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FORGEFATHERS Project Log Part 2

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It only took a week or so but yeah, I actually put a wash on the FORGEFATHERS! The wash brought out some details, and I can develop the paint scheme from here. I’ll start with the two vehicles, that should help establish a feel for the rest of the army, here are some shots of the progress, so far.20121224_093808 20121223_185135


FORGEFATHERS Project Log Part 1/End of the year hobby goals

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20121213_122223The year is almost over, thanks to everyone who read any of my blog. I deliberately haven’t publicized the blog much, so if you’re a reader thanks, please sign up and comment. One of my current project goals was to create two small armies to demo the WARPATH rules with, I finished the ORX about a month ago, but haven’t touched a brush since. I haven’t been able to muster the creative energies to complete the FORGEFATHERS yet! With about 2 weeks of the year left, I’m not sure I can finish this, what will be the last project of the year. The models are built and primed. I have a general paint scheme. If I can focus some jedi-hobby motivation, I could probably paint theses guys up before New Years. First step would be painting the models with a dark brown wash. Then I can dry brush, and speed paint a few details, I’ll make them look cool with minimal efforts, as I’m not going for a painting trophy with this project. I imagine I’ll get this done in the next month or so, I’ll give a go and try to post a few more times before 2013!

After all is said and done, regardless of my hobby accomplishments this year, it has been a reasonably successful effort. I have had to move and made major life changes, including moving, made a huge schedule change again, and have started a new position in my company. I have had some fun games of 40k, and played through the WARPATH rules. I have made hobby purchases, but not any really big expensive individual projects. I have not produced the output I’d hope, but when I get to some sort of routine I’ll try to continue with my hobby goals, I’ve been working on for a few years. I have expanded some of my hobby interests this year, and have become inspired by some new gaming projects and hobby ideas. I have a diverse list of hobby project goals, and ultimately would like to get back to some of my BADAB themed game ideas as well. I have also researched and invested in getting into some different types of miniatures games, and ways to use the models I have and some new ones from some great KICKSTARTER campaigns. I’m enjoying funding campaigns, and getting more for my money, and branching out. The GW treadmill, is fine if that’s your only game, but I feel like I can utilise the rules and models I have for years to come without trying to keep up with the constant updates, and money drain, for basically the same stuff every 5 years or so. Maybe I’ll jump back on someday, but for now I’ll add some new games to my repertoire. Some general themes for next year will include another attempt at frugality, using and organising my current collection.

Year end Round-Up and evaluating 4th quarter progress

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I’ve been a bit inconsistent with the blog lately, but I’m doing some catch-up posts and evaluating my hobby goals and progress, as we head into the last few weeks of 2012. It has been an amazing year, there have been many changes, and everything is heading in a new, very positive direction. There has been some hobby progress made, and a few games of WARPATH and 40K were played, I also dabbled in some XBox 360 play with SPACE MARINE on my STAR WARS KINECT XBox 360(It looks like R2-D2 and the controller is gold, like C3PO).

Looking back on my HOBBY GOALS, I was very ambitious. Probably because I have a lot of projects that I could work on.  Very rarely do I completely give up on a project. They might get put on a shelf or started and stopped, or may take a decade or longer, but eventually I will probably get to it. At some point I’ve got to stop creating any new projects for a while, but that can be a bit stifling for a creative person, having fun during some well deserved free-time. I’m not going to feel bad or guilty because I decided to start a new project and put one on the shelf for a while. I like to paint to play, so I don’t like to paint unless I plan on using the models in a game soon. That is what inspires me to finish projects, really. The more you paint the better you get, but not every project needs an award-winning paint job. A completed army with a simple paint job, and nicely based usually looks great on a tabletop. There are some pet projects, though specially based or converted models, all individually detailed and painted. There is nothing like a large, well painted army, especially at a tournament or other public gaming space.  The main projects I wanted to complete in 2012 are a SISTERS OF BATTLE 2000 point army and my SPACE HULK 3rd edition. I sold my 1st Edition, with expansion models and rules all nicely painted for a decent sum. It felt good to pass that along, as I’d prefer the new board and models, I don’t see playing the old one. There are plenty of other games to collect, and I like to have a variety, The rules of 3rd edition are mostly the same with expansions ideas built-in and visually amazing.  The SPACE HULK project hasn’t begun, as I’ve had conflicting ideas regarding the project,  they are definitely being painted as LAMENTERS. The issue was whether or not I was going rebase them, and use them as a foundation or reinforcements for a LAMENTERS(BLOOD ANGELS) army. I’m thinking of boarding actions with ZONE MORTALIS rules, with 1000 point forces. That would be a lot more affordable, just infantry. I’d combine the BLOOD ANGEL kits with some FORGEWORLD ARMOUR MK’s, and include the SPACE HULK TERMINATORS. Of course that would be an expensive project, requiring lots of time and care to build, convert, paint and base. Definitely need some “interior tech” type of bases. I’ll do the TERMINATORS first, but I’ll need to research and invest in bases, and then purchase the infantry, some paint. Research the techniques I want to try. So that is an involved project. I want to paint my SPACE HULK stuff, I just want to be certain of the re-basing. I also need to build the GENESTEALERS. SPACE HULK is still on top of the project que, along with a fully primed SISTERS OF BATTLE ARMY. The SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE project is one I want to do as well. I’m thinking of painting just enough models for the first game. Finally WARPATH is coming along, I could just try to finish the second of two armies I want to complete for now, the FORGEFATHERS, so I can play some more games of 1st edition. I’m going to build my VEER-MYN and CORPORATION/ENFORCERS armies to try out 2nd edition sooner than later as well. Definitely on the back burner for next years goals.

