Badab War Lamenters and my 4th Quarter 2013 Goals

Here it is, 2 months from my last post. But there has been hobby action! Work. Family and Band have required much attention as well as running the household, etc., you know the boring mundane things we all have to deal with. Despite my slow pace, I do complete a high percentage of my main projects. Alas I am a collector at heart, so some projects do get sold off, or take a few years to get to the front of the que. I do often sort through and evaluate, update the plans. But I’ve got at least a dozen great project, that I have on my mind at the moment. That is my SPACE HULK/LAMENTERS PROJECT. Yes it’s been 4 years now, so I guess I should get this one done! I’m focusing first on this overdue project! I have bases to convert for 40K mainly my BADAB CAMPAIGN. I have an AWESOME STAR PHANTOMS SPACE MARINE ARMY, but it is in the colors of the Bell of Lost Souls Fan Campaign, yet very cool. I would like a few armies from  the Forge World Imperial Armour 9-10. A BLOOD ANGELS/LAMENTERS army is one that I’ve wanted to do. My SPACE HULK TERMINTORS and Heroes will be available and convertible, at some point. For now I want to paint them up, the do the Genestealers, and play the game. I have played a little recently, and have friends to do so. I have people interested in a BADAB CAMPAIGN, so that will happen as well, probably using 5th edition.

The second major project is to finish my SISITERS OF BATTLE ARMY. I have decided to get in on 6th Edition, mainly to play the SISTERS army. There is an amazing gaming convention, PAX prime here in Seattle. I want to play in the 40K tournament next year(2014), using the SISTERS. I have just purchased KR multi-case with SISTERS load out for safe secure travelling. I’d like to use this as a fun Tournament army. I’m sure I’d use some other armies, but I’d need to up date Codexes (yes correct spelling). I’d be inclined to throw in allies of course, once I start getting my ass kicked. But It would be courageous to roll with a pure SISTERS army, and have an advantage due to lack of seeing them on table very often. If I was a good player who knows what might happen. I’d like to just become a more well-rounded table-top miniatures gamer. I could probably make 2 armies worth of IMPERIAL GUARD and I’ve got the makings of a SONS OF MEDUSA army for BADAB. I’m still a little reluctant about updating CODEXES to 6th. Later on that I suppose.


Over the last year or so I have funded several KICKSTARTER and an Indiegogo project(s). I have really enjoyed these new ways to collect games and miniatures and has inspired new ideas and goals as a gamer, painter hobbyist and collector. I have a renewed interest in Fantasy gaming, and some cool new Sci-Fi project. There have been some painting aides, and terrain, rules books and tons of miniatures at much lower prices than I’ve paid for many years. Variety, freedom, and convenience of being able to create the kind of gaming hobby I want, not dictated by any company or store, is the greatest lesson of all we’ve learned through a recession, and from being burned. I will maintain a presence in 40K 6th, but I’m not going all in. Just participating is my goal. I want to be able to play at the very least, those tournament games, competently regardless of win or loss. I will do all I can to devise a strategy with what I have available, and that may mean including terrain, maybe even allies, if it seems absolutely essential. I just want to play 40K 6th, and a few other games. I’d like to travel. I’d like to do some roleplaying, or board games. I want do a few conventions next year, at least the one 40K tournament, maybe more.

I have also taken a look at my H.O.T.T. armies-a Fellowship of the Ring and a Goblin army to face-off. That is a project, and I know there are tournaments and people play the game around the world. It is cheap, there is much freedom, in the models used, so it will be cool. I can use the LotR models I got for real cheap. I have the SUPER DUNGEON EXPLORE and DREADBALL games to get into, amongst a few others. There is a cool collection of Northern mechs for a HEAVY GEAR BLITZ army that I could possible travel to play in tournaments and games or drive the Canada. I am working on my painting techniques. And getting some airbrush skills, and have a table and some terrain to paint as well. I have new sturdy board for my REALM OF BATTLE table, and some DEADZONE city fight style battle mat coming soon.

Finally, I have major new hobby project I want to work on all of next year! I have evaluated and sold off several of my painted, and some unfinished projects. One is just getting packed away in the ‘vault’ for the future. Over the course of the year I’ve sold off my sizable ORCS AND GOBLINS and DWARFS armies, and a decent collection of WOOD ELVES. I have newer versions, of these armies, as well as a nice collection of HIGH ELVES. I also have an old UNDEAD army that is getting placed in the storage area of my basement. HIGH ELVES would be my main Fantasy army, for whatever game, but I have a new FANTASY PROJECT, that spans several game systems, and an integrated campaign for a variety of participants over the course of a years worth of regular weekly games. The project is DWARF QUEST!

DWARF QUEST-Inspired by the Hobbit, several funded campaigns, and a growing army of amazing DWARF miniatures!  This project will grow into it’s own BLOG SPACE, or maybe a project log.

That’s20130920_115836 all for now!


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