STAR PHANTOMS Space Marines Showcase part 6

SP 2000 point force


Here are some shots of my 2000 point STAR PHANTOMS. I have some more models I intended to expand this force with, but most can be used to build a SONS OF MEDUSA 2000 point force, so that will be my next BADAB WAR army project. I will be painting my SPACE HULK Terminators as LAMENTERS and base them for future use in a BLOOD ANGELS army. Due to the fact that I produce so slowly, I’ll have to hold off on any major purchases for said army for now, and crank out some other projects and try some WARPATH, SPACE HULK and finish my SISTERS OF BATTLE, FORTRESS of REDEMPTION and some other terrain and games. The paint scheme for the STAR PHANTOMS chapter is shown as Bone in IMPERIAL ARMOUR 10, and I already have a DARK ANGELS/ANGELS OF ABSOLUTION army in that scheme, so these guys are using a night or water world style camo scheme, a tribute to BoLS and a nod to  the original White Dwarf 101 featuring some interesting camoflauge

SP 2000 points

STAR PHANTOMS Space Marine Battleforce

schemes for a few of the Space Marine chapters.


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