Miniatures Games on Kickstarter and Indiegogo

So, nothing about the BADAB WAR again today, I know, sorry! But fear not , that is the campaign setting I’ve chose to feature in my home battles, and plans for LAMENTERS, TYRANTS LEGION and SONS OF MEDUSA. Today I wanted to ramble on about something I’ve discovered this summer. Life has been amazing for me these last few years, and I’ve accomplished alot personally. And slowly but surely I’ve completed, and made great progress on some of my hobby projects. There is, admittedly, much work to be done. Over the last few years I have decreased my Games Workshop purchases dramatically. I finally let my WHITE DWARF subscription lapse as well. A little over a year ago I was focused on paying off some debt, improving my credit score, to buy a house, increase my savings, and reduce spending. I also had some very fortunate events occur, and financial situation improved, we bought the house, I got a higher paying job with a solid future. I have continued to purchase hobby items, despite my frugal direction, certainly I’ve spent less overall in the last 3 years or so, but I have gotten more from my money, or was at least very discriminatory about GAMES WORKSHOP purchases. I have a hobby budget, and want the most for my money. And I’ve been adding some variety to my collection(yes, collection, not hoard!!!!!!) For the most part I’ve got enough ‘big’ armies. I’ve got enough WARHAMMER 40K armies. I’ve got 3 painted armies (DARK ANGELS 3000, SPACE WOLVES 5000+, STAR PHANTOMS 2000), 1 built and primed army in progress (SISTERS OF BATTLE 2000). Finally thanks to some focused ebay purchases, friend Tom giving me some tanks, and Infantry, I’ve got a large collection of Imperial Guard. This will probably end up being some sort of TYRANTS LEGION. Any 40K armies I do from here on will be BADAB WAR related. I’ve got decent size colections of WARHAMMER FANTASY BATTLE armies( HIGH ELVES, ORCS and GOBLINS, WOOD ELVES, DWARFS, and some old EMPIRE and UNDEAD models). Some will be used for WHFB, some for HoTT, maybe FANTASY WARRIORS, CHIPCOS FANTASY RULES, amongst a couple rule-sets I have.  I’ve got some classic armuies usable for some classic games, I’d like to add to the repertoire. Some armies will be usable for more than one system, some game game specific. I’m been gradually adding some different GAME SYSTEMS to my collection, that I may create armies for, and boardgames with miniatures as smaller projects. In fact, there are a lot of great games out there, and I’m mainly looking at some variety and in styles, scales, settings. I’m looking for fun smaller projects, RPG’s using miniatures, interesting styles and settings. Also who doesn’t love a bargain! So bang for the buck is big for me right now. That leads us (finally to the subject of todays Proclamations), the emergence of the crowd-funded campaign!

With a crowd-funded campaign, you are betting on the campaign by being a contributor. There are various perks for each contribution. You’re in effect pre-paying for a proposed product, that needs funds to completely produce. There is an estimated delivery date, and you hope the campaign keeps you posted with regular updates, and sorts out delivering the goods. Some very interesting campaigns have recently been funded including a very nice DWARVEN ARMY from Avatars of War, and the Kings of War Kickstarter campaign from MANTIC games. As I’ve got armies and rules of that type, I opted not to contribute, but Kings of War seems good, I may start playing that as my go-to Fantasy battle game soon. But I found a couple of unique campaigns that fit my criterion. The first is successfully funded campaign on KICKSTARTER for the Dwarf Adventurers Boxed Set from Stonehaven Miniatures. I chose the Ultimate Adventurers Package for $56 you got 20 unique dwarf figures for RPG games, various character classes. The set includes 2 bit sprues, cards, bios and character sheets, a print, some dice and scenic bases. I like dwarfs, a lot, just classic fantasy stuff, I always loved the Hobbit. I added an extra miniature, and a Troll for a total of $70. I like the way models are coming along with the updates, very cool little collection. Now I’m interested in setting up some  Dungeon Delving RPG/skirmish games. Another campaign I found on Kickstarter was called AXES and ANVILS:Dwarven Roleplaying. perfect! $40 for the Deluxe hardback edition of this RPG game. Many options are also available, including dice, patches, a living campaign, and cards.  Reaper miniatures had some amazing success with the Bones Kickstarter. I contributed at the $100 pledge level for what ended up being 240+ miniatures! These are mostly Fantasy figures for RPGS like D&D, WARLORD, PATHFINDER etc. And some cool Sci-Fi stuff as well. Amazing deal that includes the Pdf. of Swords And Wizardry(D&D retro clone) RPG, and a digital copy of a novel Hard Times in Dragon City by Matt Forbeck. I also funded a little campaign on Indiegogo called Drakskull’s Menace an Undead Orcs and Goblins army (zomblins!) I accidentally pledged twice but, I’m going to keep both and assemble a nice little force. It comes with T-shirts, dice, a wallpaper pack  and points to choose the models and quantities you want. I tried to resist, and it seemed it wouldn’t even succeed, but came through well, with lot’s of  cool concepts that will be sculpted and cast. I didn’t need another ‘army’, but is unique, and could be used in various games, as UNDEAD or GOBLINS and ORCS. Finally there is a little more than 2 weeks left for the Mantic Games DREADBALL campaign. The $150 striker level has 4 teams, a growing number of additional models, bases, dice, the game pitch, expansions rules. Even if you never cracked open the package, I imagine it would sell for at least double on Ebay! Check out some crowd-funded campaigns, plus it’s fun to watch the numbers grow and the perks multiply!


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