I finished inking washes on my 7 remaining SISTERS OF BATTLE vehicles. Now I’m starting thing layers of bleached bone starting with the three Rhinos. Unfortunately I’ll have to hunt down some bleached bone or alternative paints, as I doubt I have enough to finish the army. It is going to be pretty laborious building up the paint on these tanks, then the squads of infantry. I seem to be on a roll, so I’ll try to stay motivated. I love the models., and have always wanted a small force(I’ve got a 2000 list I’m painting now), but I really dont know what to do with this army, I doubt it will hold up very well to many armies in the game period, but I’ll play some battles and see how it goes. In the next few years or so I’ll bet a new CODEX will be released, and I’ll have this core force painted up. It will look good on display, and be a fun alternative to my three SPACE MARINE variant armies.SISTERS OF BATTLE RHINOS


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