As far as HOBBY PROGRESS this year, I did not complete all of the projects I wanted. I also started and stopped some projects. I decided to work on my MANTIC models a lot, and built two armies, and the models for the PROJECT PANDORA game, I haven’t played yet. I’m going to finish the FORGEFATHERS, and probably take a break from working on those projects for a while. It took until March to complete the STAR PHANTOMS SPACE MARINES 2000 point army. I also was thrown a curve ball when my buddy gave me a squad of Terminators for my ANGELS OF ABSOLUTION army I needed. I painted that this year, and built a RAVENWING ATTACK SQUAD. I ordered special bases, and they need to be based, and primed. I can’t locate my pin vice, so that is straggling in the project que. The goal is to complete the squad for a 3000 point showdown with my gaming buddy Thomas. Our next few battles I’ll be using my SPACE WOLVES, until said RAVENWING ATTACK SQUAD is complete. I did some work on SISTERS OF BATTLE Rhinos, and primed the army bone.  I finished 1000 points of ORX MARAUDERS. I did finish some projects, and play a few games. Not as much or as many as I’d like but I did get some things done.

FRUGALITY-was a wash this year really. I spent about double my budget. I spent on paint and some bases, some heads, and some dead guy markers models. I picked a few squads of VALHALLANS from EBAY for my IMPERIAL GUARD 40K army. I subscribed to MANTIC ELITE and got some really cool small armies. Had I stopped there I’d be in good shape, considering all the overtime I’ve worked, and were doing better financially, but some debt needs paying down, and some more needs to be saved. It was the darn KICKSTARTER and INDIEGOGO campaigns! 4 months of the  2013 ‘Hobby Budget’ were applied towards the DARK HEAVENS REAPER BONES KICKSTARTER and the DREADBALL KICKSTARTER. This will be arriving next year, and the DREADBALL will come in several shipments. The REAPER miniatures will be over 200 miniatures, mostly Fantasy for RPG, Dungeon Crawlers and Table Top miniature games. This was more of collectors purchase, not as a project to be completed soon. That is something I’d like to make a part of the finished game room of 2017. A nicely painted selection of character models to choose from and to mix and intermingle with themed armies for skirmishes and epic battles using various rules sets. I’m not so interested in collecting only armies, but models for specific scenarios and multi purpose. In any event those projects are not imminent. I do want to play DREADBALL, and I want to focus on that next year. Hopefully I have enough to keep me busy, and inspired. I will need some accessories and paint here and there, I should be able to keep a lid on the spending. I do still think about LAMENTERS, but could probably hold off another year, as I sort through some other projects and games. There have been some major changes to my work and band schedule recently, that are affecting my focus on hobby projects, and I’ve been splitting my hobby time with house projects and maintenance. Momentum has been difficult. I believe I should be able to settle in to a routine here and wrap up some projects. I’m pretty focused now, and will establish some 2013 goals in th next few weeks. Financially I’ll try to maintain my monthly budget, for comics and whatever I need to enhance or complete a project. My goal is to not buy any expensive books or models before July, and utilize the last 6 months of hobby budget mostly for the years comics, any remainder on a small Campaign pledge, or maybe if I’ve done well financially, paid down debt, saved some money, and finished enough project goals I’ll start collecting models for the 1000 point LAMENTERS.  If I’ve made progress on a game, and would like a small expansion or model, that would be a reasonable purchase. I may need to cut back on comics or increase my budget by 20$ or so, to keep it honest! There have been many great GAMES WORKSHOP release, and I’ve resisted. I’m getting much more bang for my buck elsewhere, have gotten a lot of models cheap or free this year. I have sold off a few as well. At some point I also picked up an old RAL PARTHA DUNGEON and DRAGONS Halfling adventurers models I had as a kid in the 1980’s! So I’ve thinking about some RPG’s or DUNGEON CRAWL games using character models I’ve recently collected. The first KICKSTATRER CAMPAIGN I funded was for he DWARVEN ADVENTURERS BOXED SET, ultimately 20 DWARVES and accessories, and a cool TROLL. From INDIEGOGO I helped fund DRAKSKULLS MENACE an UNDEAD-ORC army! I accidentally made two pledges, but decided to keep both as the models were starting to look really cool! And I funded the AXES AND ANVILS RPG book. With all the perks these were all really cool, and unique imagination inspiring purchases. I have all kinds of ideas, and through all the campaigns, I ended up with  2 RPG rule-sets and hundreds of Characters, and many DUNGEON denizens, and classic inhabitants, as well as an armies worth of UNDEAD-ORCS. There also some models for WARLORD that I’d like to paint-up and try that system one day soon.

