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Once again I have to say this is an amazing time for miniature gamers, painters and collectors. I have discovered hundreds of games in various genres, scales and styles. Fortunately we’ve only so much time and money in our lives, so we’ve got to make some tough choices. As I’ve got sizable collections of painted and playable WARHAMMER 40K, and equally large selection of mostly unpainted/unused WHFB(I’ll address this collection in a future post!)  As GW prices have skyrocketed out of control, I’ve been looking at lot’s of new games. Now that I’ve bought a house, and have a teen-ager, two adults and a cat to care for, I find it hard to justify $600+ to build my next 40k army(LAMENTERS SPACE MARINES with Forgeworld Armor MK’s for my BADAB WAR project, maybe some day), or 75$ bucks for a current rule book, 50$ for another current Codex, 10$ for an almost useless magazine, hundreds of dollars a new updated paint system!? WTF! There are dozens of free, cheaper, downloadable, living game systems, you can use any models, different scales, and styles. I need some alternatives and the most bang for my buck!

I’ve already blogged about the rise of the crowd-funded campaign. I’ve funded 5 campaigns now. The current campaign I’m eagerly watching unfold is the MANTIC DREADBALL KICKSTARTER. I really wasn’t that interested at first. I really tried to stay away! I’m having a lot of fun watching these campaigns, I’ve remained fairly modest in my pledges, as the perks and add-ons keep piling up! In reality these campaigns are a bit of a gamble. It’s a lot of fun watching the campaign develop, see the updates and stretch goals. The DREADBALL was going to be easy for me to not fund. There are already several miniature board games pitting teams of iconic races against each-other, well established games, with many choices and customizable capabilities, with leagues. And even knowing that those exist, I didn’t own or play them.  Why on earth would I bother spending anymore money with the amount of games and projects I have, and am working on at the moment would I even consider this!? Honestly, they are offering up an amazing deal, here. There are many perk levels to buy in at. You could just buy the rules and add what you want later, make your own, convert-whatever and play with friends who have the game pitch and counters. Another level gives you the rules for Seasons 1 and 2, a team with and MVP of your choice, and a trophy for $30. The best deal for me is the STRIKER level, so far almost 90 miniatures, rules for the game and two expansions, cards, counters a pitch, dice and a bunch of other cool stuff that’s less than 2$ per miniature! This a good deal. There are many add-ons for very reasonable price as well. I’m sticking with my pledge, and I’ll pay extra for add-ons later if I still want them. There is enough stuff in this package two keep me busy for some time. I’m excited by all the new races introduced the models and concepts coming out are getting better and better, this is a good value, and not a huge investment if it totally sucks! You could just sell it later to all the people who will end up missing out for a profit. Watching the campaign, seeing the updates, commenting on the developments is an added bit of excitement as well. I’m really excited about the game, and it’s expansions. I’m not sure how far I’ll go with the game, but I’ll utilize what I get and so what I think, and expand later. You could easily spend $300+ dollars on this, and get some amazing deals, but I’m going to cap my contribution, although the Jerseys are tempting, there is also a figure carrying case for a good price! I’m hoping this turns into one of my main games next year. I’ll probably paint the teams as the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS and some of the division and conference rivals. MARAUDERS as the OAKLAND RAIDERS for that old division nemesis of the SEAHAWKS!? The fact the game is set in the WARPATH universe is a plus, as I’ve got a nice collection of armies for WARPATH. Only a couple of days to go, should get a few more things in the package!


