ORX MARAUDERS 1000 point Army WIP

I am finally done with my “speed painting” project ORX MARAUDERS. The final coat of Purity Seal is drying as I type! Wow! This was a pretty painless process, it took a little longer to finish, 20 hours of overtime at work didn’t help. But it does help pay for my hobby(and ‘real’ life) despite the derailed painting project. I have also changed to a graveyard shift (I bake at a natural foods store) which helps get my work done better, but is changing my lifestyle a little, I’m hoping to make it work for me, and I get paid more, and my job is easier with fewer people in the way. I finished  the first half of my WARPATH version 1 demo game project, as an intro to new players and friends to a quick, easy miniature game system, with a few pages of easy to learn rules. I’ve now got the ORX MARAUDERS army painted, and on to the FORGEFATHERS. I played through the WARPATH system a few times, and it was quick and easy. I will master the rules and teach people this version. I’m planing to have about 10 games besides WARHAMMER 40K, that I can play, locally, while travelling, in tournaments, or at home with friends or campaign with a group of gamers. I’m in the process of painting miniatures for several different games systems. I want to paint enough to at least have a basic game or the first scenario of a given board game that has painted miniatures. I want to expand my repertoire, and build a cool game room “man cave” with miniatures displayed and lots of terrain. There is room for at least two 6×4 tables. I am in the process of picking some games, and getting them done and moving to a different, new challenge. I also have the DARK ANGELS Ravenwing Attack Squad I need to finish basing, and get primed and painted. I’ll be working on that (as soon as I can locate my pin vice misplaced or borrowed out), and speed painting some FORGEFATHERS and getting some more games of WARPATH and recruiting some players. Since I’m about a year behind on this project(not That bad really!), I’m sticking with the original 1st edition lists I have, and will  try WARPATH 2.0 with my CORPORATION vs. VEER-MYN, later as I can catch up on SPACE HULK, SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE, HEAVY GEAR BLITZ  and next year I can start on my 2 IMPERIAL GUARD army projects! One could be TYRANTS LEGION with some Le



man Russ tanks and a bunch of Infantry, and Heavy Weapon Teams, one could be Loyalist/Inquisitorial Storm Troopers with some Veterans in Valkyries/Vendettas. Let’s not forget the SISTERS OF BATTLE 2000 point army, built and primed with some of the rhinos started/painted. And I’ve got enough models to build a super, cool SONS OF MEDUSA SPACE MARINE army for my BADAB WAR collection. There is also an EPIC project, I’ll be creating BADAB SPACE MARINE CHAPTERS to fight it out. I’ll publish a special THANKSGIVING ORX SHOWCASE to celebrate finishing a 1000 point army in a relatively quick and short amount of work and time.


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