Kickstarter Stonehaven Minaures Dwarven Adventurers Boxed Set Review

I received my Ultimate Adventurers Package from the Stonehaven Miniatures Kickstarter a couple of days ago and here is a quick review. The Dwarven Adventurers Boxed set was the first Kickstarter campaign I’ve contributed to, and I’m very pleased with the results. The set includes a variety of Dwarf models for RPG, dungeon crawl and tabletop miniature games. There are some character classes such as Necromancer and Highwayman and Monk well as many traditional  classes such as Brewmeister, Blacksmith and Paladin. The campaign resulted in 19 models, plus a bonus Blacksmith and Troll you could add. Also included was a small print, a special Stonehaven 6 sided die, resin bases in dungeon theme, extra weapons and sprues containing some familiars,3 dwarf children, dungeon accessories, and a tombstone. The sculpting is very good, the models have lots of character. The rewards were delivered within a day or two of estimated delivery, very good actually. The dwarves are all made of pewter, and special cards were included for each character, with a little background info and insight into the character. There is also a PDF file that includes back stories, and character sheets compatible for D&D 4 and Pathfinder. I’m very pleased with the products and the Kickstarter exclusive Troll is amazing! It is actually cast in resin and came with a nice big resin base. The products were smartly packaged, and came in a small USPS Priority Envelope. I am m20121201_14462920121201_152037ost likely going to follow any Kickstarters these guys do, I am very pleased with the results, great job STONEHAVEN MIATURES! Great quality, and great value plus lots of perks and extras!


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