Battle of Optera-Warhammer 40,000 ‘Blood in the void’ BADAB WAR CAMPAIGN Hobby Blog part 1

20140121_110032I’m happy to announce my new project, a campaign set in the BADAB WAR. I’ve been wanting to collect BADAB WAY armies, for years. I designed my STAR PHANTOMS SPACE MARINES around using some vintage era models, that were coming out around the time I first remember reading about the BADAB WAR, a CHAPTER APPROVED article in a late 80’s WHITE DWARF magazine. The paint scheme came from the BoLS fan-made BADAB WAR campaign, for the STAR PHANTOMS. I started that project around the time of the 5th EDITION 40K SPACE MARINE CODEX. I love how it came out, and I’ve never added the squad markings, or chapter markings. I used the army a few times, and I have an army case for it. I’ve played a few battles with it. This next project, I’ll finally get to start using my IMPERIAL ARMOUR Books 9-10, THE BADAB WAR. These volumes are the last word in official BADAB. I love the new paint schemes, and the infinite possibilities to play out battles using this backdrop. I’ve been wanting to collect a LAMENTERS(BLOOD ANGELS) SPACE MARINE army for a few years now. This chapter plays a significant role in the war, and would be a great way to add a BLOOD ANGELS army to my collection. But due to an abundance of projects, many of which were very similar in style, it seemed redundant to paint up another MECH based SPACE MARINE army. Painting more infantry and Rhino chassis wasn’t what I wanted to do at the time. So I have dabbled in some other projects. Nothing as big as the STAR PHANTOMS, and that one took a couple years to get painted. The original goal, was always to make the LAMENTERS an army for the campaign, and my new 40K army. Built to compete in any situation for game store, home or tournament. But to actually buy what I want to use, is a 600 dollar investment. That is fair enough, I’m willing to invest in my hobby. But the purpose for collecting these armies has shifted. As 6th edition arrived, it would be necessary to re-buy all the rules and CODEX soon. But if I wanted to continue to play at home using 5th edition, I could do what ever I wanted. I’ve been collecting  other games and models. But one of long term goals was to be able to have an ongoing campaign set in the BADAB WAR. There are plenty of ideas to use provided in the IA books, and older campaigns. I have a vision, of cases of painted BADAB armies, ready to fight out themed battles on a variety of locations, like STAR WARS: Clone Wars. I didn’t really have to build the army for BADAB and to compete in 40K. I could build themed armies to be used by me and my guests playing prepared scenarios, based on ‘historic’ battles. Like an uber-nerdy Historical war gamer, researching, uniforms colors, and background for specific battles, I wanted something fun to do with my hobby, and take control of how I played, and collected my armies.

Zone Mortalis is a set of rules, for 40K that represent fighting boarding actions, or on a ship, the surface of a ship, or some enclosed, and treacherous environment. The rules are based on the ‘Blood in the void’ rules from IMPERIAL ARMOUR 9. The terrain will be a combination of some of my SPACE HULK and the DEADZONE pieces, as well as some premade stuff from a Kickstarter, I’ll post about when it comes in. That along with my full 6’x4′ DEADZONE battle mat set-up, have inspired my newest BADAB themed hobby project, BATTLE of OPTERA. The LAMANTERS SPACE MARINES are prominently featured in this mini-campaign, using the ‘Blood in the Void’ boarding action rules, one of the prominent features in the original story. Part of establishing my collection of fully painted BADAB armies, would be collecting smaller detachments, usable for the boarding actions, that could be expanded later for bigger battles depending on what phase of the war I felt like gaming in for a while. Maybe some day, with completed collections, a chronological, mega campaign, or series of battles could follow the time line of the war, but certainly we could play any battle from any time, and focus on that for as long as we wanted, replaying and refighting. This first campaign will feature two forces, the LAMENTERS vs. MINOTAURS. I will collect, build and paint 2, 1000 armies and play through 3 missions using the boarding action rules and missions, themed around the battle, with themed objectives and specially prepared armies. Then my friends could come over and play the ready made battles. In Part 2, I’ll share the ideas behind my lists, what I decided to collect for this project and why!


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