MANTIC ORX army WIP project log


MARAUDER ORX in the painting table

I got some work done on my ORX MARAUDERS army. My paint scheme is as follows.

1)Prime Black

2)Dry Brush Silver

3)Wash with ‘metal wash’ some brown, black, blue inks and washes mixed with water

4)Paint medium color of green flesh

5)Paint Red Gore on main cloth area

6)Use two different earthy/brown paints for other cloth and bits

7)Use two different metallic colors to accent weapons and helmets, and as subtle markers to


ORX getting some paint finally!

distinguish squads for now. Add metallic paints to vehicle bits.

8)Wash the models with medium brown washes, and add some weathering, and rust powders on models

9)Finish dark grey bases with burnt and dead grass flock patches

10)Dull coat spray for protection, re-gloss armor and metal bits with brush on varnish.


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