Here is a list off the top of my head of various projects that I could choose for 2013 HOBBY GOALS. Once again I’ll be ambitious, yet try to remain realistic. It will be based on best case scenarios, of no major illnesses or life changing events, and consistent efforts focused efforts, applied research using new techniques, inspiration to play with painted figures, and a schedule that allows for hobby and game time. There is no real rush on any thing, just what ever I’m feel like doing, but I’d also like to see more of my investments utilised, to get the value from the money spent, and enjoy the games. So here goes:





















FUTURE HOBBY GOALS-It is a GOLDEN AGE in the MINATURES hobby, as many great games in various scales, styles and genres have been coming out for the last decade or so. I have tons of DWARVES and ELVES, ORCS and GOBLINS, ans a collection of UNDEAD stuff, and there are more FANTASY and SCI-FI models on the way. I’ve got about a dozen games and rulesystems I’d like to learn and create campaigns and scenarios with from DUNGEON CRAWLS to SKIRMISHES and EPIC battles. NEXT UP-HOBBY GOALS FOR 2013!!!!!!!

Kickstarter Stonehaven Minaures Dwarven Adventurers Boxed Set Review

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I received my Ultimate Adventurers Package from the Stonehaven Miniatures Kickstarter a couple of days ago and here is a quick review. The Dwarven Adventurers Boxed set was the first Kickstarter campaign I’ve contributed to, and I’m very pleased with the results. The set includes a variety of Dwarf models for RPG, dungeon crawl and tabletop miniature games. There are some character classes such as Necromancer and Highwayman and Monk well as many traditional  classes such as Brewmeister, Blacksmith and Paladin. The campaign resulted in 19 models, plus a bonus Blacksmith and Troll you could add. Also included was a small print, a special Stonehaven 6 sided die, resin bases in dungeon theme, extra weapons and sprues containing some familiars,3 dwarf children, dungeon accessories, and a tombstone. The sculpting is very good, the models have lots of character. The rewards were delivered within a day or two of estimated delivery, very good actually. The dwarves are all made of pewter, and special cards were included for each character, with a little background info and insight into the character. There is also a PDF file that includes back stories, and character sheets compatible for D&D 4 and Pathfinder. I’m very pleased with the products and the Kickstarter exclusive Troll is amazing! It is actually cast in resin and came with a nice big resin base. The products were smartly packaged, and came in a small USPS Priority Envelope. I am m20121201_14462920121201_152037ost likely going to follow any Kickstarters these guys do, I am very pleased with the results, great job STONEHAVEN MIATURES! Great quality, and great value plus lots of perks and extras!


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20121119_19422920121119_194417I finished this army a couple of weeks ago and forgot to post the pictuers, here it is!