Taming the Hobby Hoard!!!!!!!!!!!And getting off the GW treadmill, and finding great ways to get more out the hobby for less money!

Vintage Orc and Goblin Army

Vintage Orc and Goblin Army

I had a major stumbling block trying to complete the FORGEFATHERS, so I’ll save that post for later. Today I want to write about something that has cleared my mind, and helped inspire me in many ways! First off I decided to sell off my old armies, some of my first Warhammer  Fantasy armies. These were vintage 1980’s mostly metal models. These were nicely painted armies of Dwarfs (98 models) and Orcs and Goblins (248 models, some not built/painted). These were armies that have sitting in boxes and containers for years. I played a few games with them, but by the time I finished them the game was in a new edition and had several generations of releases afterwards. I ended up buying newer Goblin/Orc and Dwarf armies that I would like to work on. I also have an auction with a Wood Elf War-band some painted mostly just primed, I started as Warhammer Fantasy Battle, then moved onto a Fantasy 20130307_10414520130201_110751Warriors project. But I have a newer version of this army, and I’d like to paint and base it up for WARLORD:SAVAGE NORTH. I have collected a sizable, newer, DWARF army over the years. I finally broke it all down, clipped it all, and consolidated into one box, AWESOME! That inspired me to evaluate, and organize all of my models and projects. I’m excited and motivated, my creative juices are flowing, I’m seeing new ways to maximize my enjoyment, and incorporate some old projects into new systems, and projects. I have more work to be done, but it is a good way to move forward with my overall goals.

Ultimately I want to create a Gaming Hall in my basement, that will include some gaming tables, and some themed tabletop/miniature games ready to play with little to no preparation. Of course people can bring their own armies and miniatures, but I want to build, paint and create gaming campaigns, that friends can join in on casually, using the models and rule-sets that I have painted and chosen. People will have access to the various rule-sets, or veteran gamers will be provided with details, but the narrative will be the focus, not so much rules lawyering. I have been inspired by recent KICKSTARTER campaigns, and enjoying getting great, new and sometimes exclusive models at what I consider a much more affordable price. I would like to Game-master a campaign of Dwarf Adventurers who eventually help a Fallen King re-claim his kingdom, from some undead Orc and Goblin army. The games will be played using RPG, Skirmish and Fantasy Battles. The games will build , and evolve as I develop a core group of players and carve out a regular schedule of games. I’d also like to have some smaller, quick games that people can play in-between games, or instead of the main games being played. The idea is basically, show up and play, and we’ll learn the rules as we go. Meaning I’ll need to know what I’m doing and guide everyone along as we play the games.  There will be some players who know, or will learn the rules, or will have copies of certain rule-sets, that will help as well. I’d like to get some casual gamers involved with some gateway games such as SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE! and I’ve got two Hordes of the Things armies I have bases for, that are waiting for some attention! These are some models from Lord of the Rings Strategy Battle Game that someone game me real cheap or free, and I added  a very few more to complete the two armies. I had really lost interest in the fantasy aspect of my modeling and gaming hobby. But I am interested in taking that in new directions.

I have gotten off the Games Workshop Treadmill!!!!!!!!!!! I do have a very cool High Elf army that I will finish and add to, most likely. And I have an Orcs and Goblins army that is half completed. Those will be my WARHAMMER armies, and will be usable for other systems. But I’m done creating, buying and keeping up with anymore Games Workshop game systems or armies. I have the 6-8th Edition of the rules, and have codex that would work in those. I could choose to keep up with maybe one army, High Elves. There will be an ARMY BOOK out sooner or later. I may decide to engage in the current rule system. For now I’ll consider that a future project, not urgent. As far as Dwarfs, they have always been my favorite army, and I’ve collected many Dwarf Models over the years, I really didn’t need my old Dwarf Army. I had used it a little around 6th Edition, but it was painted for the 3rd Edition. I have a nice collection I have decided to paint it quickly with an amazing and easy scheme I found, and use it for KINGS OF WAR. I can use some of my other armies on movement trays against it, and the rules are downloadable for free!  I don’t want to be forced to have keep buying the same redundant rule-set over and over, unless I’m really engaging in that game a lot. I’d actually rather have some variety in my gaming, collecting, building, painting and reading. I’d rather play different games all the time, then have a month or three campaign. Then on to something else, and have a few board, card and PC games to check out as well.

