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Review of Mantic Orx Marauders for WARPATH

Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on July 29, 2012 by doublek666

squad 1

Grunt squad 1

ORX grunt squad 1

building some orx
building some Orx

I cannot get motivated to paint SISTERS OF BATTLE tanks, so I have been building two 1000 point armies to play test WARPATH, 2.0(beta 2). Anyone following the WARPATH development, knows that the game was supposed to be fast and fun mass Sci-fi combat rules.  Mantic has some known game creators and sculptors getting the game off the ground. The first edition featured a system using damage markers and effects on the unit(squad) as opposed to actual casualty removal, unless the whole squad breaks or is destroyed. Cool, but you still have to move them all around on individual base. Squad/element style basing would be cool,  I’m not sure how it would work in the rules, but I’m not a game designer(yet!) The second edition features an alternating activation sequence, keeping both players involved and creating more tension, but includes a casualty removal system. What I want from this game, is not only a 40K alternative, but something quicker, cheaper, with less time spent trying to keep with a competitive/meta/tournament scene with hard pressure sales, price gouging, and constant need to upgrade armies, rules, army books. I’m not going to jump and re-buy rules for a game I was happy with already, just because the company needs 5 year money-grab cycle to please its’ investors! What I’ve seen with my Game is that every bit of propaganda is aimed at creating a need to , and re-buy and buy more of the same, slightly different product! I all for change that is good and logical and improves my gaming experience, but I don’t like be forced to re-buy things constantly. I own several versions of a game, I can play any edition I want. But to compete, and play worldwide, I’ll upgrade to the current rules, I’m not in a big hurry to do it, though. I’ll do it in my time, if at all. I’ve been looking at games like WARPATH, HEAVY GEAR BLITZ as games I’ll pursue for possible tournament involvement. For now, I need to take a break from some of the projects for 40K, and get some models built and painted for some of the other games and mini’s I’ve got in my collection, then I’ll be back to paint my SISTERS OF BATTLE, some IMPERIAL GUARD, and my SONS OF MEDUSA. I’ll also be finishing my SPACE HULK 3rd Edition. I’ve also got SPACE MARINE EPIC, I’d like to create a couple of BADAB WAR forces to do battle with that. Basically I’m going to work on games and building and painting smaller groups of models that don’t necessarily have to be competitive or upgraded all the time, unless that is what I want to do at some point for a Tournament or to play pic-up games. What I have in mind is two painted forces for board games, skirmishes or full-scale battles and campaigns, and having friends come and play. I can theme the battles, so balance and competition come well after fun and enjoyment. This is what I plan to do with my BADAB PROJECTS as well. I still want to add/build some more BADAB armies, but overall, I want to move away from constantly buying, building and painting big armies with hundreds of guys to paint. I have enough of those projects to complete as is. Here is where the MANTIC ORX MARAUDERS come in. Although they are quite nice models, they are not some amazing and expensive, that I’ll feel guilty skimping on the paint jobs a little. I bought the ULTIMATE WARPATH deal, so I have invested in quite a few of these dudes, and I’m going to paint them up quick.

Here is PART 1 of my review of MANTIC ORX MARAUDERS for WARPATH:

Ok, so I’m sure most of us gamers are familiar with Orcs/Orks right? Well, these guys are called Orx….Marauders. I’m not sure why. I guess if you’re going to launch a game and miniatures line, you’d want them usable for other game systems. They WERE Much cheaper( I paid less that two bucks a model with my ARMY DEAL), and remind a bit of ORKs I’ve seen before crossed with the LORD OF THE RINGS line of models aesthetically and scale-wise. My army deal came with 120 grunts, with different weapons, and heads. There was a bit more variety than expected, especially if you come up with a system for building the grunts. I decide I wanted to learn a version of the rules( I’m starting with the 1st edition, as I’m interested in fast, mass sci-fi combat rules, as opposed to the skirmish direction of the 2.0 beta that was released a few days ago). I starting relatively small by building two 1000 point forces to learn the rules with first off. For the ORX I chose to as easy and quick as possible, so I wrote my list around the  3 RAPTORS, and my ORX Hero. I built two Grunt squads and a squad of Fraggers. The models come in two different sprues for a total of five different bodies and multiple arm, head and weapon choices. Some of the torsos had arms or heads making it that much faster. The models are designed to fit a certain way, but there is room for some simple weapon or head swaps. The first edition army lists are very vague, but you can create a couple different squad types, by designating what weapons the models are carrying. The models vs. the army lists don’t jibe so well, the game rules were obviously secondary to the sculpts. They come with grenades, but grenades didn’t seem to be featured (I’ll double-check on that) in the rules. Also what constitutes as a rifle or ripper blade seems unclear for me at least, maybe there is some fluff or pictures on the MANTIC site I missed or simply forgot about. In any event, the models cleaned up pretty fast, and eventually I figured out how I wanted to build them, to help remind me who belongs in what squad. The squads look pretty cool, and weren’t to terrible fiddly to build. There are some limitations, but if you pose them right they look pretty cool, especially for what they cost! The models are made of a plastic similar to what we’ve seen before, slightly different feel, they seem to fly out your hand some times,that’s part of the fun! I’ll show the hero in my Review of MANTIC ORX MARAUDERS for WARPATH part 2.

