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MANTIC ORX army WIP project log

Posted in Armies with tags , , , on October 11, 2012 by doublek666

MARAUDER ORX in the painting table

I got some work done on my ORX MARAUDERS army. My paint scheme is as follows.

1)Prime Black

2)Dry Brush Silver

3)Wash with ‘metal wash’ some brown, black, blue inks and washes mixed with water

4)Paint medium color of green flesh

5)Paint Red Gore on main cloth area

6)Use two different earthy/brown paints for other cloth and bits

7)Use two different metallic colors to accent weapons and helmets, and as subtle markers to


ORX getting some paint finally!

distinguish squads for now. Add metallic paints to vehicle bits.

8)Wash the models with medium brown washes, and add some weathering, and rust powders on models

9)Finish dark grey bases with burnt and dead grass flock patches

10)Dull coat spray for protection, re-gloss armor and metal bits with brush on varnish.


Hobby progress and 4th QUARTER GOALS for 2012

Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on October 2, 2012 by doublek666

What? I got paint on some models finally!!

It has been a great year. I’ve moved into some new areas hobby-wise, basically stopped buying GW products, and have expanded my range of interest game wise. I have finished a couple of projects, and started painting WARPATH. I am finding some time to evaluate my current hobby horde, develop a plan of attack for the remainder of the year. I have funded some campaigns, bought some bases, added to my IG VALHALLANS, bought some paint and books, some heads and subscribed to MANTIC ELITE instead of the useless WHITE DWARF I stopped getting a bout a year ago. I’ve still spent hobby money, but redirected to EBAY and KICKSTARTER, smaller companies, and local non-GW game stores. I’ll probably pick up a mini rule book for 40K 6th, and maybe a CODEX or two when I need them, but I’m not starting anymore GW armies of any kind. For now I’m going to continue with fifth, and expansions, and expand into a few other games. Less about big armies(I’ve got that covered), with some smaller projects. I’m going to be painting to play as much as possible. I’m also working on a larger,

Priming SOB 2


long-term project my SISTERS OF BATTLE. I finally got some ARMY PAINTER BONE spray primer and now the army is just waiting for washes and details. I have some amazing bases, they look really cool. Unfortunately having the will to push through 60+ Infantry and 8 vehicles has been challenging this year. I did update the force to current WHITE DWARF CODEX. I just don’t see using this force at this time, due to weak rules, and I’ve got three painted armies to play when I do get a chance mainly here at home. I’ll keep up with 40K, I just want some easier alternatives and involve  friends and relatives to play with games and scenarios I have ready to play. So here is my plan to finish up the year, enough projects to keep me busy and have some variety.



WARPATH Forgefathers 1000 points(35 infantry, 2 war machines, 2 heroes=39)

WARPATH Marauders 1000 points(30 infantry, 3 vehicles, 1 hero=34)

40K ANGELS of ABSOLUTION Ravenwing Attack Squad(6 bikes, attack bike, land speeder=8)

SPACE HULK entire contents(12 Space Marine Terminators, 1 Artefact, 1 Dead Space Marine, 1 C.A.T., 22 Genestealers, 1 Broodlord=38)


119 models painted, that is a lot! The WARPATH armies are built and primed. I will speed paint them with Greyscaling and washes(Marauders for sure) and experiment with weathering the Forgegaurd for practice for my LAMENTERS terminators for SPACE HULK. I cranked ou my last DEATHWING squad so the Ravenwing squad should be fun and rather quick. I still need to build the SPACE HULK Genestealers and prime before winter sets in, same with priming my SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE models. I work on SDE when I at least finish the other projects. I’ll try to incorporate a SISTERS unit in when I need a change, most of this stuff is at least built, and primed. I waiting for 5 more bases from ANVIL MINIATURES(Thanks Joel!) for my Ravenwing. So that is it. I’ll post pictures and see if I can get something done in this last quarter of 2012!