Hobby progress and 4th QUARTER GOALS for 2012


What? I got paint on some models finally!!

It has been a great year. I’ve moved into some new areas hobby-wise, basically stopped buying GW products, and have expanded my range of interest game wise. I have finished a couple of projects, and started painting WARPATH. I am finding some time to evaluate my current hobby horde, develop a plan of attack for the remainder of the year. I have funded some campaigns, bought some bases, added to my IG VALHALLANS, bought some paint and books, some heads and subscribed to MANTIC ELITE instead of the useless WHITE DWARF I stopped getting a bout a year ago. I’ve still spent hobby money, but redirected to EBAY and KICKSTARTER, smaller companies, and local non-GW game stores. I’ll probably pick up a mini rule book for 40K 6th, and maybe a CODEX or two when I need them, but I’m not starting anymore GW armies of any kind. For now I’m going to continue with fifth, and expansions, and expand into a few other games. Less about big armies(I’ve got that covered), with some smaller projects. I’m going to be painting to play as much as possible. I’m also working on a larger,

Priming SOB 2


long-term project my SISTERS OF BATTLE. I finally got some ARMY PAINTER BONE spray primer and now the army is just waiting for washes and details. I have some amazing bases, they look really cool. Unfortunately having the will to push through 60+ Infantry and 8 vehicles has been challenging this year. I did update the force to current WHITE DWARF CODEX. I just don’t see using this force at this time, due to weak rules, and I’ve got three painted armies to play when I do get a chance mainly here at home. I’ll keep up with 40K, I just want some easier alternatives and involve  friends and relatives to play with games and scenarios I have ready to play. So here is my plan to finish up the year, enough projects to keep me busy and have some variety.



WARPATH Forgefathers 1000 points(35 infantry, 2 war machines, 2 heroes=39)

WARPATH Marauders 1000 points(30 infantry, 3 vehicles, 1 hero=34)

40K ANGELS of ABSOLUTION Ravenwing Attack Squad(6 bikes, attack bike, land speeder=8)

SPACE HULK entire contents(12 Space Marine Terminators, 1 Artefact, 1 Dead Space Marine, 1 C.A.T., 22 Genestealers, 1 Broodlord=38)


119 models painted, that is a lot! The WARPATH armies are built and primed. I will speed paint them with Greyscaling and washes(Marauders for sure) and experiment with weathering the Forgegaurd for practice for my LAMENTERS terminators for SPACE HULK. I cranked ou my last DEATHWING squad so the Ravenwing squad should be fun and rather quick. I still need to build the SPACE HULK Genestealers and prime before winter sets in, same with priming my SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE models. I work on SDE when I at least finish the other projects. I’ll try to incorporate a SISTERS unit in when I need a change, most of this stuff is at least built, and primed. I waiting for 5 more bases from ANVIL MINIATURES(Thanks Joel!) for my Ravenwing. So that is it. I’ll post pictures and see if I can get something done in this last quarter of 2012!




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