MANTIC ELITE Review Part 1

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WARPATH is a game I could have easily avoided. I initially thought that would be the case. Somehow, I got sucked in. I took the leap of faith, despite a backlog of projects and miniatures. I’ve got most of the current range at this point. I’ve blogged about the ULTIMATE WARPATH ARMY DEAL. I also bought into the first MANTIC ELITE deal. This gave me a CORPORATION ARMY SET, PROJECT PANDORA and VEER-MYN ARMY SET 102 miniatures total. The newest regular MANTIC ELITE deal was supposed to be two shipments. The first to include a MARAUDER BULL, FORGE FATHER IRON ANCESTOR and FORGE FATHER SURTR HEAVY HEAT CANNON and two VEER-MYN squads. The second would be the ENFORCERS ARMY SET. I got the impression that ENFORCERS were an Elite CORPORATION element, but it appears they are a new faction altogether, I’m not sure at this point. The first shipment seemed like it was a little late, so I e-mailed MANTIC, they said it was dispatched. Within about 3 days the package arrived. All the models came in one shipment The Vehicles came in the big plastic boxes(retail packaging), he ENFORCERS came in plastic bags The MARAUDER BULL is a RAPTOR with a couple of add-on parts, same goes for the HEAT CANNON(a JOTUNN with add-on parts), and an extra sprue of crew members(STEEL WARRIORS). The ENFORCERS are a base model with extra bits to make the three different types. I don’t plan to build these anytime soon. I’ll probably add the vehicles to my existing 1st edition demo armies, and build the other 2(3?) armies geared towards 2nd edition later on. There will be a KICKSTARTER campaign, and I’ll probably buy into that as well, when that comes up. Over all, I’m happy with the models, but it was not cheap. There’s 54 Infantry and three vehicles. The IRON ANCESTOR is a little guy, not even a pint-sized DREADNOUGHT. I look at it as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor, with a new game system. A system to play for fun, between or instead other games I play. I wont go overboard, just some small forces of the factions. KICKSTARTER for WARPATH will be interesting. In any event, I’m enjoying collecting these models, I’m hopeful about the future of WARPATH, and enjoy the rules I’ve played with so far. I’m not sure I would highly recommend buying any of this stuff. I’m happy with it for various reasons. Know what you’re getting before jumping in. The products are a little inconsistent, but are improving quickly. The packaging is really cool, but seems a bit much, at least you have a painted reference on the layout of the package. The deal is ok, saving a bit on overpriced models in my opinion. But I want some alternatives to 40K. GW is so far out I just can’t buy into it like I use to, I’m not into having to re-buy something every 4-5 years. I have enough versions of the game. I’m not sure when I’ll buy rules for 6th edition. Kind of redundant, though the game seems good. It has been tough not ordering a DARK VENGEANCE starter set. I never got ASSAULT ON BLACK REACH either. I want to support some smaller companies, models lines, and stop buying into games that make you use their figures. I have enough of those types, for now. Next time, I’ve got a cool way to represent a battle in the BADAB WAR setting. I’ve started some preliminary planning with models I have on hand! I’ll comment further on the MANTIC ELITE deal in a future post.


Uh-oh! Wifes home when a package of models shows up!

Miniatures Games on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

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So, nothing about the BADAB WAR again today, I know, sorry! But fear not , that is the campaign setting I’ve chose to feature in my home battles, and plans for LAMENTERS, TYRANTS LEGION and SONS OF MEDUSA. Today I wanted to ramble on about something I’ve discovered this summer. Life has been amazing for me these last few years, and I’ve accomplished alot personally. And slowly but surely I’ve completed, and made great progress on some of my hobby projects. There is, admittedly, much work to be done. Over the last few years I have decreased my Games Workshop purchases dramatically. I finally let my WHITE DWARF subscription lapse as well. A little over a year ago I was focused on paying off some debt, improving my credit score, to buy a house, increase my savings, and reduce spending. I also had some very fortunate events occur, and financial situation improved, we bought the house, I got a higher paying job with a solid future. I have continued to purchase hobby items, despite my frugal direction, certainly I’ve spent less overall in the last 3 years or so, but I have gotten more from my money, or was at least very discriminatory about GAMES WORKSHOP purchases. I have a hobby budget, and want the most for my money. And I’ve been adding some variety to my collection(yes, collection, not hoard!!!!!!) For the most part I’ve got enough ‘big’ armies. I’ve got enough WARHAMMER 40K armies. I’ve got 3 painted armies (DARK ANGELS 3000, SPACE WOLVES 5000+, STAR PHANTOMS 2000), 1 built and primed army in progress (SISTERS OF BATTLE 2000). Finally thanks to some focused ebay purchases, friend Tom giving me some tanks, and Infantry, I’ve got a large collection of Imperial Guard. This will probably end up being some sort of TYRANTS LEGION. Any 40K armies I do from here on will be BADAB WAR related. I’ve got decent size colections of WARHAMMER FANTASY BATTLE armies( HIGH ELVES, ORCS and GOBLINS, WOOD ELVES, DWARFS, and some old EMPIRE and UNDEAD models). Some will be used for WHFB, some for HoTT, maybe FANTASY WARRIORS, CHIPCOS FANTASY RULES, amongst a couple rule-sets I have.  I’ve got some classic armuies usable for some classic games, I’d like to add to the repertoire. Some armies will be usable for more than one system, some game game specific. I’m been gradually adding some different GAME SYSTEMS to my collection, that I may create armies for, and boardgames with miniatures as smaller projects. In fact, there are a lot of great games out there, and I’m mainly looking at some variety and in styles, scales, settings. I’m looking for fun smaller projects, RPG’s using miniatures, interesting styles and settings. Also who doesn’t love a bargain! So bang for the buck is big for me right now. That leads us (finally to the subject of todays Proclamations), the emergence of the crowd-funded campaign!

