MANTIC ELITE Review Part 1

WARPATH is a game I could have easily avoided. I initially thought that would be the case. Somehow, I got sucked in. I took the leap of faith, despite a backlog of projects and miniatures. I’ve got most of the current range at this point. I’ve blogged about the ULTIMATE WARPATH ARMY DEAL. I also bought into the first MANTIC ELITE deal. This gave me a CORPORATION ARMY SET, PROJECT PANDORA and VEER-MYN ARMY SET 102 miniatures total. The newest regular MANTIC ELITE deal was supposed to be two shipments. The first to include a MARAUDER BULL, FORGE FATHER IRON ANCESTOR and FORGE FATHER SURTR HEAVY HEAT CANNON and two VEER-MYN squads. The second would be the ENFORCERS ARMY SET. I got the impression that ENFORCERS were an Elite CORPORATION element, but it appears they are a new faction altogether, I’m not sure at this point. The first shipment seemed like it was a little late, so I e-mailed MANTIC, they said it was dispatched. Within about 3 days the package arrived. All the models came in one shipment The Vehicles came in the big plastic boxes(retail packaging), he ENFORCERS came in plastic bags The MARAUDER BULL is a RAPTOR with a couple of add-on parts, same goes for the HEAT CANNON(a JOTUNN with add-on parts), and an extra sprue of crew members(STEEL WARRIORS). The ENFORCERS are a base model with extra bits to make the three different types. I don’t plan to build these anytime soon. I’ll probably add the vehicles to my existing 1st edition demo armies, and build the other 2(3?) armies geared towards 2nd edition later on. There will be a KICKSTARTER campaign, and I’ll probably buy into that as well, when that comes up. Over all, I’m happy with the models, but it was not cheap. There’s 54 Infantry and three vehicles. The IRON ANCESTOR is a little guy, not even a pint-sized DREADNOUGHT. I look at it as an opportunity to get in on the ground floor, with a new game system. A system to play for fun, between or instead other games I play. I wont go overboard, just some small forces of the factions. KICKSTARTER for WARPATH will be interesting. In any event, I’m enjoying collecting these models, I’m hopeful about the future of WARPATH, and enjoy the rules I’ve played with so far. I’m not sure I would highly recommend buying any of this stuff. I’m happy with it for various reasons. Know what you’re getting before jumping in. The products are a little inconsistent, but are improving quickly. The packaging is really cool, but seems a bit much, at least you have a painted reference on the layout of the package. The deal is ok, saving a bit on overpriced models in my opinion. But I want some alternatives to 40K. GW is so far out I just can’t buy into it like I use to, I’m not into having to re-buy something every 4-5 years. I have enough versions of the game. I’m not sure when I’ll buy rules for 6th edition. Kind of redundant, though the game seems good. It has been tough not ordering a DARK VENGEANCE starter set. I never got ASSAULT ON BLACK REACH either. I want to support some smaller companies, models lines, and stop buying into games that make you use their figures. I have enough of those types, for now. Next time, I’ve got a cool way to represent a battle in the BADAB WAR setting. I’ve started some preliminary planning with models I have on hand! I’ll comment further on the MANTIC ELITE deal in a future post.


Uh-oh! Wifes home when a package of models shows up!


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