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Mantic Forgefathers Review

Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on August 31, 2012 by doublek666
1000 points of FORGEFATERS

1000 points of Forgefathers

Mantic Forgefathers

Mantic Games is in the process of developing their SCI-FI miniatures game WARPATH, currently a Second Edition is being tested. I jumped in with the Ultimate Warpath army deal and purchased two armies. I previously blogged about the Marauder Orx, today we’ve got the Forgefathers under review. The Forgefathers are a Technologically superior faction. They are resilient and good at shooting. They are a little on the slow side, but have some decent special melee weapons. The model range has expanded a little compared to the Orx, in fact I ordered some extra heads, torsos and the Drakkarim models(5 guys in metal with some weapon options), luckily I did as it helped in building my 1000 point force. I’m building 1000 point forces to demo and learn the game. The models are a bit more expensive than you’d expect, but they are decent sculpts especially the Metal models. Unfortunately there are some scale issues, namely with the Stormrage Veterans, and the rules and model line sometimes don’t mesh exactly. Add to that no instructions, very limited pictures available, and the fact that some of the parts aren’t as compatible as they could be, made for a small challenge, but once I got into it, it was a fun and easy project. I decided to build a 5 and 10 man squads of Steel Warriors(basic troops), a 10 man squad of Drakkarim(close combat specialists) and a 10 man squad of Stormrage Veterans(heavy weapons experts). I’ve decided to paint them yellow(like Imperial Fist Space Marines), as practice for my Space Hulk/Lamenters project up next! The extra heads an bits did help a lot, as I was able to assemble some cool squads, with subtle differences with helmets despite limited options. I primed them with some Daemonic Yellow spray from Army Painter, that worked out great. This is a range that needs some attention, as well as the Orx. I’m looking forward to a Mantic Warpath KICKSTARTER campaign, after the current runaway hit with Dreadball, and the previously highly successful Kings of War campaign. Until then I’ll be trying out the game and  getting some paint on my demo armies. Overall I’d rate the models for the Forgefathers around a 7, and that might generous, because I want WARPATH to take off. I’ve been very interested in trying out some other miniatures games Sci-Fi and Fantasy, and I’ve got some older ones I’ll be writing about soon. Here are the Forgefathers and I’ll play some games and write about that in coming posts!



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Finished ORX army

I’ll finish the MANTIC ORX REVIEW with the best model of the bunch, the ORX WARLORD. This is one of the better sculpts in the WARPATH range, and shows some potential. He is quite a bit larger than the GRUNTZ, required minimal cleaning and was easily pinned and glued. Here is a shot of him and the finished 1000 point ORX army.



Mantic Orx Review Part 2

Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on August 5, 2012 by doublek666

Finished RAPTORS

In Mantic Review part 1, I rambled on about how I wanted to get involved with WARPATH. Initially I was planning to ignore this game, the rules seemed like 40k-lite, and the models were ok, but something inspired me to start collecting the armies of WARPATH. Due to buying a house and moving, and finishing or working on some other projects in the queue, the WARPATH project got put on the back-burner. I have Models for all four of the current races(Orx, Forgefathers, Veer-myn, and Corporation), have ordered both Elite packages, and some other Forgefather models and bits. I started with the ULTIMATE WARPATH ARMY DEAL, it comes with 120 ORX 35 Forgefathers and 6 vehicles. the armies are definitely not balanced(what the hell am I going to do with 120 ORX!) I’m starting with 1000 point forces of both ORX and FORGEFATHERS. I have got the Orx completely built, and I’m about halfway done with the Forgefathers. I had no reference materials, or much idea of how to put the models together, so I just started cleaning them up, and they are pretty intuitive, especially for veteran hobbyists.I started to build them in such a way as to help differentiate between squads with various weapons, and heads. I tried looking at pictures of the models on the MANTIC site and whatever I could find online, but it didn’t help that much. The RAPTOR is an odd model, and the parts fit rather loosely. The model is a slightly warped, and one of the wheels was completely miscast. I was able to bend it back into shape and built my 3 RAPTORS pretty easily. The front forks and wheel are a bit of a balancing/ juggling act, in some cases I had a rubber band to hold the parts together as the glue dried. The style is a bit goofy, especially the gunner with his silly looking top-knot. I’d prefer just a generic helmet on the guy, but I really don’t care that much. What I do care about is building, painting and playing with some cool models, and having some fun battles with friends. Battles that are quick, and fun with less emotion invested in the outcome. It is fun to build powerful, competitive armies, and even paint them lavishly. But I’ve done some of that, and will continue with 40K 5th edition, for now, and I’ll get 6th edition later this year…………. I suppose? So here are the RAPTORS. If I was to grade these models so far. I’d give the ORX Grunts a 7.5, I had fun building them, they were simple to work with, and they can be made to look cool, as far as I’m concerned. The price is what really brings up the score quite a bit. Over all I got the models in this army for about $1.62 per model. I think they look rather cool, and could be used for any game system, really.  The RAPTORS I’d have to give a 7. That includes a great price, and very simple assembly. The parts I mentioned above are a little tricky to get together straight, but they look fairly cool. Honestly the design of the models for this army are a bit odd, but will be great for some MASS SCI-FI COMBAT. I’m going to give them a very simple dirty paint scheme, then weather them a lot. The details are a little odd, and a color scheme looks a little wonky on this models, so something scrappy will be adequate(especially since I’m going to build and paint 90 more ORX!). Next we’ll examine the ORX WARLORD.