With a crowd-funded campaign, you are betting on the campaign by being a contributor. There are various perks for each contribution. You’re in effect pre-paying for a proposed product, that needs funds to completely produce. There is an estimated delivery date, and you hope the campaign keeps you posted with regular updates, and sorts out delivering the goods. Some very interesting campaigns have recently been funded including a very nice DWARVEN ARMY from Avatars of War, and the Kings of War Kickstarter campaign from MANTIC games. As I’ve got armies and rules of that type, I opted not to contribute, but Kings of War seems good, I may start playing that as my go-to Fantasy battle game soon. But I found a couple of unique campaigns that fit my criterion. The first is successfully funded campaign on KICKSTARTER for the Dwarf Adventurers Boxed Set from Stonehaven Miniatures. I chose the Ultimate Adventurers Package for $56 you got 20 unique dwarf figures for RPG games, various character classes. The set includes 2 bit sprues, cards, bios and character sheets, a print, some dice and scenic bases. I like dwarfs, a lot, just classic fantasy stuff, I always loved the Hobbit. I added an extra miniature, and a Troll for a total of $70. I like the way models are coming along with the updates, very cool little collection. Now I’m interested in setting up some  Dungeon Delving RPG/skirmish games. Another campaign I found on Kickstarter was called AXES and ANVILS:Dwarven Roleplaying. perfect! $40 for the Deluxe hardback edition of this RPG game. Many options are also available, including dice, patches, a living campaign, and cards.  Reaper miniatures had some amazing success with the Bones Kickstarter. I contributed at the $100 pledge level for what ended up being 240+ miniatures! These are mostly Fantasy figures for RPGS like D&D, WARLORD, PATHFINDER etc. And some cool Sci-Fi stuff as well. Amazing deal that includes the Pdf. of Swords And Wizardry(D&D retro clone) RPG, and a digital copy of a novel Hard Times in Dragon City by Matt Forbeck. I also funded a little campaign on Indiegogo called Drakskull’s Menace an Undead Orcs and Goblins army (zomblins!) I accidentally pledged twice but, I’m going to keep both and assemble a nice little force. It comes with T-shirts, dice, a wallpaper pack  and points to choose the models and quantities you want. I tried to resist, and it seemed it wouldn’t even succeed, but came through well, with lot’s of  cool concepts that will be sculpted and cast. I didn’t need another ‘army’, but is unique, and could be used in various games, as UNDEAD or GOBLINS and ORCS. Finally there is a little more than 2 weeks left for the Mantic Games DREADBALL campaign. The $150 striker level has 4 teams, a growing number of additional models, bases, dice, the game pitch, expansions rules. Even if you never cracked open the package, I imagine it would sell for at least double on Ebay! Check out some crowd-funded campaigns, plus it’s fun to watch the numbers grow and the perks multiply!

Hobby Progress, 2012 4th Quarter Goals

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Deathwing Squad

Deathwing Squad

I’m a little behind in my blogging but I’ve been active in my hobby lately. I have been expanding my interests in analog gaming a lot over the years. Most recently by adding SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE, WARPATH, HEAVY GEAR BLITZ and a few other rule sets, and starter armies I’ve picked up. I’ve also got a modest collection of Fantasy Miniatures games and Rule-sets to bring to life.  I’m finding smaller projects easier to digest these days, and to try and capture that spark of enthusiasm, creativity or motivation when it hits, not to be too locked into inflexibility(the death of huge, involved army projects!). I’ve had this SISTERS OF BATTLE army to finish, but got bored painting the tanks. So I’ve been collecting, building and painting on other things as time permits. I played a couple of games of 40K 5th edition the other week with my regular gaming buddy Tom. After the battle and decided upon a re-match with the same armies. I was using my DARK ANGELS and Tom used his CHAOS SPACE MARINES. My entire army is painted, except for one squad of Deathwing Terminators, that includes an Apothecary and Belials’ standard. I declared that I would paint that very squad before said re-match! So it took about a week, but I did live up to that declaration, and finished a couple of objective markers and a Cyclone missile launcher I need to complete the DARK ANGELS army. Using this little project as a rut-buster was great. It was fairly quick and easy, I like painting Terminators, and there are no models unfinished in that particular collection which is a good feeling! It was great when Tom noticed the squad had been painted  (it was hard not to immediately declare my victory the minute I talked to him on the phone to arrange the battle!). I had to focus on rehearsing and practicing for a one-off show my band did out-of-town the following week, but I’m happy with that achievement and inspired to finish some more projects. I’ve got the SPACE HULK 3rd Edition Terminators and Genestealers in my hobby table now, and will alternate painting my SPACE HULK and WARPATH. I’ve also got PROJECT PANDORA, just 20 models, so I can squeeze that in before the end of the year. I’ll paint up a squad of SISTERS OF BATTLE and see what I can get done on that project soon. There is no real rush, as this will be an interesting army to use in the new 6th edition of 40K. There will be a codex, and it will probably be very cool. Until then I’ll gradually get them done, and probably won’t bother with 6th Edition for the moment. It was a challenge not pick up the new DARK VENGEANCE 40K set yesterday as I bought some paints at the GAME MATRIX in Tacoma. I know it is cool, and a great buy. I just don’t need the models, I’ve got plenty of the same stuff more or less now. The set will be around for years, I may change my mind tomorrow, so for now I’m resisting giving GW more of my money for the same stuff I already purchased. But we’ll see how long that lasts, I’m intrigued, and looking forward to the new WHITE DWARF concepts.