For the last ten or so years I have mainly painted and played 4th and 5th Edition WARHAMMER 40K, and now started playing WARPATH 1 a little. I have 5 40K armies. And rules to play them in 1st, 4th or 5th edition. I really don’t want to re-buy very expensive rule books and army codex, not to mention all of the supplements, and IMPERIAL ARMOUR books, and Apocalypse books again. I may choose to engage again in the current system, and the DARK ANGELS look cool, and I have a nice painted collection to build on. And my SPACE MARINES, SPACE WOLVES, SISTERS OF BATTLE, and un-built/painted IMPERIAL GUARD are still legal Codex. I just haven’t felt the need to play in stores, and there haven’t been any big tournaments I know about around here. There probably are, I guess I just don’t care to be tied to a game-system and its required models as much anymore. I’d rather use what ever I want, and not have to keep buying very expensive models, especially if you need over a hundred or need some expensive sets to compete in the current gaming scene. I have the SISTERS OF BATTLE to paint, and the IMPERIAL GUARD army to build and paint. I also have reinforcements to add to my painted armies. I also have enough models to build a 2000 point SONS OF MEDUSA SPACE MARINE army, and could create some fun BADAB WAR games, and use my supplements, table and terrain. I’d also like to paint my realm of battle board for a SPACEWOLF campaign against my friends CHAOS SPACE MARINES, and use special terrain and rules on an ‘Ice World’ themed game board. That would be a better use of time and resources, than buying new stuff to keep up with the new rules, for now at least.

I have been reading some Role Playing Game rule-sets lately, including WARHAMMER FANTASY ROLEPLAY, PATHFINDER, TUNNELS AND TROLLS, and looking at some skirmish, and smaller miniature war-games systems, such as WARLORD SAVAGE NORTH. I have been slowly getting away from the huge army of dudes, to smaller cool armies, for sanity’s sake, and I have enough armies. It is expensive to start, and then possible abandon a project. I love collecting miniatures. But I’d rather collect a few dozen a year than several hundred a year, it just keeps adding up. And unless you are really a fast painter(I’m not, yet!) you accumulate a lot of cool stuff, that gets piled on by cooler stuff! What ever painting I do now, I want the armies, bands or squads to look coherent, model-wise and paint-wise. I’m going to study some new techniques to speed up some projects, and improve the quality of others.

So I’m off to a good start with re-organizing and re-energizing my hobby! I will evaluate, and re-purpose my projects and sell off any redundant, unused armies or abandoned projects. It has been a great cash infusion as well. I have sold 250 models so far, making way for my REAPER BONES VAMPIRE PLEDGE REWARD! But I don’t plan on painting every miniature in that set. There will be many that I’d like to use, but that deal was incredible, and has inspired me to do some RPG and Skirmish stuff, with rules that I have or just bought. That has inspired me to evaluate all of my FANTASY ARMY PROJECTS, and have a plan or sell of what should be being used somewhere by somebody! I like not having the pressure to paint 50-100 models to play a game. I like big games. I’m just not going to be starting big armies all of the times. And I don’t need  two versions of an army from the same game system anymore. I sold off some of my unused SPACE HULK and SPACE MARINE stuff last year, due to redundancy. On that note, I love SPACE MARINES, but I should really try to curb the need to continue buying more similar armies. Especially Rhinos! How many Rhinos does one need! In different colors and variations, but still the same thing. Too bad there is all that amazingly cool SPACE MARINE stuff from FORGE WORLD I will probably collect some day! But I would have to have finished about a dozen projects before that happens and sold one or two more lots of abandoned or simply unused models. About 5 years from now, if I’m lucky!


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