Back to BADAB! And how to help finance/justify that next big purchase!

I’m supposed to be painting SISTERS OF BATTLE, but took a break and started thinking about the BLOOD ANGELS(LAMENTERS) I have wanted for a few years. My STAR PHANTOMS need someone to fight! This blog is supposed to be about a BADAB WAR CAMPAIGN I’d like to do someday(famous last words, right?). I’d like to add some more forces from the WAR, starting with the LAMENTERS, who use the BLOOD ANGELS CODEX as they are descended from the gene seed of said chapter of SPACE MARINES, of course. Time and money to start the project br damned, I thought at least see what a reasonable, unique and fun to collect and build army would be for me, effective, not to similar to my other forces, utilising some cool models I’ve been wanting to collect for a while now. With discounts and some free shipping and some cool FORGEWORLD armor marks, and some GW accessories 2 PREDATORS, 3 BAAL PREDATORS, FORGEWORLD SPACE MARINE ARMOR MARKS 2,3,4, and 5 an APOTHECARY set, 2 DEATH COMPANY boxes, 5 RAZORBACKS, a Chaplain, a Sanguinary priest and using a Librarian I have, it comes to at least 623$, before some taxes and some shipping! Killer army but expensive, and may need a few things more, not including glue, paint and brushes. I was inspired that day by some armies I’d seen completed. And I wanted to build something, so I’m taking all of my bits and extras to build a small 1500  point SPACE WOLVES army. It is an experiment on how fast I can paint a force for tabletop, and to sell om EBAY. The models were cheap, free, and are extra. They are just sitting in boxes and bins, and I wont miss them. I’ll paint it like my army, and if it didn’t sell, but it probably will, as any thing would be a profit, and I’ll speed paint through it with paid for models, and set a time limit to the paint job at least! I figure about $300 is what I want to get. Here is the beginnings of a Grey Hunters squad using old parts and new heads.

Grey Hunters

turning trash into cash


3 Responses to “Back to BADAB! And how to help finance/justify that next big purchase!”

  1. Very interesting project idea, I’m curious how it’s gonna turn out, and so on (It really is!) But now for the real reason why your blog caught my attention: Your Star Phantoms. I’m just blown away. Not only because they’re so well done, not only because of all the old school models I love so much, but also, well… check my blog if you have the time, please. Filter by the “Star Phantoms” tag.

    Brother. :’-)

    Yeeeah, that may or may not have come across a bit creepy, but I’m so baffled to finally find another Eldanesh/George Miller SP color scheme army after all that time. And it looks brilliant. This is so awesome.

    Ith / Kamil

  2. Thanks alot! I’m glad someone gets what I have going on. I want to print up some of Bols STAR PHANTOMS decals and throw some squad markings(mainly to keep track of the troops) in the mix as well. This project was a labor of love. I had the original WHITE DWARF 101 with the very brief BADAB WAR article, and that was very intriguing to me. In 2009 when the SPACE MARINE CODEX came out, I knew I wanted a SPACE MARINE army, but not the generic looking type that looked so common place. So the project was always going to utilize RTB01 guys(I found new on Ebay). This was way before the current Imperial Armour Badab stuff and all the retro armor marks and vehicles, I’ll check out your blog, thanks for commenting I get so few, so it made my day!

    • Thanks for the quick reply! I’m catching up on your early posts right now, and retracing your army’s history. Great story so far. You sure won a follower, here. I started my Phantoms myself before the Badab War IA supplement, but only after falling in love with George’s color scheme form the BOLS fan project. I’ve even been in touch with Mister Miller for a while via the 40kRadio freebootaz forum back then, and I was extatic that he liked my stuff.

      Now for more reading your blog…

      By the way, would be my army gallery post. Sorry for the shameless plugging, but damn if I’m all not hyped up right now for finding your gem of an army in the depths of the interwarp. Especially as I’ll be expanding the army for 6th edition.

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