STAR PHANTOMS 2000 point army shot, and hobby musings of the day

Here are some quick shots of the army in my little display case. Below are my Angels of Retribution painted collection. I’m playing some 40K tomorrow so I’ll take some closer  shots of the STAR PHANTOMS on the table during the battle. With 6th edition of 40K rumoured to be on the way in a month or two, I’m really thinking about how I’ll proceed with the game. On option is to remain frozen in time, using only the Codexes out now, and focus on the CAMPAIGNS and EXPANSIONS I own, that I could spend many years, playing, and building and collecting a few more and finishing a couple of current projects, nothing major, maybe just add the Blood Angels army I’ve wanted for a couple of years that would be my army to go against the STAR PHANTOMS.

Investing in 6th edition is going to cost some money, right!?! At least a hundred bucks. I’m already going to have upgrade my paints, now this, and a price increase to boot. Should I rush to buy the vehicles I need now!? Or will the new rules make the army list I wrote obsolete? Or should I just the build the core I want and adjust in the future if I chose? What elese will be need if anything to play the new version?

On another note, I get a lot of wacky ideas and inspirations. I’m trying to reign this in a little, but I will often aquire pieces for a project years before I ever complete it. And many times I will complete the project, and play with the force I’ve collected and painted. But I’m quickly lured into other directions, and constantly seek inspirations, and ideas. I’m almost halfway through this hobby year, and have started and aquired a few more small projects, but have produced less than I’d hoped so far. It’s not to bad, but I’m hoping to turn it around a little. Finishing the STAR PHANTOMS in February was great, but quite a bit behind schedule. And my progress with painting the SISTERS OF BATTLE army has been slow, and slightly influenced by the WHITE DWARF CODEX update, it seems may have weakened the quality of the list I have collected.

Ultimately, I need to really think before I purchase anything at this time, despite price increases, etc. These models will still be available if I need them in the next year or two. I need to get some terrain done, add or finish units for  the other SPACE MARINE type armies I’ve got, and do some quicker paint jobs on some of my projects, for playing fun. I would like to develop the BADAB WAR theme, here maybe develop the whole game room into a BADAB inspired room. I’ve got the cool posters from the IMPERIAL ARMOR books,and especially 9 and 10. Ultimately it would be amazing to have small detachments of a number of the armies involved with the BADAB WAR. One way would be to just add units from other Chapters into a core Loyalist/Seperatist list, especially in fun APOCALYPSE and PLANETSTRIKE battles. The more I think about it, the more I want to start that LAMENTERS force, arghhhhhhh! But I’ll take it one day at a time like most other addicts! I need to start a Seattle area Campaign group, of people to play BADAB WAR themed games. More on that later!


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