FORGEFATHERS Project Log Part 1/End of the year hobby goals

20121213_122223The year is almost over, thanks to everyone who read any of my blog. I deliberately haven’t publicized the blog much, so if you’re a reader thanks, please sign up and comment. One of my current project goals was to create two small armies to demo the WARPATH rules with, I finished the ORX about a month ago, but haven’t touched a brush since. I haven’t been able to muster the creative energies to complete the FORGEFATHERS yet! With about 2 weeks of the year left, I’m not sure I can finish this, what will be the last project of the year. The models are built and primed. I have a general paint scheme. If I can focus some jedi-hobby motivation, I could probably paint theses guys up before New Years. First step would be painting the models with a dark brown wash. Then I can dry brush, and speed paint a few details, I’ll make them look cool with minimal efforts, as I’m not going for a painting trophy with this project. I imagine I’ll get this done in the next month or so, I’ll give a go and try to post a few more times before 2013!

After all is said and done, regardless of my hobby accomplishments this year, it has been a reasonably successful effort. I have had to move and made major life changes, including moving, made a huge schedule change again, and have started a new position in my company. I have had some fun games of 40k, and played through the WARPATH rules. I have made hobby purchases, but not any really big expensive individual projects. I have not produced the output I’d hope, but when I get to some sort of routine I’ll try to continue with my hobby goals, I’ve been working on for a few years. I have expanded some of my hobby interests this year, and have become inspired by some new gaming projects and hobby ideas. I have a diverse list of hobby project goals, and ultimately would like to get back to some of my BADAB themed game ideas as well. I have also researched and invested in getting into some different types of miniatures games, and ways to use the models I have and some new ones from some great KICKSTARTER campaigns. I’m enjoying funding campaigns, and getting more for my money, and branching out. The GW treadmill, is fine if that’s your only game, but I feel like I can utilise the rules and models I have for years to come without trying to keep up with the constant updates, and money drain, for basically the same stuff every 5 years or so. Maybe I’ll jump back on someday, but for now I’ll add some new games to my repertoire. Some general themes for next year will include another attempt at frugality, using and organising my current collection.


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