Forge Fathers Project Log Part 7

Finally!!!!!!!!! Finished the heavy weapons squad for my Forge Fathers 1000 point Force. I had a rough time completing this squad. I wasn’t thrilled with the way the color scheme was coming together. I wasn’t sure how to finish, I just lost interest in painting for a few weeks. I was spending time organizing and consolidating projects. I sold off some older, armies that weren’t being used. I eliminated some redundancy, made way for some exciting new projects, and made some money. My speed painting, wasn’t really working, I got bogged down and started concerning myself with quality. I finally just banged out the squad, and it came out ok. It should suit the needs of the demo games perfectly. I also decided to come back to this project later, and just start playing some more demo games, and teaching some friends the game of WARPATH. Just some quick introductory games with some painted miniatures. I painted the bases and white helmets for the squad leaders so you can measure from them. The whole project looks more complete, now. And I’m inspired to come back in a week or so and speed paint all the metal bits. Then maybe come back at some point and do some nicer paint on the 2 Heroes. I’ll gradually finish them off, and I’d be inspired to crank them out if I started scheduling some games, and use them. Now that I have at least set a standard, and finished a squad I know I can do them quickly, and what to expect. That is why you always want to paint up a ‘test’ model of a new scheme or type of model when doing an army! Of course I dove right in with the squad and had to agonize

1000 point Forge Fathers Army!

1000 point Forge Fathers Army!

20130307_155118 20130307_155109 over the whole thing! What a waste of time! I going to modify my goals a bit. I’m going to need glasses or some magnification, to achieve the results I want for some of upcoming projects. In the meantime, I’ll finally base my RAVEN ATTACK SQUAD, and prime and maybe do some washes. I’ve got some ARMY PAINTER BONE PRIMER spray to prep my ANGELS OF ABSOLUTION(DARK ANGELS) squad. Then I’ve been using some brown and black inks to create a wash. If I get that far I’ll go ahead and use them in a game next week. I’m always more inspired to paint when I want to use the models in a game! Then I’d like to finish painting just enough models to play the first mission for SPACE HULK 3rd Edition. I’d also paint enough for the first mission in SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE! I’m pretty good at painting SPACE MARINES, so I’ll alternate that with a variety of other projects, but all centered on playing games. I’ll let inspiration, and time dictate what I complete this month(March), then set a new plan for the 2nd quarter of the year(2013).


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