Sisters of Battle project log part 4/40K 6th Edition



I’m slowly but surely making some progress with the SISTERS OF BATTLE 2000 point core force I’ve collected and assembled. I’m stuck with the archaic painting style I’ve chosen for this army, it will be slow going, but with nice clean results. I’m speeding up the process in various ways, with the help of my airbrush, in the more basic steps. But the models will be getting plenty of hand brushed attention. I’m gradually adding more realistic techniques to my painting repetoire, but this force is basic, good old fashioned hand painted with a few highlights.I’m compromising a little on quality in order to complete this project sometime this year hopefully, and move on to some other smaller projects and some terrain., maybe I’ll do some light weathering on the tanks later. I’d like to be using this army in the coming year or two, for casual play and tournaments. That is, if and when I decide to buy into the coming 6th Edition rule set for 40K. I imagine, I’ll have a hard time not buying the book when it comes out. But not spending the money for rules,  and additional paraphanalia for a game I rarely play outside of my own games room is a tough cookie to swallow, especially as my friends and I still enjoy the possibilities available with the 5th edition rules, and available expansions, and missions. I’ll complete the last of the 40K projects I have planned,(SISTERS OF BATTLES, IMPERIAL GUARD), and may paint up a few random additional squads for my DARK ANGELS and SPACE WOLVES. But in the future I think I like to add armies from the BADAB WAR to my collection. I’ve trying to convince some friends to paint up a force from the campaign. I’d like to be playing some themed games, and try some Battlezone Mortalis as well. Here is a Rhino in progress and my SISTERS unpacked finally.

Rhino WIP



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