BATTLE, but took a break and started thinking about the BLOOD ANGELS(LAMENTERS) I have wanted for a few years. My STAR PHANTOMS need someone to fight! This blog is supposed to be about a BADAB WAR CAMPAIGN I’d like to do someday(famous last words, right?). I’d like to add some more forces from the WAR, starting with the LAMENTERS, who use the BLOOD ANGELS CODEX as they are descended from the gene seed of said chapter of SPACE MARINES, of course. Time and money to start the project br damned, I thought at least see what a reasonable, unique and fun to collect and build army would be for me, effective, not to similar to my other forces, utilising some cool models I’ve been wanting to collect for a while now. With discounts and some free shipping and some cool FORGEWORLD armor marks, and some GW accessories 2 PREDATORS, 3 BAAL PREDATORS, FORGEWORLD SPACE MARINE ARMOR MARKS 2,3,4, and 5 an APOTHECARY set, 2 DEATH COMPANY boxes, 5 RAZORBACKS, a Chaplain, a Sanguinary priest and using a Librarian I have, it comes to at least 623$, before some taxes and some shipping! Killer army but expensive, and may need a few things more, not including glue, paint and brushes. I was inspired that day by some armies I’d seen completed. And I wanted to build something, so I’m taking all of my bits and extras to build a small 1500  point SPACE WOLVES army. It is an experiment on how fast I can paint a force for tabletop, and to sell om EBAY. The models were cheap, free, and are extra. They are just sitting in boxes and bins, and I wont miss them. I’ll paint it like my army, and if it didn’t sell, but it probably will, as any thing would be a profit, and I’ll speed paint through it with paid for models, and set a time limit to the paint job at least! I figure about $300 is what I want to get. Here is the beginnings of a Grey Hunters squad using old parts and new heads.

Grey Hunters

turning trash into cash