Once again I have to say this is an amazing time for miniature gamers, painters and collectors. I have discovered hundreds of games in various genres, scales and styles. Fortunately we’ve only so much time and money in our lives, so we’ve got to make some tough choices. As I’ve got sizable collections of painted and playable WARHAMMER 40K, and equally large selection of mostly unpainted/unused WHFB(I’ll address this collection in a future post!)  As GW prices have skyrocketed out of control, I’ve been looking at lot’s of new games. Now that I’ve bought a house, and have a teen-ager, two adults and a cat to care for, I find it hard to justify $600+ to build my next 40k army(LAMENTERS SPACE MARINES with Forgeworld Armor MK’s for my BADAB WAR project, maybe some day), or 75$ bucks for a current rule book, 50$ for another current Codex, 10$ for an almost useless magazine, hundreds of dollars a new updated paint system!? WTF! There are dozens of free, cheaper, downloadable, living game systems, you can use any models, different scales, and styles. I need some alternatives and the most bang for my buck!

I’ve already blogged about the rise of the crowd-funded campaign. I’ve funded 5 campaigns now. The current campaign I’m eagerly watching unfold is the MANTIC DREADBALL KICKSTARTER. I really wasn’t that interested at first. I really tried to stay away! I’m having a lot of fun watching these campaigns, I’ve remained fairly modest in my pledges, as the perks and add-ons keep piling up! In reality these campaigns are a bit of a gamble. It’s a lot of fun watching the campaign develop, see the updates and stretch goals. The DREADBALL was going to be easy for me to not fund. There are already several miniature board games pitting teams of iconic races against each-other, well established games, with many choices and customizable capabilities, with leagues. And even knowing that those exist, I didn’t own or play them.  Why on earth would I bother spending anymore money with the amount of games and projects I have, and am working on at the moment would I even consider this!? Honestly, they are offering up an amazing deal, here. There are many perk levels to buy in at. You could just buy the rules and add what you want later, make your own, convert-whatever and play with friends who have the game pitch and counters. Another level gives you the rules for Seasons 1 and 2, a team with and MVP of your choice, and a trophy for $30. The best deal for me is the STRIKER level, so far almost 90 miniatures, rules for the game and two expansions, cards, counters a pitch, dice and a bunch of other cool stuff that’s less than 2$ per miniature! This a good deal. There are many add-ons for very reasonable price as well. I’m sticking with my pledge, and I’ll pay extra for add-ons later if I still want them. There is enough stuff in this package two keep me busy for some time. I’m excited by all the new races introduced the models and concepts coming out are getting better and better, this is a good value, and not a huge investment if it totally sucks! You could just sell it later to all the people who will end up missing out for a profit. Watching the campaign, seeing the updates, commenting on the developments is an added bit of excitement as well. I’m really excited about the game, and it’s expansions. I’m not sure how far I’ll go with the game, but I’ll utilize what I get and so what I think, and expand later. You could easily spend $300+ dollars on this, and get some amazing deals, but I’m going to cap my contribution, although the Jerseys are tempting, there is also a figure carrying case for a good price! I’m hoping this turns into one of my main games next year. I’ll probably paint the teams as the SEATTLE SEAHAWKS and some of the division and conference rivals. MARAUDERS as the OAKLAND RAIDERS for that old division nemesis of the SEAHAWKS!? The fact the game is set in the WARPATH universe is a plus, as I’ve got a nice collection of armies for WARPATH. Only a couple of days to go, should get a few more things in the package!


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