On Frugality this year, it has been a great year for me personally. I got a significant raise, and I have some great prospects for getting more money in the next few weeks taking on a new position at work. I bought a house, and have some financial obligations, but I have a bit of a savings going, and am enrolling in a 401k with a big % per check.  I do have a little bit of debt, mainly from some recent travel, and some things for the new house. But I have gained over $20,000 on the value of our house, my credit score has improved, I’ll be getting lower rates on loans, credit cards and can re-finance the house at a lower rate. On the other hand I’ve had a lot of travel and home expenses getting started here, also Nanette’s car needed some towing and repair. Over all, I’m doing well, but need to focus on saving for retirement and emergencies. I’ll want to replace one of our cars next year or soon after. I’ll want to paint the house next year. Fortunately I’ve got dozens of projects that I like that just need time,glue and/or paint. I like to collect a few rules-sets, such as Hordes, Secrets of the third Reich, Dwarf Wars, Warlord:Savage North, but have yet to purchase models for. In fact I’d like to move away from model specific game systems a little, and utilize models from different ranges to represent what I want for different size battles, scenarios and campaigns. There are several Fantasy Battle games that I’d like to play and compare. I really don’t need more models yet………………….the lure of the new, shiny, different is ever-present. I like to research and read about lots of different games and models. Occasionally some will grab my interest. I usually try to cool, off, keep researching and reading until I’m certain I want to invest in a certain game or set of models, and determine how many uses I could potentially get from a game or set. I have made some modest purchases, and actually sold of some of my collection to offset the costs and keep my hobby horde from getting entirely out of hand. I have utilised and enjoyed the things that I have collected this year, getting value for my entertainment dollar. I have re-evaluated my hobby over the last couple of years, and found some really cool, and more cost efficient ways to game, collect and paint miniatures for various games. Games Workshop has gone to far for me. I will continue to play and will probably support 6th edition to some extent, but I’m buying much of what the produce. It is a little redundant, and any army is a major expense these days. I can get double or more value from similar games, and have stumbled upon the greatest new thing to come along for miniature and game enthusiasts in this decade…………….

KICKSTARTER! Yes! Stop reading this article and go browse the games, INDIEGOGO as well. No you can contribute to the creation of models and games, and get unique or very cheap products directly from the creators, and companies. There have been some great campaigns. I found the DWARF ADVENTURERS BOX SET to be a lot of fun to watch, I also discovered the AXES AND ANVILS RPG interesting and spent about $100 on those combined. DRAKSULLS MENACE on INDIEGOGO, was starting to pick-up and thought I’d add a little to see if it would make its goals, and it really took off. I ended up getting a second perk by accident, but decided to keep it as a lot of cool looking concepts were achieved so what the heck. $250! oops! Finally as the REAPER BONES Campaign was winding down, the perks just EXPLODED!!!!!!!!! Various ranges, and my RPG interests have really grown again. Pathfinder seems really cool, not to mention a chance to get some cheap options, and I’ll get a free Swords&Wizardry PDF(D&D retro clone) among other great perks, 240 miniatures for $100 bucks. Amazing! So cool. So I’ve acquired another batch of future projects, some I’ll use, maybe some I’ll sell. Probably not. But none are game specific, and no one can tax me to use my own models, by changing rules, and army lists. I’ll probably build that bad-ass LAMENTERS army one day, but for now I’ll resist, and get a lot more for money and years of fun gaming!

