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WARHAMMER 40K MEGA-BATTLE!!!!!!!!!Still Playing 5th Edition, Suckers!

Posted in Prcolamations of the Tyrant on May 8, 2013 by doublek666

Yep. You read that right! I’m still playing 5th edition 40K!!! Over the years my friends and I have acquired tables and scenery, as well as hundreds of WARHAMMER 40,000 models. I have spent thousands of dollars on books, and even more on models, tables and scenery. I’m pretty much done with spending much of anything on this game. Over the years my purchases have decreased. Mainly due to the number or projects not finished, or even started. This year I’ve spent nothing on GAMES WORKSHOP products. I have kept an eye on all of the releases. I have been tempted several times to buy the lovely new rules-book and at least the DARK ANGEL CODEX. It just seems redundant, at this point, for me. I reserve the right to change my mind. I know I will own those books at some point. I want to get more use out of the perfectly good books I have already invested in. And since I play at home anyway, I could build an army using any brand of models I want. I plan re-purposing some armies for other gaming systems. I may decide to jump back into current 40K in the future, hell maybe in 7th edition! But I want to use things I’ve got, and add some other types of miniature games to my repertoire. There are three board-games that will be part of the starting list of games I’ll be playing. SPACE-HULK, INCURSION and SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE! For 28mm Sci-Fi (Platoon level?) combat games I’ve got 5 armies for WARHAMMER 40K and 4 smaller forces for WARPATH. For Sci-Fi 144th Scale I’ve got an army of gears for HEAVY GEAR BLITZ. Now there is DEADZONE, and I’m trying to restrain myself a little on this KICKSTARTER campaign, as I have helped fund several recently. For Fantasy Battle I’ll play 6-8 edition WARHAMMER FANTASY BATTLE,  I have a sizable HIGH ELF ARMY that needs paint, and I’ll have to buy the new ARMY BOOK that is out soon. I have an ORC and GOBLIN army that is about half painted, as well. Heck, I’ll  post more about the games I want for my future games hall to start with and some I’d consider picking up eventually, as well. For now here are some shots of my 40K MEGA-BATTLE of 6200 points per side! I had to borrow a few things from  DARK ANGELS, but my friend Tom and I are three turns in on this huge game of SPACE WOLVES against CHAOS SPACE MARINES! I’ll follow up with the conclusion of this game later this week, here are a few pictures!20130404_203219 20130404_060116


HORDES OF THE THINGS:Lord of the Rings

Posted in Armies on May 6, 2013 by doublek666

A few years back my friend who happens to make a living with Ebay, dropped a Lord of the Rings Starter Box on my lap for $10, it had a large selection of models, that I added to, enough to build two forces for Hordes of the Things. HotT is a set of rules using elements of models on bases. These can be mini dioramas and represent troops, elites and heroes in you army. Two players choose their forces based on equal points two spend. This rule-set appeals to me for this project, as I’d never intended to jump onto another Games Workshop game, (LotR Strategy Battle Game, and War of the Ring) With the minimal investment I’d made, I’d have two armies to learn the rules,  and dabble in this style of game a little. Ultimately I think learning different rule-sets will give me new ways to look at situations in games in general. I enjoy collecting games and miniatures. I go through phases of interests. I like Fantasy and Sci-Fi, and a little bit of Weird War type stuff. I’m interested in playing in RPG, Skirmish ,mass Combat and Epic/Apocalyptic/Titanic battles. and board-games with painted miniatures. I want to move away from huge armies and paint smaller groups. I will still have some sizable armies, and I’d like armies for some other systems, with different models, basing systems, and scales. These are two very straight forward armies. I have Blades and Shooters on each side, and some Heroes. The Fellowship consists of some Elven archers and swords men, a Wizard and a Hero. The Goblins have a hero, some Goblin Spears, and Archers. I ordered some wooden bases in  the  frontage needed for the scales I’m using for the rule-set. Fellowship versus Goblins. Very Iconic. Hordes of the Things is popular with miniature enthusiasts all over, it will be cool to be able to travel with these armies and play in Vancouver, Canada for example. I was just pulling this project out one weekend. This will be a great project to work on some speed painting with. Another great game to build an army for is HEAVY GEAR BLITZ. I’ve got a big collection of GEARS for a Northern Army. That would be a good game to know if I head up North towards Canada. Most of my future projects will be two armies, or groups of miniatures so friends can play and learn a game and not have to invest money and time into it. And some might just be one army, to meet new people and go play in some new places, a good excuse to take some small trips. So here is a cool project I’ll be pulling out to work on some weekend. I’ll probably start by clipping the slots, cleaning the miniatures, then drilling and pins into the models, priming and painting before attaching to finished bases.20130407_134936 20130407_135002