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FORGEFATHERS Project Log Part 6

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Here is the next step for this squad, some base coats, that will ge a quick highlight. So far I primed with ARMY PAINTER Demon Yellow, then washed with some brown, Now I have painted some Fortress Grey, Gnarloc Green, 20130121_112151 Red. Next I’ll highlight those coats, paint on the metal bits, wash those, highlight, and finish the details.Finally I’ll paint the bases, what ever seems appropriate, and considering any surplus paint I have as the whole army will have to match, and I don’t want to have to buy paint to finish this project. Here is the progress so far.


FORGEFATHERS Painted Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannon/Poject Log part 5

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Here is the completed Jotunn Heavy Hailstorm Cannons for my 1000 point demo army project. If you’ve seen painted examples before, you’ll notice there isn’t much you can do with this odd little vehicle. I used ARMY PAINTER Demon Yellow to base-coat and prime the models. Then I created a dark brown wash with some inks I had on hand. I have various older paint containers around, and so I’ve tried to incorporate those (for economic reasons) into this whole project. My goal is to create two demo armies, and teach some friends a real basic War game scenario, using the WARPATH 1 rules and these models I bought when WARPATH was released. After the washes ( I usually do multiple layers, until I get the amount for shading I want. I went pretty heavy with the washes, as I want to bring out detail, without having to spend hours blending and building up highlights. This is intended to be more of a ‘Speed-Painting’ project. I put a little bit more effort into the final product, but not much. After the washes had dried, I painted up any areas that looked like they should be metal, with some old GW Chainmail. I then used a metal wash I had left over from the ORX MARAUDERS. It was just some inks like black, blue purple I forget the recipe, see the ORX project log if you want, but it is a fairly common technique for metal. Or just some thinned down black ink will work fine. That is about it! There isn’t much more you do with these. I found a few little ares I painted red, or brown and blue. And If you really wanted to get creative and had a ton  of time and no other projects queued up, one could certainly develop some cool camouflage, or glowing details, light sourcing techniques. But for me the models aren’t really that great, I just want to demonstrate basic concepts of table-top war gaming to some friends. These will be available for my grandkids to learn with, or just play with. They are not going to be my MASTERPIECE ARMY I covet, and spent hundreds of hours correcting every detail. After I completed the base coats I washed the details as well, with brown wash. Then touched up any areas with some basic highlights. For  the metal areas I just dry brushed some Chainmail back on the metal parts. I had some old generic yellow acrylic hobby paint I used to highlight the yellow. straight out of the paint pot for the first highlight and about 70-30 white paint to yellow for the final highlight. I did very sparse highlights, mainly just the rivets and uppermost hard edges, very quickly less than 5 minutes probably. The models looked  boring so I dug through my decals and found some that fit into the very small areas I had available. First I brushed in a clear gloss varnish over the areas I wanted to apply decals. When dry I soaked the decals in water, and carefully set them into place. With a cherished  army or project, you’d paint that stuff on, or use a micro-sol setting product to soften the edges and get them placed nicely. The old school water technique worked fine for this project. Finally I sparyed the models with some old GW Purity Seal. When that dried, I added a little bit of soot waethering powder to the gun barrles, and a light wash of brown dirt waethering powder and water to the tracks and the model in general. I finished them with a final coat of Purity Seal. I usually use Testors Dull-coat, but had the Purity Seal on hand so I used it this case. Here they are in all their ‘Speed-Painted” glory! They don’t look great up-close, and some more time could of been spent cleaning up the models, as there are some ugly mold-lines I missed.  Next up I’ve got 39 Infantry to paint to complete this project. I probably wont finish this project by the end of the month, but I’ll get one or two of these squads finished, and have established the plan to get them done hopefully by Valentines’ Day!20130116_152637 20130116_152711

FORGEFATHERS Project Log Part 4/2013 Hobby Production Plan

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Part of my HOBBY GOALS for 2013 is the completion of some project every month, a squad a vehicle, a Hero, an army. I want to complete some painting project every month. I’d include modeling/building but I have enough to probably paint the rest of the year with out starting any new projects. For now I’ll set the goal as I’m finishing the current one. I’m finishing the vehicles for the FORGEFATHERS 1000 point WARPATH army to battle my completed ORX MARAUDERS. I’m halfway through the month, and have about two weeks to finish the rest of the army. I don’t think I will finish. But that is the goal. I may have to modify my goal for February, but for now I’m leaning towards completing the basing and then a quick paint job on my old-school RAVENWING ATTACK SQUAD. The models were a gift from a friend, and I modelled them, and got cool resin bases to fit in my ANGELS OF ABSOLUTION army. I’ve a feeling I may end up in March to get these two done, but that’s fine, ultimately I just want to get some things painted and play some games with them. I want to have lots of painted models and be able to play many different games, well a dozen for now. Board games, Skirmish games, War games of a variety of genres and scales. All with nicely painted miniatures. Not all award-winning paint jobs, but mostly really good paint jobs.

I decided to quickly finish the two 20130115_11171820130115_123239 FORGEFATHERS vehicles for my 1000 point demo army. I didn’t really know what to do with this odd-looking little cannon on treads, so I kept it very simple with just a few quick highlights, mostly some washes, and a few details. The models look pretty boring, so I dug out my stacks of decals and found some cool symbols, words and numbers to give these vehicles a little more character and flavor. I covered the areas with some gloss. Then I’ll apply the selected decals. I think they will look fairly cool when I’m done. I’ll probably add some weathering powders, sparingly for a little more depth before the final varnish. I’ll post the finished product very soon, then try to crank out 39 Infantry including two Heroes and two gunners for the vehicles, before the end of the month!

FORGEFATHERS Project Log part 3

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Just a quick up-date on the FORGEFATHERS progress. I’m starting with the vehicles, then I’ll proceed to the Infantry. So far I’ve got some colors on and a couple of washes. I’m not sure what to do with these guys, so I might have to search for some more examples. I imagine some 20130104_141627hazard stripes or decals could make them look cool if I can figure out where to do it, and what decals might look good if any. Part of my NEW YEARS project goals will to complete projects or sections monthly. By the end of the year I should have at least 12 projects completed. Nothing gets done without a deadline. I’ve seen this with music projects, and it is obvious with hobby projects. My goal is to complete the FORGEFATHERS 1000 point army by the end of January 2013.