Star Phantoms Space Marines Showcase part 2


Squad 3b


Squad 1a


Squad 3a


Squad 2b


Squad 2a


Squad 1b

One of the themes for the new army would be the use of some vintage models, and less MK7-8 armour. Also I got more value for the dollar, as the older kits were a bit cheaper than the current models at the time. I got really lucky and landed an unopened box of RTB01, 30 vintage Space Marines at a good price per model. With some additional models I put together my 3 Tactical Squads. The smaller outline of my Rhinos and Tactical Squads would have the benefit of easy cover saves in 5th Edition 40K. The squads have no numbers or markings yet, but I’m planning to add  those details, along with some dead grass and some dirt to the models bases.


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