WARPATH First Edition Review

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WARPATH demo 1

WARPATH demo game

WARPATH demo game

Warpath in progress

WARPATH demo game

Demo game 1

WARPATH demo game

WARPATH demo game

I’ve read recently in blogland, that this is the ‘golden age’ of table-top miniatures gaming.  The past ten years or so we’ve seen many new rulesets, and a variety of games in various scales, styles and types. Of course Games Workshop has been a gateway drug for tens of thousands of gamers with many excellent specialist and core games. Pre-painted and collectible miniatures games, small scale skirmishes, 6, 10 and 15 and 28mm size models, anime inspired, dungeon crawls and space-ship/water-ship batttle games, fantasy,sci-fi,WWII, Alternative History WWII, games based on PC and console hits, and free home brew rules and variations of anything you can imagine, and they keep coming. There are dozens of small miniature companies producing a wide range of figures for this huge variety of games. One that has been devloping out of the UK is a sci-fi, 28mm miniatures wargame called WARPATH. The early test versions, and First Edition of these rules set out to be a mass-combat sci-fi game. That is what caught my attention around this time last year, I began to cultivate an interest in this challenger to the Warhammer 40K throne. After a read-through of the rules, one can instantly see some similarities of basic concepts, one could argue are common to many minature battle games. The author Alessio Cavatore worked on 4th and 5th edition 40K rules and expansions, before leaving GW, and developing some rules for MANTIC GAMES. Due to a ton of projects, starting a new job, my band, buying a house, moving and a vacation or two, I finally found time to assemble two small forces of WARPATH models to fight it out on the table using the First Edition of the WARPATH rules. There is a newer, skirmish style Second Edition being produced at the moment, with alternative activation that sounds fun, for now I’ll just focus on the First Edition, the one geared towards the mass combat that originally caught my attention.

I’ve only run through the game once by myself, but it gave me a good idea of how the game works. First off I had fun playing the game despite playing against myself. It was a good opportunity to run through the rules and familiarize myself with the mechanics. The set-up and deployment was simple enough, and similar to games I’ve played before. I decided to use markers and tokens to depict the action taking place on the field, wich was fun and a good reminder of what part of the turn sequence I was on. The moving, shooting  and assaulting is similar to 40k in many ways, with some simplifications and abstractions, that sped up the game play, without taking away from the fun for me. We don’t need a direct replacement for 40k, just a fun alternative. There isn’t as much of a dirty trick/mega hero/death star aspect, as mainly the rules and army lists aren’t as devoloped yet.  The mechanics are simple and fun, add to that the timer element and you’ve got a fun mass combat system. The armies were of course the ORX MARAUDERS and FORGEFATHERS I’ve been building and painting. The armies worked the way they are supposed to, with the ORX getting shot at a lot as they moved forward to try and capitilize on their close combat prowess. The movement phase is easy enough, using common concepts including a basic movement value, a doubling of that value and the charge which you commit to before/instead of shooting. There are a few less dice rolls in the game, but you still get to roll a bucket load of dice when attacking and shooting. To damge an enemy you have to exceed it’s damage characteristic. In combat the attacker does the attacking, and the units disengage after the assault. Damage in all cases is represented by wound markers. The markers subtract from your nerve value. You roll for nerve after taking damage in a phase. The more damage taken increases the odds of a unit being destroyed/disbursed/removed from the game/table. I like this system, as it keeps the majority of the models for us to see on the table. The game also has a reserves system(similar to 40k and other games) , I didn’t use, as the battle was so small.  I enjoyed using damage markers and other tokens and markers in the game, ever since the DAWN OF WAR RTS game on PC, the icons used on the screen inspired me to paint objective markers and buy markers to remind me visually of what is going on in the game. I will continue to add paint to my two forces, keep playing the game, and introduce the demo game to some friends, eventually I’ll add some more models and armies, as I’ve got some more models waiting to join the fray.

To sum up my review of WARPATH First Edition game and models, I’ll rate the entire package as a 7 for now. I know there will be a KICKSTARTER campagin probably next year for this game, and it will grow and change. I’ll build forces and try out the Second Edition as a future project. There are a ton of cool miniatures games out there now, with amazing models and interesting rule concepts, such as HEAVY GEAR BLITZ, SEDITION WARS, ALIEN WARS,DUST,as well as BATTLE TECH, and others people collect and play. WARPATH needs more work stand out from the pack. For me I’d prefer a mass-comabt game to another skirmish(we’ve got MAILIFAUX, INFINITY, RELIC KNIGHT,WARMACINE) style game. Also I’d keep the damage markers and utilise a movement base system to really bring it to the masses. The game has potential, and I like the mechanics involved, so I intend to continue supporting this game hopefull that it will develop into something great!