Orx gruntz 2

Orx Grunts squad 2


STAR PHANTOMS Space Marines Showcase part 6

Posted in Armies on July 12, 2012 by doublek666
SP 2000 point force


Here are some shots of my 2000 point STAR PHANTOMS. I have some more models I intended to expand this force with, but most can be used to build a SONS OF MEDUSA 2000 point force, so that will be my next BADAB WAR army project. I will be painting my SPACE HULK Terminators as LAMENTERS and base them for future use in a BLOOD ANGELS army. Due to the fact that I produce so slowly, I’ll have to hold off on any major purchases for said army for now, and crank out some other projects and try some WARPATH, SPACE HULK and finish my SISTERS OF BATTLE, FORTRESS of REDEMPTION and some other terrain and games. The paint scheme for the STAR PHANTOMS chapter is shown as Bone in IMPERIAL ARMOUR 10, and I already have a DARK ANGELS/ANGELS OF ABSOLUTION army in that scheme, so these guys are using a night or water world style camo scheme, a tribute to BoLS and a nod to  the original White Dwarf 101 featuring some interesting camoflauge

SP 2000 points

STAR PHANTOMS Space Marine Battleforce

schemes for a few of the Space Marine chapters.

STAR PHANTOMS Space Marine Showcase part 5

Posted in Armies on July 12, 2012 by doublek666

SP Vind3

SP Vind2
Star Phantoms Vindicators

I realised I needed some serious firepower in this core force and finally settled on a couple of Vindicators. These can by quite effective as well as intimidating on the battle field. I even tried a little weathering with some model weathering

SP Vind1

Star Phantoms Twin terrors


STAR PHANTOMS Space Marines Showcase part 4

Posted in Armies on July 12, 2012 by doublek666

SP Terms w/Lib

Terms 2
Squad 1b

Over the course of 5th edition 40k Terminators remained tough, especially with Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields. I had some bits of Metal, Plastic and some old Space Hulk Terminators that sort of fit the vintage theme of my force, so I painted them up, here are some close-ups. I found an old Librarian in Terminator army, so I included him as my core force HQ.


Squad 1a

STAR PHANTOMS Space Marines Showcase part 3

Posted in Armies on July 12, 2012 by doublek666
LotD Squad

Legion of the Damned Squad

LotD 2

LotD 1b

Legion of the Damned 1b

Not long after Planetstrike was released GW released 17 new models for the Legion of the Damned. I thought the models would look cool in my STAR PHANTOMS force, so I bought two squads (mainly for use in PLANETSTRIKE) I eventually paint


Squad 1a

ed up one squad for the core force.

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Star Phantoms Space Marines Showcase part 2

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Squad 3b


Squad 1a


Squad 3a


Squad 2b


Squad 2a


Squad 1b

One of the themes for the new army would be the use of some vintage models, and less MK7-8 armour. Also I got more value for the dollar, as the older kits were a bit cheaper than the current models at the time. I got really lucky and landed an unopened box of RTB01, 30 vintage Space Marines at a good price per model. With some additional models I put together my 3 Tactical Squads. The smaller outline of my Rhinos and Tactical Squads would have the benefit of easy cover saves in 5th Edition 40K. The squads have no numbers or markings yet, but I’m planning to add  those details, along with some dead grass and some dirt to the models bases.

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STAR PHANTOMS Space Marines Showcase part 1

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SP rhinos 2

Star Phantoms transports

In May of 1988 in issue 101 of WHITE DWARF, the Index Astartes:The Badab War Uprising opened up a world of possibilities for the Rogue Trader:Warhammer 40,ooo miniatures game. With multiple paint schemes and an evocative back story, I began to take an interest in this new game. Years later  I would refer back to the article, as inspiration for a new collection of Space Marine models. Over the ensuing years, some of the story evolved, and some of the paint schemes changed. In 2005 the Dark Stars:Badab War Campaign weekend occurred, introducing some special units one could use for free if you had a historically painted army(or one using the currently accepted paint scheme if applicable. games of Battlefleet Gothic were played by staff members during the campaign battles, that could affect the course of the campaign. In 2007 The Chaos Space Marines codex had Huron Blackheart on the cover, and some more details and his history. In 2009 the PLANET STRIKE Expansion featured the Palace of Thorns battle. Also in 2009 the BoLS BADAB WAR CAMPAIGN was created, wich inspired my STAR PHANTOMS paint scheme. In 2010-2011 The Imperial Armour BADAB WAR books were released, after over 20 years the scant few paragraphs has spawned years of ideas and inspiration. When the SPACE MARINES CODEX came out in 2009 I started searching for a concept for a new army, something different looking than my SPACE WOLVES and DARK ANGELS. I finally found the STAR PHANTOMS paint scheme from the BoLS CAMPAIGN. The core of my army would be Three Tactical Squads in Rhinos. I wanted an old school feel to reflect my earliest experiences with BADAB WAR idea, so I found some old Rhinos, and added some extra bits to represent Extra Armor and Dozer Blades.

SP rhinos 1


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