40K Megabattle a DRAW! Starting my Lamenters SPACE HULK project.

My friend Tom and I have wanted to play a huge 40K battle  for years, and recently we finally did just that. With over 6,000 points per side my SPACE WOLVES met Toms’ CHAOS SPACE MARINES in a war of attrition in a battle to achieve critical objectives in the ongoing war against mankind and the Emperor. After several sessions of gaming and an epic turn of failure as my Plasma Cannons and Deathwind missiles take out more of my guys than Toms’! In the end we each claimed one of three objectives and the third remained contested. Next time I’d like to use the APOCALYPSE rules (I’ve almost never used), model some stratagems or special objectives, and complete any unfinished models in the army. We still play 5th edition, and see no reason to change at this time. I’d like to get more use out of the models and rules I have, and try some other game styles and systems, before I get in to 6th edition, if I do at all. Maybe I’ll jump back in in 7th edition if there is one! Now finally I feel like I can move on to my SPACE HULK 3rd edition. SPACE HULK 3rd came out way back in 2009, but I had 2 copies of both 1st and 2nd edition and tons of models and extra rules and missions. When the 3rd edition came out, it was a no-brainer, it is awesome! I had no reason to paint it at the time, but I sold off my earlier editions and painted models, except 1 just for some extra tiles. I finally put together the Genestealers and am ready to play. I’m going to paint the Terminators like LAMENETR SPACE MARINES. I found a paint scheme for the TYRANIDS I like, as well. On my days off I’ll get some priming going and find the paints I’ll be needing, it may require buying some somewhere, probably online!

There has been a noticeable gap in my posts lately, and I haven’t really completed any painting or projects. But I have been doing some organizing, consolidating. Evaluating projects, and over the last few years have sold of any redundant armies, mostly painted stuff, that I had newer editions of. In some cases, I’m not feeling the need for redundancy in many of armies, especially the Fantasy ones, as I haven’t played with them in years, and have new projects that would inspire playing new games and editions or various rules. I have been purchasing all of my hobby related supplies online, and Kickstarter or Indiegogo. It would is very difficult for me to want to spend GAMES WORKSHOP prices on my hobby anymore. Fortunately I have a nice sized modern collection, and lot’s of classic models as well. The new stuff they make is awesome, but I wont be buying much at this point. More next time, 20130509_224627soon, I’m sure!




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