STAR PHANTOMS Space Marines Showcase part 1

SP rhinos 2

Star Phantoms transports

In May of 1988 in issue 101 of WHITE DWARF, the Index Astartes:The Badab War Uprising opened up a world of possibilities for the Rogue Trader:Warhammer 40,ooo miniatures game. With multiple paint schemes and an evocative back story, I began to take an interest in this new game. Years later  I would refer back to the article, as inspiration for a new collection of Space Marine models. Over the ensuing years, some of the story evolved, and some of the paint schemes changed. In 2005 the Dark Stars:Badab War Campaign weekend occurred, introducing some special units one could use for free if you had a historically painted army(or one using the currently accepted paint scheme if applicable. games of Battlefleet Gothic were played by staff members during the campaign battles, that could affect the course of the campaign. In 2007 The Chaos Space Marines codex had Huron Blackheart on the cover, and some more details and his history. In 2009 the PLANET STRIKE Expansion featured the Palace of Thorns battle. Also in 2009 the BoLS BADAB WAR CAMPAIGN was created, wich inspired my STAR PHANTOMS paint scheme. In 2010-2011 The Imperial Armour BADAB WAR books were released, after over 20 years the scant few paragraphs has spawned years of ideas and inspiration. When the SPACE MARINES CODEX came out in 2009 I started searching for a concept for a new army, something different looking than my SPACE WOLVES and DARK ANGELS. I finally found the STAR PHANTOMS paint scheme from the BoLS CAMPAIGN. The core of my army would be Three Tactical Squads in Rhinos. I wanted an old school feel to reflect my earliest experiences with BADAB WAR idea, so I found some old Rhinos, and added some extra bits to represent Extra Armor and Dozer Blades.

SP rhinos 1



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