FORGEFATHERS Project Log Part 4/2013 Hobby Production Plan

Part of my HOBBY GOALS for 2013 is the completion of some project every month, a squad a vehicle, a Hero, an army. I want to complete some painting project every month. I’d include modeling/building but I have enough to probably paint the rest of the year with out starting any new projects. For now I’ll set the goal as I’m finishing the current one. I’m finishing the vehicles for the FORGEFATHERS 1000 point WARPATH army to battle my completed ORX MARAUDERS. I’m halfway through the month, and have about two weeks to finish the rest of the army. I don’t think I will finish. But that is the goal. I may have to modify my goal for February, but for now I’m leaning towards completing the basing and then a quick paint job on my old-school RAVENWING ATTACK SQUAD. The models were a gift from a friend, and I modelled them, and got cool resin bases to fit in my ANGELS OF ABSOLUTION army. I’ve a feeling I may end up in March to get these two done, but that’s fine, ultimately I just want to get some things painted and play some games with them. I want to have lots of painted models and be able to play many different games, well a dozen for now. Board games, Skirmish games, War games of a variety of genres and scales. All with nicely painted miniatures. Not all award-winning paint jobs, but mostly really good paint jobs.

I decided to quickly finish the two 20130115_11171820130115_123239 FORGEFATHERS vehicles for my 1000 point demo army. I didn’t really know what to do with this odd-looking little cannon on treads, so I kept it very simple with just a few quick highlights, mostly some washes, and a few details. The models look pretty boring, so I dug out my stacks of decals and found some cool symbols, words and numbers to give these vehicles a little more character and flavor. I covered the areas with some gloss. Then I’ll apply the selected decals. I think they will look fairly cool when I’m done. I’ll probably add some weathering powders, sparingly for a little more depth before the final varnish. I’ll post the finished product very soon, then try to crank out 39 Infantry including two Heroes and two gunners for the vehicles, before the end of the month!


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