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I got my DEADZONE shipment and started clipping the terrain pieces, I’ll review more of the package later. I like the rules, they are quite a bit different from what I’m used to. Since I have plenty of terrain usable for this Game, I’m thinking of building walls to represent corridors for ZONE MORTALIS, easy to play since I’ve got plenty of units for that from my painted 40K armies. I don’t even have to glue the parts incase I change my mind later. I’m not sure what I want to do yet, I’ll just clean the pieces up, and work on it for a while. I want to play DEADZONE as well, I’m just not into building and/or painting squads at this moment. Also I need to choose what factions, to start with. Enforcers, and Plague maybe, or ORX. In fact I’ve painted up ORX for WARPATH. I could maybe use them, and clean and assemble some Enforcers, if get the mood for it. I’m not a big fan of the Enforcers helmets, and have been experimenting with some alternate heads. Originally it was Corporation, troops, then they came along with enforcers and I have a ton of all that. So I’m not sure what to make of it all, and I’m needing to decide on a paint scheme ultimately. I’m thinking of doing something like clone troopers, Enforcers being the Commandos. In any event, there’20131221_151855s are lots of fun projects to work on!



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20120623_212026The 1st shipment of the DEADZONE Kickstarter rewards has arrived, a nice big box chock full of goodies. Included were the awesome battle mats, so I decided to try them out. I had some terrain we needed to finish painting, so my friend Thomas and I primed up the ruins, dry brushed them with some of my POKORNY paint(from another Kickstarter), then proceeded to write up 2000 point lists for a 5th Edition Warhammer 40K battle. I forgot to take more pictures, but I’ll recount the battle, quickly. Thomas had first turn, we had pitched battle deployment, with command and control objectives. He had a base and I had a base. I screwed up big time, and forgot which building had the objective marker on his side of the table till , late in the game. He had most his force rushing towards my base, with some Obliterators holding some high ground, and not much to hide behind in the middle of the table. I have a drop pod force, with some Landspeeders, a Skyclaw pack. My army came in piece-meal, got shot to pieces, and most units did little to nothing. I still almost held to a draw, but I conceded the win, after the fourth turn was complete. It was very late, and my plan was shit, most of my detachment was neutralized. Still pretty fun. I had a dreadnaught, some terminators, a Wolf Lord, a Rune Priest and a couple of min/max squads in Razorbacks. I made some mistakes, and would like to sue this formation for a couple of battles, to get a chance to remember all of the special rules. All in all a fun, and productive Hobby day for me, awesome! We should be able to get back to a more consistent gaming schedule in 2014! And I have two more REALM OF BATTLE boards to prime blue, and I have some white paint to do the airbrushing for my ICE WORLD TABLE> Its just really cold out, but maybe I’ll work on that today or tomorrow, before my vacation ends!

More on the Battle. Thomas got some shots off on his first turn, leaving my RAZORBACK immobilized, and weapon destroyed, so utterly useless, and my squad ran to my base. My Venerable Dread dropped in and destroyed a Rhino, but was basically finished after that, soon becoming terrain. My Terminators in the second drop pod weathered a ton of shooting, but both they and my assault squad missed assaults by a fraction of an inch, there fore got shot to pieces, and did nothing. My reserves refused to come in in a timely fashion, but I still held it together until the end, there was no hope for a win, as he had enough to keep from claiming any objectives cleanly.

As far as the DAEDZONE battle mats, they worked, great, dice rolling was good, looked good, and I’m very pleased with them. They would scale up or down easily, and are in 2’x2′ squares. They look very similar to my treasured, rare and fragile GW 6’x4′ Cities of Death Battle mat, so it was great.


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20131212_040515 20131212_040624As 2013comes to a close, and not many of my goals or projects are done, you may stumble upon this blog and wonder, WHERE IS THE BADAB? This is the Badab War Journal, is it not. Yet there is really no Badab War content here. Sure there is some mention of an non-existent LAMENTERS army project, and barely started SPACE HULK TERMINATORS, tied into the concept. Yet nothing on that completed! And yes there is 2000 point completely painted SPACE MARINE detachment using the name STAR PHANTOMS, but the colors are unfamiliar if you are referring to IMPERIAL ARMOUR 10. What is the deal!?

Yeah, I bought a house, changed jobs, started doing more with my band recently, have had other hobby things going on, and haven’t devoted much time to 40K lately. Yeah that happens. And lately I’ve had some time off, and had a chance to evaluate all of this, and here is what I’m working on, and that also includes more LAMENTERS and other BADAB themed projects. Here is the deal with my BADAB themed armies and games:

1) First off, I have been a BADAB WAR enthusiast since 1988 or so when the article came out in WD. It took many years to find a chapter to paint up, and took about three years to finish, So there is no rush. Since IMPERIAL ARMOUR 9 and 10, I haven’t really had the time, money or inclination to collect and paint several SPACE MARINE CHAPTERS. I’ll likely add more units, Chapters and armies to my BADAB project, but I’d like to have some diversity in scales and game types in my collection as well as my themed BADAB CAMPAIGN.

2) Doing a themed campaign is different than just having a tournament legal sized army. Having different themed table and terrain sets, and some special built scenery, is needed. Different units, and army compositions, the sky is the limit here. Just focusing on this time segment and several years war could be an all consuming hobby in itself. I’m thinking long term here.

3) Choosing rule-sets. The goal is more about a campaign, than competitive gaming so rules sets and scales can be creatively integrated into the overall experience.

4)Preparing ready made battles. I want friends to be able to come over and play. Bring nothing. All rules, and supplies are here. If you want to commit to providing a themed army great, but not required. The more armies the better. And certain forces are needed to recreate all of the key moments, battles and turning points.

These are the important things, that affect the timeliness of that ongoing project. In the meantime, I have been trying out some other systems, and expanding my repertoire into some other gaming areas for variety.


I have had my REALM OF BATTLE BOARD for about 4 years. It has remained primer gray the whole time. It served us well as a city type table with the GW ruins and walls. But I hadn’t committed to an actual color or theme for the board. For a few years I’m considered finalizing the board as a ICE WORLD. Not snow table. I’m talking ICE WORLD! I love the planet Hoth from STAR WARS the EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. No dirt popping through, just blue ice! Easier to do as well. I don’t have much time, and I’m lazy. But I want something I’m going to like, and want it done soon! Not someday. I finally had some cash and some time so I’m off to the races. I need a tarp I think, though as paint was getting all over the place, and I plan on getting some white to use to air brush the snow onto the blue primer.

I started with some texture spray from the hardware store a STONE TEXTURE. Pretty mild so I gave a couple of coats, after allowing drying time. I sprayed it on the slopes where models tend to slip and fall a lot. It was a lot cleaner and, faster and easier than gluing sand, the table is only subtly changed, you can still roll dice, etc. Next some Crystal Blue Army Painter Primer. After I airbrush it white, I’ll maybe add some snow flock or whatever else I can find at the hobby store. I’m filling in the skull pits somehow, as I’d like to represent different scales, and I don’t want to detail the board that much, just nice easy, ICE WORLD with some snow/ice. I’ll do some themed terrain latter. I’m planning on buying some. It isn’t cheap, but I’ll get a good amount to completely fill the table, just for a nice change from city ruins, walls and bunkers. I’ll post more soon, and maybe even paint some SISTERS OF BATTLE!